Sunday, December 27, 2009

did you see my give-away

I don't know how my last two post got flip flopped, but scroll down to the "Spirit of Santa" post. There's a little info about a giveaway I am going to do! I didn't do a very good job making that the main focus of the post, so sorry about that! Please spread the word!!

Since I haven't posted pics in a while, here's some of Christmas "morning"! (we did it after nap time here)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Memories

What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

I have so many, but this one made me laugh when I called my aunt to help her choose one and the details of it. My brother was in preschool, I think it was his second year so he was 4 or 5. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. (Now tomorrow/later today you will learn about how old I was when I learned about Santa!) We were down in the Tri-Cities (in Southeastern Washington there at three cities almost in the middle of nowhere that are all relatively large, Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick all right next to each other and are referred to as the "Tri-Cities" instead of individually) visiting my mom's parents. We were there, mom dad, b, and I. My aunt J was there, Aunt MA was there, and I think Aunt T too, but we might have had someone else. That I don't remember.

My family was the last of the family to arrive, and when we pulled up everyone came out to great us. Nana said "B, do you see this sign? Do you know what it says?" and he didn't but he did see it was a stop sign (oh I wish I had the picture, but this was back in the film days) She told him it said "Santa, Please Stop Here!" That way there's no chance Santa would miss us! He was at the age he was very concerned about Santa delivering his presents to the wrong house! I kept trying to tell him that if Santa knows if you are sleeping or not, and knows if you've been bad or good than he's GOT to know WHERE you are for Christmas!

Inside, Nana had her special Peach and Sage tree set up in the formal living room and had a colorful kid-like one set up in the informal living room (that's where we did presents). Nana was so excited to have both trees up and ready for us.

Skip forward a few days, Christmas eve we hang the stockings. We all have matching ones sort of, they are the same style but different decorations, and we all have our own name except mom who has "1" for First Christmas, but it ended up being hers forever since her grandma passed away shortly thereafter. Nana made aunt T's and Aunt MA makes them now. H should be getting hers in the mail tomorrow!!!

Ooops, back to the story, We were getting ready for bed, had a great dinner, and had just come back from "Midnight Mass" Nana was setting up these great self-rising roles that a friend of hers highly recommended and was great for such a large crowd. We went to bed, the rolls covered, T read us The Night Before Christmas, and B and I went to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in out heads. We were sharing a room!

In the morning, Nana was still in her room for some reason, and the rest of us were arriving in the kitchen/informal dining room for coffee and cereal (brunch would be served AFTER presents so things could bake while we were doing them. No one had to get up early then!) and I think I was first or second, then mom, then J walks in, says "Oh No!" and we all go over to the counter where the rolls were to see that not only did they rise, they were all over the counter and even falling on the floor! They had been placed in the back corner so had quite the trip to the floor!!

We were all waiting for Nana to come in, and I was reminded like 6 or 7 times not to say anything and see what Nana says. She didn't notice for so long!! She had her coffee, was reading the paper, was doing a little of this and that. Finally one of the Grown Ups said something about "I can't wait to try those sticky buns!" and Nana went to check on them. oh her reaction was great. I think we got it on tape even! She was SHOCKED!

They tasted great!

Now the inspiration for this post can be found here

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spirit of Santa

(note, I meant to publish this but kept waiting to take pics of the girls with the trees, but to date I haven't yet done that so I am going to post it without pics, sorry!!)

Parents, make sure the kiddo's are out of the room. Kids...if you are reading this, STOP NOW!!

Are we clear now? Good

Someone put as their Facebook status: "When did you find out about Santa?" That has had me thinking a lot lately. I am going to have to explain it to my girls eventually, I know one of my co-workers has had to face that question from her oldest this year.

I was 11 or 12 I think. I remember where we were, I remember what we were doing, and I mostly remember the conversation mom had with me. Now mind you it was not quite 15 years I don't remember everything she said, but I remember the message.

We were driving home from somewhere and it wasn't school time because I was not in my uniform plus my brother and I would walk home from school. I was in the front seat of the car next to mom, my brother in the backseat directly behind her. We were in her Cherry Red 1989 Honda Accord LXI. We were coming down the hill to our house What I don't remember is if we still lived there or if we were driving past it to look in on it before we sold it. I loved that house and wish it were mine even now (especially now) Remind me to tell you about that house....and I said to mom the dreaded question "Is Santa real?"

She had the best answer. It was somethign along the lines of this:

"Well, No. There is no one person who is Santa, that's just a nice story we tell to children. But you know about St. Nicolas (we DID go to Catholic school after all) and how he gave gifts to children. Well, he is part of the inspiration for Santa Clause. What I believe, and think is more important, is that while there's no "real" Santa, we all have the spirit of Santa in us and it's our job to use that to help others out and to give to those we love, and those who are less fortunite than us. It is our responsibility to keep the spirit of Santa alive year round, and give without expectations of thanks or reciprication. It is also our privelidge to keep the magic of Santa alive for the younger children. This world can't ever have too much joy, too much excitement, too much hope or too much sefless giving. Santa is the perfect character (find better word....) for that."

( I just called mom to see if she remembered what she told me and she didn't so I told her what I remembered and she said "Wow, I was GOOD!" and Dad who was on the line too said "I would have said "hohoho, don't you belive in me?" My brother vaugly remembers having some kid at school tell him and then confirming it in the Honda on the way home, but thats all he remembers.)

I know I was quite old to finally know. I think I wanted to believe, and so I did.

How about you? How/when did you find out?

Now in the Spirit of Santa, I am going to give some (at the time unknown) goodies away. I will draw winners before I leave on my trip to visit my family and try to pick up a thing or two out there. So basically I will pick a winner on the 7th, and be sending whatever out when I get back 10ish days later. Fair? To enter answer the question above, or tell me another GREAT holiday story. Good Luck! And of course Happy and safe holidays to you all!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

little of the girls, little of the quilts

I should be cleaning, but after walking home from work the past two days, my legs are KILLING me! I haven't walked that far since before H was born. I had been so proud of myself for walking my whole pregnancy. That's probably why H didn't come after all those hours of walking the weeks leading up to her birth, she and I were already so used to it!

Speaking of the girls, they are doing well. I am going to take a Christmas picture of them tonight or tomorrow in their cute dresses and stockings. H has shoes that are her size according to how old she is, but they are HUGE on her. Such a petite thing that little girl is. On the other hand R has jumbo feet. I am worried about when she gets older and wants to borrow friends shoes. Maybe she'll grow into her width, but for now, why don't they sell wide shoes for kids?

Can you see what R is reading? It's called Hi-Five, it's the Highlights magazine for 2-5 year olds. She LOVES it. Mom gave her a subscription, last year for Christmas and renewed it this year. Not that R will put it together, but Mom and I know. That's all that matters. This year will be fun for her! I will share more after all is said and done =) The point of that was if you know a youngster, I highly recommend Highlights and/or Hi-Five for them. Yes, they are more expensive than many magazines out there, but honestly, hours of entertainment for both R and I. She reads each copy until it falls apart, just in time for the new one to come in.

I told you I won two give-aways. One was from Therica from Pig tales and Quilts. Here is what she sent me. There was also a great origami piece that had a sweet note inside but R called dibs on that! There's two wonderful fabrics and an awesome applique pattern. What's super cool about the pattern is I looked at it and thought "wow, that would be a great quilt to celebrate and remember the time I spent living in Montana (because you know I am itching to get out of this state, too cold in the winters and things are just too far apart!) and the next day I looked at it again, turned it over, and the designer lives in Bigfork, MT! WOW! One of my co-workers says she thinks this might be one panel that can either be used on its own or with other panels to create a bigger quilt. I need to go do some research.

I will try to share more before Christmas, but things are going CRAZY here!! I mean CRAZY!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

great give aways

really quickly here, great give-away. Many things you can pick and choose what you want to enter, there's 16 give-aways, one blog, and you have until tomorrow at midnight!!

p.s. R just got up looking sleepy still and said "mommy, you go to the store and get me my coffee?"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa,

Dear Mr. Clause,

We've known each other for 25 years now. I am still amazed by your magic. Oh I know "the secret" but you still are magical. You seem to be even more so now that I have my own children and can re-live all the magic and see it through the girl's eyes. I can't wait for H to be a little older too, so both of them can look forward to your visits.

The Fat Quarter Shop has mentioned you might have an elf or two working in their shop. Those are some lucky elves! They told me to be sure to put something from there on my list. Oh word! Just one thing? Can I tell you about three things I want and a little story behind them so you can pick and choose? The first thing I would like is some yardage from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I want a lot: the caterpillars I want 5 yards, food print, 5 yards, Dots, 6 yards. and I'd love some assorted colors 1-2 yards of each. Oh no, I don't need BOTH prints for each color, just the colors! I also have some of the numbers already so I think I am set there. Why so much you ask? And please know, you don't have to get it all. Any little bit would be so wonderful!! You remember my dad right? He had open heart surgery when he was five (or so he remembers, Grandma said it had to be younger since she didn't have any other boys to worry about yet, and Grandpa just says it was when he was young) back in the early 60's....when they didn't do that sort of thing often, and on children was very experimental and unheard of by most. He had his surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. I am sure you are getting a lot of letters from there right now, and from a lot of parents hoping to bring joy to their sick child and make them forget they are sick for one magical day. Well the point is they saved his life, he went on to grow up, have a family, and is now watching me have my family. He and my mom have always given to the Hospital in whatever way they could, and I used to give of my time and help fundraise for their Uncompensated Care program. Since I went off to college I could only help out during summers, and then I had my girls and live so far away. I can't give like I want to. I have had this idea in the back of my head since I first saw that line of fabric to make a nursery set out of it, but not only that, I'd also make a crib/toddler bed quilt, and I came up with my own pattern for a twin size quilt based off one I saw in a magazine I think, or maybe Andover's web site, just modified to make me happy. I would love to auction it off, either at a hospital event or on my own and give the proceeds to the Hospital. I would be giving of my time and talent, but I don't have enough "treasure" to afford to do this right now. Now that I am the mother of two young, beautiful, sweet, and special girls I want to give to the hospital who not only gave the world a few more years of my dad, so I could be here, and so I can hold my girls, but who give so many other children futures and parents more time with their children regardless of how much more time it is in the end.

The next thing I want is selfish, I want some Civil War Reproduction fabric too. I know you got me those two Civil War Love Letter/Diary quilt books that I asked for for two years now, and finally this year you drooped them off and asked me to wrap them last month. I really like this collection. A fat quarter bundle would be enough to get me started at least!

For other things I'd like, I need some new socks and definitely need new undies. Nothing too wild, but not too "old lady" like either. I want some accessories, jewelry, scarfs, no bracelets though those just get in the way at work. I'd like some knick kknacks for my stocking like new needles for my sewing machine, new rotary blades, more pins, more bobbins. Really I want my girls to have a good Christmas. They have been good this year. I know I have threatened to call you at night night time for R, she has such a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. Other than pushing my buttons as a good, healthy, three year old should be she's such a great big sister. Even today she said to H after a kiss on H's cheek, "Oh, H, you so sweet, I love you so much. You the best friend, I so proud!" Aweee!!!

Thank you so much, Santa!

p.s. I read R the story about The Polar Express last night, and she asked if she'd get to go on a train ride like that boy. I said I'd ask you but she might be too young. If you are up for her energy, please make a stop at our house.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I will never understand how the house gets so messy so quickly! Never! Thursday I had the house picked up. I needed to vacuum, mop, clean our bedroom, and organize my desk a bit, but those were all small things. Two days latter I was going to pick up the living room (this was last night) but decided I would just get mad, so decided to wait until today. Lordy is it a disaster. The girls room isn't too bad and the kitchen will be better with a load of dishes run and the counters (and floor) given a good wipe down. I don't understand, I worked both those days and I made a Little of the mess but seriously?

Today was going to be spent binding away. I have to make more holiday cookies because a 6 foot 4 inch not blue or furry cookie monster ate all the ones I already made to mail out. Oh well, as long as he enjoyed them right? The 3 foot 6 inch cookie monster helped too. So I think I will wait on that kitchen floor. Drink my Decaf Christmas blend for now, tell you a bit about whats going on. Clean the living room, make cookies, and then tackle binding. I hope to be able to mail things out tomorrow or Monday at the absolute latest.

I have made a lot of things, I will post pics when I am totally done. It'll be a little more incentive to finish tonight. I hope the girls cooperate. R and I slept in until almost 10! so no nap for her. H woke up around 12 and again around 6 to eat, unusual for her, but whatever. She's been having a lot of gas/tummy trouble at night, from like 5 until she finally gives into sleep. No fun, especially since A is usually at work those times. And I am worn out by then if I open.

I meant to leave this longer but my Christmas Blend (yes darn it it's decaf but if I have regular H gets SOOO gassy and then it starts a horrible cycle of needing caffeine and gas so no rest so more caffeine....ugh!) is inspiring me so I want to at least get this living room back in order!!! TTFN, know a post with pics will be here tomorrow or Tues! Hooray!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

so tired....

goodness, I am so sorry I haven't posted anything. I have been online a lot lately, but H has been really fussy in the afternoons and I am stuck rocking or bouncing her, neither of which is conductive to typing. Also not conductive to cleaning, cooking, or sewing. I keep telling myself "treasure these moments, she's going to be grown up before you know it" but in the midst of it all I can think is "I NEED A BREAK!"

I won a give away, from Therica....I will post a picture and more info when I get the camera out of the car, but it's -8 and A is actually at work with the car....bummer.

I haven't made much progress on anything, but I did make yummy cookies with the girls. I also have a cute pic of H and I in our wrap which makes keeping her happy and my arms free easier, but it will have to wait. I think I have Tues off.

I just wanted to let you know that we are all healthy and alright here, if not sleep deprived!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have started reading PamKittyMorning (I'd love to hear the story of that name!) during the cute little cross country blog hop (that I didn't win a prize for! OK other than the free patterns). She had a little photo meme thing, and since I read it I am passing it onto you! Evil aren't I?This is R getting her first hair cut by my mom's hair dresser, Z. We were visiting my parents for a week. I forget what day of the week this was, we got there on Tues or Weds night I think after driving all night (thinking she'd sleep!) On Friday we had my brother's HS graduation party, Regi loved the hydro planes (that's my brother behind her)

and ice cream

Saturday was her second birthday, she LOVED opening the presents.

If the other pictures weren't sideways or if I knew how to fix that I'd post one where my brother was using the Dora pillow my aunt gave her and the Dora blankie KK gave her and hiding/snoring. This is a jungle puzzle from my parents.

I don't have any other pics to share, but Sat night was my brothers HS graduation too and then Sunday was my Dad's parents 50th anniversary, their church did something special for them. That was a very good thing! They only had boys. And only my dad is married! Monday, the day everyone headed out was my Mom's parents 55th anniversary. We celebrated at dinner on Sunday night.

When I came home that week, I didn't want to LOOK at a cake for at least a month!

So for the rules here (fudge what you need to to make this work!)

*open your first photo folder

*scroll down to the 10th picture(if you don't have 10 in that one, then go to the next folder that does)

*post that photo and the story behind that photo on your blog

*tag 5 friends to do the same

That first picture is what my 10th picture!

Monday, November 16, 2009

(please note I started this a few days ago!)

it's just past 10:30pm. Both girls are down, and I am still up! R woke me up at 5am...5...on a morning I didn't have to open. Ughhh!!! She got one of the flu mist boosters and we have to go back in 30 days for the other one. H has an apointment in about a month, so I am going to call tomorrow or thurs (my two easy or off days from work) and see if I can squeese R in at the same time.

So as I was waiting to go to bed, making sure both girls were really down (yup, R came out for water but fell asleep before I delivered it moments after she asked for it. silly girl!) I was quilting the Gobble Gobble top. I didn't win. Bummer. All three winners had more pumpkin patch themed quilts, a lot more applique which I am not liking yet. This was my first attempt at it and I need some help, and they had a lot more detail. In fact all three looked mighty similar if you ask me, but I think I am just being a sore beginner loser. you can see every one's entry's here. I ran out of bobbin thread and only have the outside border to do, so decided to call it a night even though I really want to finish.

I was hopping around on both those blog hops and now have a new pattern I ordered from Crazy Old Ladies (who are neither crazy nor old) and a new Christmas gift that I am making....FOUR of! it's a little wall hanging. Out the window went my constitution for only making quilts I would USE and would warm'll insulate the house right? That's useful!

Quickly a Little give away here: Bummer, the picture was supposed to come too...I guess I need to work on my blog skills.

remind me sometime to tell you about my design ideas, but for the moment this has been sitting unposted for long enough! I will share more soon! =)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what I've been working on

Before I get to the heart of this post, fun little give away over at Green Fairy Quilts give her your three favorite patterns and you could win one with a kit (not of your choice, but pre-picked...still awesome!) My three favorites are: Paisley Park, Butterfly Fields, and All Boxed In.

This here is the backing fabric I bought to go with my Gobble Gobble top. The colors match, and the pumpkins on this are so cute. I didn't care if I used the Moda fabric for the back or not, and decided to save some money and use whatever JoAnn's had. Hope no one holds it against me. The challenge is over, but I don't know if I won or not yet. The waiting is KILLING me!

I haven't really done much since we last spoke about my WIP's but a little progress has been made. I finally had enough tip money set aside to go buy border and some backing fabrics for those Christmas quilts. I have finished the Frosty top, sorry the picture is not perfect, but it is so dark out and I do live in a basement with only two lamps to light the living room. I think I am going to get myself another cheep one from WalMart or Target for Christmas.
I also have a close up of the bottom left corner. The green doesn't tie it all together like I wanted to and yet I still like it. I can't be live I was able to find that minty-soft green without it being MINT GREEN!
Now check out the backing fabric I found!
I can't believe that I found stuff that matches so perfectly, Yes it's a little on the thin side which makes me nervous, but then again I sort of hope these quilts wear out after a few Christmases so I can make new ones without worrying about the house being too cluttered. I do only have SO much storage space in my little two bedroom one (if you can even call it that) bath basement. Remind me to show you all the Christmas stuff some other time!
Speaking of those Christmas quilts, here's the border I found for the "Child's Version of The 12 Days of Christmas." I wanted something like white with red and green, maybe Crayola blue and yellow too presents, but this works.
Lastly, I have The Night Before Christmas quilt number one's border, it's yellow, not worth a picture, I am already having a heck of a time navigating through all these, but you can imagine. I have a second one I am working on and so far here's what I have for the blocks, in no order, these are just four of my favorites. I am debating the connecting border. I am going to do white I think, or red, but my question is, should I do just sashing, or should I do cornerstones again for a wild and crazy look...OK not too wild because heck, this is me, but it would be a little out there.
Oh, I lied, NOW lastly I have an idea for these fabrics:

But my idea has more to do with designing a pattern, or making a product, or creating a kit with a pattern to make a product. I My little H were the inspiration for the idea . I might just have an idea or two for etsy....oh so here's a big question to you as a fabric/pattern/craft consumer. Should I design just the product, a pattern for the product, or try to sell both? Maybe a kit too if I can figure out all the fabric/copyright rules. I actually have two ideas at the moment, both could easily be made by me to sell or I could try to write them into a pattern, I would need an editor but we could work on that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

quilt blog hops!

There are some great things happening online right now!

To start with, there's the quilt shop hop that I have a button to on my side bar, That takes you to Pat Sloan (my new quilter crush if you will...she's awesome!)'s blog. She's one of the participants. There's lots of free patterns, giveaways, and fun to be had.

Secondly there's a blog hop celebrating a new book coming out, 100 quilt blocks. You can get all the info here Each of the designers is featured I think! and each has a book and some have extra's to give away. They are featuring 10/day! So fun!

Lastly, there's a new (old...redone?) online shop that's celebrating their (re)opening. head over here to enter!

I have to get back to cleaning, but I have a few post ideas for the next few days, about the girls, about some projects, about some hopes I have for the future. I might have one or two done tonight, but I HAVE to clean this house. I need to go to Target too, and JoAnn's is RIGHT there =)

Friday, November 06, 2009

sweet love

this morning R woke up early (thanks babe, it's my one day to sleep in and not be at work at 5am!) and she came to cuddle in bed with me. This is the conversation we had:

M: I love you R

R: I love you too, Mommy

M: I love H too

R: I love H too! I love Daddy.

M: I love Grandma

R: No you love Daddy too!

M: You're right, I love Daddy too, but I can also love other people like Grandma

R: Oh, I love Grandma

M: I love Grandpa

R: No! I mad at Grandpa!

M: Why are you mad at Grandpa?

R: He gone

M: Oh. Daddy's dad is gone, yes, but Mommy's dad is still here, he's your Grandpa

R: Mommy's Dad?

M: Yes, Mommy has a daddy, and he is Grandpa. When you grow up and have babies and become a mommy, your daddy will become grandpa

R: He will? (OK it comes out like "he wiw")

M: Yes

(about two minutes I thought we were settling down here, getting ready to go back to sleep, found my sweet spot)

R: I love Grandpa.

M: Oh good.

R: I love Grandma

M: I love you!

R: I love Bill. I love Kaila I love H lots, she the best friend! I give her kiss?

M: When the sun comes up and H is awake, she'd love to get a kiss from you, now, good night

R: Good night, and sweet dreams too!

Now mind you she never went back to sleep. We are awake now and not happy about that!

So to continue the month of ThanksGiving:
+ A proud loving big sister
+ all these people who love my girls, and who my R can honestly say she loves
+ That my children are happy, healthy, and able to communicate. Well H can't yet but she's not showing any developmental delays or autistic tendencies. Not that we are in the clear yet, but so far so good
+ cuddles!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween and a month of thanks

Here are our pics of Halloween: R examining her loot, the first few doors she tried to give THEM her candy, then she got it!
H as a ghost, Me wearing my HS Drill Team stuff and R as a Beautiful Ballerina Super Hero
H as a warm duckie(her outside costume) A as a Barista (cheep, easy, used my apron) and R as a Beautiful Ballerina Super Hero
H as a warm little duckie
H as a ghost, R pre-costume (shes in a leotard and pants) "Cool"

As for Thanks:

Park City Girl took a moment to be thankful for things in the midst of recovering from some rough moments today. As we move into November, each post this month, the month of Thanksgiving, I will post a few things I am thankful for, regardless of what the post is about.
To start off today's, I am thankful for:
+A not leaving me especially with how often I have yelled at him I'm sure you are aware, we have been through some very rough times together and they could have easily torn us apart but we are fighting for "us" together.
+two wonderful children (even when I am at the end of my rope with them)
+a mom who knows me so well and is able to help me out from a distance in so many ways
+ a brother (and his girlfriend) who love my children as much as I do
+ for all the fabric I have, especially the pieces I didn't have to spend money on myself!

Friday, October 30, 2009

just for Pat

Pat Sloan put up this post and the best way to show her my jar of garlic my husband bought me (his reason being at least ever other week I have one clove of garlic on the grocery list...what can I say? I like fresh garlic!) was to post it up here =)

Needless to say, I think Pat and I need some ideas on what to do with our minced garlic =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

so about the block lotto finally

But first, a really quick great Give Away....I have been following PigTales and Quilts since this time last year when she had a give away and I entered (didn't win!) The prize is TBD but heck any chance is awesome!

Here are this months' blocks. I really enjoyed making them! See I even made two extra to donate! I am sort of wishing Karma will help me win this month, we just barely made it into the two winner zone today and there's still a day or two to go, so who knows maybe someone else will throw up a picture of their blocks! I have not yet started this months blocks, I want to finish my Gobble Gobble quilt top first, and a Christmas throw or two...ok I have three tops almost done I think they all need one more border to be done...will post them all when I get them there and one more to start! Then I can do this months quilt blocks for the Lotto....once I clear out the "project in the works" bin some! But I am not supposed to talk about the block yet until the 1st.....hehehehe.

I never posted the pictures of the quilt I made with my block lotto winnings , so here you go. I was originally going to give this to H, and I might still, but I am joining an online quilt guild for Children's Hospital Seattle. They will either auction off quilts or give them to children in the hospital, depending on the needs. I expect mine to be used, I can't imagine I am a strong enough designer or quilter (I mean all I do is stitch in the ditch!) to make much money off of a quilt, but I am still thrilled to contribute what I do have and what I can do. In this instance, I had a strange number or blocks, sure I could have made it work, but not for what I wanted, so I decided to do a doll quilt to coordinate with the main quilt. I really think this would be better used to brighten up a hospital room and give a child, and her medical doll, comfort.

Here's another quilt I think will be going there instead of its original intended location. I was not too thrilled with the way I quilted this, I traced all the letters and the fabric puckered a little bit plus I didn't stay on the lines very well, try as I might. Oh Well, I had done a great job pinning it so either the way I kept twisting the fabric messed the process up or the distance between quilts was not the best idea. Live and Learn, but I still think it's too cute to not be given to someone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

input please!

I am working on my gobble gobble challenge by Moda Bake Shop and Pat Sloan, and am stuck....

Do I leave the top as is, or do I add a border(s?) like what I laid out in the bottom left corner? I don't want it to be too busy, but it is anyways, and I don't want it to be too big, but I also have tons of fabric left over since I bought another charm pack due to a silly mistake (only needed 4 squares from it) and there are several prints/colorways I liked but didn't showcase in my 11 blocks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

post #3 in 24 hours?

Well the last post was SO quick, and the post before that so whiny I decided I needed something more positive I was sewing today. I should have been cleaning but I needed a mental health/me day more than a cleaning day! I am sure many of you can relate. Also Pat Sloan was hosting a "finish it up" weekend over at the mashup. For me it wasn't so much a "finish it up" as much as it was a "work on it" weekend, but whatever! So here's what I worked on today:

Have you heard about the Gobble Gobble Challenge hosted by Moda Bake Shop and Pat Sloan? Go check it out, you have to be done by Nov 10th but I think it's worth getting in on.
I Still need to get that little paper pieced pumpkin onto that big square and make the challenges' pumpkin, but it's close to assembly now! Everything in my quilt will be pumpkiny because I need something to keep if consistent, too random and I start to panic but this is pushing me out of my comfort zone with it not being "matchy matchy."

This is H's Dora quilt to coordinate with R's but not match. I had a feeling she'd be a girl (but bought a ton of boy stuff too just in case and I LOVE the boy bedding we got from e-bay) and yet I didn't make a Dora quilt at the same time as R's. H's will be random, I am trying really hard to not control what happens with the blocks. I will try to not have two of the same touch each other, but if it does happen...I will make it happen more than once. I am such a quilty control freak =)

See the brown bag to grab out of? My idea is I'll draw pairs out, and sew them, then pull sets to match up together and sew together into big square buddies and that's as far as I have thought.

As for my Christmas projects, I need advice as to whether or not I need one more border on each of these, and if so, what color? The first is one of the two "The Night Before Christmas" quilts I am making, one for my girls and one for my friends boys. The other one will be slightly different just to keep me entertained! I think this one could benefit from something all around just for fun, but I don't think it NEEDS it, I was thinking red, or blue, or white, or that light yellow. I think the bright yellow in there would look too Green Bay ish =).
This second one is "Rudolph" but it's not the whole story, nor is it the song. I think it's off the movie, but they are missing chunks of it, so it's a poorly abridged version. Again I think this needs one border to tie it all together, but no idea on the color.

My next post will probably be about the Block Lotto. I have the blocks I won back in Aug all together (I got them all by mid Sept!) and will be working on next months blocks as soon as I finish that Gobble Gobble piece!

If the girls keep cooperating, I might work on my Shop Hop blocks some more tonight. The living room needs some serious vacuuming before I lay anything out to layer and pin, not up for that! so keep the projects coming. Hehe!

so gentle reminder:

give me advice on the borders

join in the gobble gobble fun

take a day, or hour, for you!


very quickly here, there's a Object of my Desire give away that ends TONIGHT! pop over there NOW!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I worked 40 hours this week and in addition to being exhausted and sore, I am quite overwhelmed. Not by work but by the state of my house! It's horrible and yet I don't have the drive to clean it up. Part of me is a little mad that A isn't doing ANY housework, and the rest of me knows better than to expect it. Even when I was working full time and he was a "stay at home dad" (aka unemployed) he didn't do any housework. Today I tidied the kitchen but didn't do the dishes. I am going to ask him to unload the dishwasher and then run it tomorrow. Sometimes if I ask for one or two small tasks he'll do them.

I also have not been sewing or quilting, or anything for me this week. I come home, take care of the girls and try really hard to get them down early. Not successfully but trying none the less. I worked 5 opens in a row (5 am every morning except Sundays when it's 6:30 but I kept waking up panicked as to why I was not up or at work from 4am on) so getting up at 3:45ish. H goes down at midnight, 11 is I am lucky. Oh so five opens in a row, Monday off, three opens in a row, would have had Fri off but I did offer to take someones shift since they were sick (and we were a man down that morning already, I was a better candidate than the original person for such a situation with or without illness) so 7am, but again kept wondering why I was not up yet, and then today was 8 am. Again kept wondering why I was not up yet even though I knew I didn't need to be. I have tomorrow off so I hope I can sleep in. I did tell the girls that we were going to go for coffee tomorrow and I want to be down there around 9 when some of my regulars usually are there. A few of them have not seen H yet and were asking about R. Point of this is I am worn out! All of those were 8 hour shifts!

I have been kind of slowly not really working on my gobble gobble challenge. I don't know if I will have it ready in time, but I have two cute little blocks together, one from a 1991? quilt magazine and the other I made up on my own, based on the snowball block. They were both really fun! I forgot how to do paper piecing, but I sort of remember now. Still a few kinks to work out, but for the most part I got it. You know it has only been....12 years since I did it (yes I was in 7th grade thank you) I will share pictures when I have more than a 3*3 block and a 5*6 block. Maybe tomorrow

Unrelated but more fun, I was wondering what your favorite sitcoms are. I need to start watching something new, I am in rerun overload of my faves which are:
1) The Nanny
2) Friends
3) Home Improvement

Then less favorite but still have seen at least every episode once or more:
Saved by the Bell
Roseanne (only when A's not home)
Growing Pains
Brotherly Love (I actually miss that one!)
I Love Lucy

Now for the ones I can't stand but will watch with A because he likes them:
Still Standing (I think if it were on more I'd like it more)
That 70's Show
Yes Dear

so how about you?
Oh, and next post will have pics of the girls, or quilts, or both!

Monday, October 19, 2009

two quick give aways

There's a nice fat quarter give away over here! I think it happens more than once in a while, so keep your eyes open! (Oh, and tell them I sent you there so I can get an extra entry! I have to go back and see who's blog I found the link on...)

Also, V and Co's having their monthly? give away! Kati Cupcake patterns!

Yesterday was a bad day, and today's not shaping up to be a good recovery from it. First I dropped my store keys in the night deposit box along with the day's deposit for work. OOPS!! (called them this morning and they have the keys for me!) Then when I got home from work, A went to run some errands, and the car won't start. It shows that it's in every gear when really it's in park! UGHHH. Have to take it in today, don't know how. oh and A's not up yet. it's 11:52, I have been trying to get him up since 9. When the bank called me back to say come get your keys. And I told him he should call the shops to be first in line.

and I have three opens again starting tomorrow. Just coming off 5! Thank goodness I slept in until 7:15!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

shots and bills

wizard of oz give away! go check it out

In family life, the girls got shots yesterday. Broke my heart but I know it's way better than getting any bug! H got her 2 month shots, three with a total of 5 things in them...I think that's how it worked. I had to sign 5 times! R got the flu mist and the Swine Flu shot. She was VERY unhappy about it but when the nurse went to H next, oh lordy! She was yelling at the nurse "NO! Don't hurt my H!" "NO!!!" it was so sweet and cute. She loves her little sister and is good at protecting her.

R is 3 years, 4 months, and like 8 days? She was 39.25" and 36.5lbs. (85%/75%) so tall and skinny. They tried to do a vision test on her but she wanted to play her own game with the cards so no go. Not too worried about it right now. Her pediatrician asked if most people could understand her easily, yes except she struggles with R and L's sometimes and here and there will get letters in a word mixed up, like "love" comes out as "wove" a lot but here and there it'll be "vohwl" (think bowl with a v) or "Mine" will become "NIME!" He said at 4 years if shes still having problems or if people still have a hard time understanding her we'll get set up with a speech therapist, but for right now just keep practicing and correcting at home.

H is 22.25", 10.0lbs, and her head is 37.8 cm. (50%/35%/25%) I don't like those low numbers but no one else is really worried so I won't be. She seems satisfied when she's done nursing, she's happy and playful, she has a little bit of a personality on her (not much but about a 2 month old's worth which is perfect!) and is growing. We'll see what she is at her 4 month check up before I start to worry. This is why they didn't give me percentiles with R, I would just worry! H has a little lump on her head that's been there since the day after we brought her home. The doc we saw at her 1 week check up said "oh it's nothing" This time her doc saw it from across the room and spent a while feeling it, and said "it's S____" basically just something under her skin that we shouldn't worry about. Of course I am, have been, and will continue to do so but it's reassuring to know it's not something I should have rushed her in for. If it doesn't go away after a year or so and her doc still isn't worried I might take her to someone else, maybe my old pediatrician or someone in her practice. Until then I am going to keep an eye on it. I might pull out my seam measure thingie and see how big it is, record it and keep track. I am sure it's nothing, or it's the thing he said it was and I shouldn't worry, but you can never be too careful!

I got all my bills from the hospital today. They have like 8 different accounts for me. A little frustrating that they can't just tie it all together, but OUCH! the final bills! Oh my! Did insurance pay ANYTHING? Barely! Ughhh! No idea how I'm going to pay all that but somehow I will! I have a thing for financial aid from them that I was waiting to see what I finally owe and I have to go to Medicaid and see if we qualify (I know we don't because I have private insurance) and get a letter saying we were rejected to qualify for the hospital's aid. Such a pain!

As far as quilting (thank heavens I have a decent stash! thank you Sally!!) I have been having a lot of progress lately. I made 11 blocks for the Block Lotto, and really want to win! Blue and yellow's one of my favorite color combinations. Remind me next time I have the quilt my mom and her friends made me for my high school graduation out on R's bed to take pictures for you! It's wonderful!

I also finished the top of one of my four quick Christmas quilts. I am debating adding another border to it, we will have to see when I go to the fabric store next week with tips (if I can justify it to myself between now and then) for some backing fabric if anything jumps out at me. I will show you that picture next time, with the top I almost have done except I was about 8" shy of what I needed, so I am praying I can still get this fabric that I started with. I think it was a recent(ish) purchase. That ones going to need another border too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my first quilt

As you may see, on my side bar there's a button for the blogger quilt festival, so I am sharing my entry! It's nothing spectacular, but it's mine. It is my first quilt.

When I was in 5th grade my parents bought a new house. About that same year, my dad and his friends sold their company, IC Designs to Cypress. Funds were not as tight but my parents are far from carefree with their monies. Point being mom could finally buy a new sewing machine. My Pfaff. (Yes I know you've seen the picture) The machine came with a set of sewing lessons. Of course mom already knew how to sew but she took the classes. The teacher was great and somehow it came up that she teaches kids too. Mom asked if I wanted to take a class and of course I did, I wanted to know what it was all about. So off to class I went. First I made a Quillow that I loved so much I lost it at a car race one weekend. I packed that thing with me every race weekend and at Girl Scout camp for inside my sleeping bag, in case I forgot a pillow, or around the campfire. The pillow was done with paper piecing, the rest was more like a comforter. I loved it, especially the paper piecing part.

After trying to make an outfit, I decided I liked quilting more. Mom signed me up for more private lessons and with my teacher, we went to go buy fabrics (from FabricLand, I don't know if they are still around at all mine were all bought out by JoAnn's) to make a Streak of Lightning quilt. The three of us picked out 14 fabrics, 7 solids, and 7 prints that connected the solids together. We started cutting and sewing strips. We made it to sub-cutting and began re-sewing the strips that were now squares.

At that point my teacher had to sell her house and move (oh just for fun I should tell you I had a HUGE crush on her son. I was in 7th grade at this point, so it didn't take much to make me crush, but oh he was so cute!) I had lost a big chunk of the quilt and after looking off and on over the years I was sure she must have some of it and I have some of it.

The summer between my Jr and Sr. years of college I went on a Shop Hop with my mom and her two friends. The quilting bug had hit hard! I decided to take what I had and see what I could do with it. If nothing else I could make a lap quilt, or some pillows. I also was in the process of moving out and sorting all the things I would want to have someday and all the things I didn't need any more. We found all the parts to my quilt! It turns out I had been finding and replacing three separate sections of the quilt, two sections with strips sewn together and one chunk of the strips before becoming squares, not yet sub cut!

Mom and I looked at the quilt,played around with what I had, made two more strips and stepped back. It was almost twin size. I must have been missing some more but it was enough. We raided mom's stash and found a blue and a yellow I liked for the borders, and a black with hearts that I made into a "flappy" border (it's sewn into one seam with a second border but is folded over and you can play with it flipping it around!) We even were able to raid her stash for the backing! It's the softest cotton that's not flannel I have ever felt and it has moons and stars swirling on perfect for night time!
I tie-quilted it with black yarn and yellow and blue threads to "tie in" the borders (yes roll your eyes, please!) Ever since then I have made many many tops...I think I currently am at 15 tops, five to be finished but 10 done! I don't see stopping any time soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sisterly love

This post may be edited a bunch depending on what all happens.

Today R and I were in the girls room and H was doing something super cute in her crib, so I picked R up and said "look at H!" R said "Oh my gosh! She soooo sweet!" I realised I needed to record all the things they do together,or that R says, so that some day when they hate each other as teens/preteens do I have proof they loved each other at one point!

This is all from memory, so I am sure I will be missing some things but go with me

"oh H, you so best!"
"you so cute!"
"no mommy, I hold her!!"
"I love you!"
"no crying, it OK it OK, you see!"
oh the one day: "H, you the best friend!"
"I read her story?"
"once a time, beautiful princess H...."
"I want my H!"

R also likes to sing songs, usually rockabye, or thumbkin to H, loves to show her the colorings she did and sometimes they are meant for H. R loves to help me change her diaper, and get her dressed. She'll go on a pacifier hunt for us, and is very protective. Yesterday I was at work with the girls and one of my absolute favorite regulars (who used to go to the other store when I was there and recently started coming to the store I am at now- she's a favorite not because she tips extraordinarily well more than once a day but rather because she is always so positive, kind, and is someone who listens and shares as much as we do, she shares our joys and sorrows as much as we share our beloved customers, she's one of the few who does that!) got to hold H, well when R saw that she RAN over there and said "give me my H! you NO TOUCH! MOMMY!!!" good to know she's looking out for her little sister.

R wants to hold H any time she can, and will let me know the instant H starts to fuss or cry (as if I can't tell but still) R has discovered H likes peek a boo and will play that with her until one of them looses interest, up to 20 minutes later! R always wants to be the one to give the bottle to H when I am at work according to A. R coveres H in hugs and kisses and will lie on the floor with her any time H is on the floor.

There's a lot of curiosity about what H is up to too.
"where H?"
"you feed her?"
"you change her?"
"H come too?"
"in her chair?"
"H play with me?"
"I hold her? next?"

Sometimes R is too rough. She likes to give good squeeze hugs which is great for A and I,but not so much for H. Sometimes instead of gently rubbing H's tummy she pushes a little too hard, you know how babies love when you put a little pressure on their tummy and gently rock them from side to side, well R does it a little too fast. But she means well!

At the same time, H will often look for her sister. Whenever I am done feeding her and am rubbing her back to get a burp, H is scannign the room for R! When she finds R she will fixate on her for a while and then look away. Before too long, she's looking for that big sister of hers again. She also gives R the biggest smiles out of the three of us. She's very paitent with R when R tries to hold her, or play peek a boo.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

we interupt your regularly schedualed programing

because I don't feel good.

It's nothing too bad, just a headache, burning sinuses, sore throat, heavy chest feeling, and one ear itches whenever I swallow. I am thinking this is going to become a cold and get over quickly but one of my co-workers was just diagnosed with bronchitis and I REALLY don't want to get THAT.

Anyone know any good home remedies? I am nursing so I don't know what all I can take but I need something to at least feel functional. I am going to mark out some tea and hopefully get some honey, but what else?

Also, anyone have any good soup, stew, or crock pot ideas? nothing too gourmet, or expensive but satisfying! (even if I have to make bread or something to go with it. Fallinter is here. The leaves are changing and starting to fall, oh yeah and it snowed all morning! I need something other than tortilla soup to make!

Monday, October 05, 2009

really quick here, a give away:

and don't forget to go check out the GumTree Designers blog...they have their first free pattern up! (I have the little linkey box that I finally figured out how to do on my right side!)

better blog posts to come!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Today has not been the best day! The girls are all needy and whiny and ick! I blame the weather, it's cold, and dreary, and well, I don't want to go outside! I am wearing my "frumpy old lady sweater" and my fuzzy socks over normal socks. (someday I will show you my sweater, it's actually my favorite thing in my closet but I have no one to take a pic of me in it at the moment so live with my pink fuzzy socks but know I have one pair of green and three different blues.) If the girls were quiet this would be a great day to curl up under a quilt and read a book with a huge cup of tea.

Last night R had a hard time falling asleep. Now that we know she's scared of the dark and have a nightlight in her room, she plays and reads in her room until she's ready to crash and then she'll tuck herself back in. Around 11:30 when I was getting H down (she nurses from 8:30 when I put R down to about midnight! then sleeps until 8:30!!!) I caught her "reading" Green Eggs and Ham. So cute!

I think I am in need of an intervention when it comes to quilting! Seriously I can't get enough even though there are other things I need to do. The laundry is piled up like none other (thanks for throwing off my system A!) and the kitchen looks like the cabinets quit and walked out on me but fabric comes first!

Still to finish by Christmas (since these are gifts):
-Baby ABC's (ready to quilt once I find the tread I know I have to do it with!)
-Dora (finally got the backing fabric)
-Jackie's (need to layer and figure out how to quilt)
-Isn't Christmas Jolly/Charming? (need to finish by the 14th so I can enter it in a little contest here!)
-The four Christmas book quilts (one's blocks are almost done the others I need to get fabric to work on that coordinates better than what I have in my stash)
-And lastly the Block Lotto quilt from the blocks I won last month. I have the top done, not the original idea but one I still like and I need to get it quilted and finished by the end of the month so I can have extra chances this coming month because:

I LOVE THIS MONTHS BLOCK!!! It's called Milky Way and we are doing it in blue and yellow with black and white. OH I LOVE IT SO! So much even that I am making 15 blocks even though I can only enter 9 to win.

While I am thinking about it, does anyone know what this line is? I got a charm pack when I won a give away quite a while ago (the one that got me addicted to give aways and contests) and I want to get some more!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I started some new projects! They are quick and easy and well...I really don't want to sandwich those big quilts so decided to practice on a little one.

This was a panel that I added a 1/2 inch black border and 2 inch blocks around (then another black border just for fun. I don't know how I am going to quilt it...any ideas? Here's the backing fabric for it. I got it on clearance and it has the letters A, B, C, H, K, and T....I guess the other 20 letters are not as important!

I also got some new backing fabric for R's Dora quilt. No pic of it, but it's light blue/purple cloud like with pink and white moons and stars. Very sweet and perfect for night night time =) Now to make it wider and then layer that one....oh not looking forward to that part of the project. I am also a little worried about quilting it on my little machine, it's such a monster!

Another project I started is a Christmas project. I am making quilts for R and H, and then my friends two boys who are my girls same ages (just 2 months apart in the big kids case and days apart for the little ones). I am using the fabric that's intended for books and making it into a quilt, so quick and easy! I am making two "The Night Before Christmas" one for each of the "big kids" and then one Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and one "Kids 12 Days of Christmas." Don't know who will get what yet, but those are for the little ones. I don't care if they get traded over the years, I am going to make the labels generic enough that no one will be put out if they trade. I cut two of the four books apart last night and will do the others today. I am just going to do sashing between the 12 "pages" and maybe squares where the sashings (how wide should I make them? the "pages" are about just shy of 10x10) meet but not sure yet, and then a few borders so they are decent sized for reading books and drinking hot chocolate under. (oh I am sending them hot chocolate cones along with it and instructions to open right away or after Thanksgiving depending on when they get finished!)

I am getting excited for Christmas, I already got my Halmark Dream Book for their Keepsake Ornaments. I will be buying one a week with my tip money until I have all the ones I want or it's Christmas (or they are all sold out) depending on how many I like. I will be sitting down with the book tonight after cutting fabrics =)

Lastly, this project is the Calender Quilt I mentioned a post or two ago. I went through my whole stash and cut 1 1/2 inch strips by both 2 1/2 inches and 10 1/2 inches of almost every fabric I have. The only ones I didn't cut were the ones I can't tell what color they should be considered. I have the strips sorted by month/color in ziploc baggies, they are:

Feburary- pinks (with reds)
April-yellows (softer/buttery)
September-yellows (bold/back to school style)
October-oranges (with a bit of black)
December-Christmas fabrics

Anyone interested in Calender Quilting with me? Put it in the back of your mind, I will start really asking in Dec! I am so excited to do it, and know that it's early to cut the strips but if I don't get on it now I might put it off even in Jan! Life does get ahead of us doesn't it?

Oh, one more thing...I went to buy pants for work and one pair of jeans I would be totally comfortable in for the moment, got a pair of each for $8.99 so not too bad for a temporary body pant, but NOT happy about the size, my 5/6 body is in 14s =(. And they are still too short...(I was always 6 long, and for some pants I'd even go for 8's with a belt, or buy by waist/length...I need a 34 inseam. Someday soon right? Someday soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


that's what the scale said today. Sad day, here I thought I was loosing baby weight, but nope, it has moved UP in the past two weeks. Now now, don't go racing to the comment section to say "but you just had a baby, be patient with yourself!" I think the real frustration is that I have been using that as an excuse for everything. Should I take the girls for a walk today? No, I just had a baby. Should I try to go for a jog before Adam has to go to work? No, I just had a baby. Should I start to watch what I eat? Nahh, relax, your tired and just had a baby! It's time to face the facts, I was heavier than normal to begin this pregnancy (155 to my usual 135) and you gained a lot (191 on delivery day! Hey in all fairness with Regi I gained 50 lbs even!) and I am not going to lose the weight eating chips to stay awake while nursing at 4 am and sitting on my behind calling housework "enough" exercise!

I bought some new pants for work today, there was quite a line at the dressing room so I brought them home confident they'd be a touch snug but not bad....nope, the first pair I couldn't even pull up past my lower thigh and the second pair not over the hips. bummer!! I am going to go back tomorrow and hope there's less people there so I can actually try stuff on in the store. I don't want to spend a ton on new clothes for a temporary shape but I can't go without work pants!

I guess I am sharing this with you all because I need to be held accountable to SOMEBODY or I will keep making excuses. Sure I should be able to hold myself accountable but it's too easy to talk myself out of will and into a bag of chocolate. I need someone to look at me and say "did you really need the WHOLE bag of m&m's? That bag of chips should have lasted more than three days! etc. I am also one of those people who if I don't get instant results I get frustrated and give up (how I got to 155 from the 140 I had been down to in June, and up to 155 by Nov!) Maybe this way I will actually do something about it! I know it will take some time and effort and I need to be light on myself, ease into it and let myself make a mistake here and there but I also know I won't be happy with myself if I don't do something and why put it off?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

quilt-y things

Sorry to back to back post here for you, but the one post was getting too long

There is another give away! Ok, I don't need to have any new projects to work on but I am addicted to these things! Do you think there's a 12-step program for quilters addicted to quilt related blog give aways? I guess I am not hurting anyone, am I? Anyways, head on over here and follow the rules if you want to participate too. according to the rules, I am supposed to post a picture link thingie back here but I don't know how. Hopefully she'll let it slide. Anyways, she asked us to tell her our favorite collection that the shoppe offers (I looked around and decided Ava Rose, Love is in the Air, and Peppermint Cottage), someone else once asked what our favorite designer was. I am passing that question onto you, what is your favorite....color? theme? designer? design house? what is your favorite....

I love anything out of Lakehouse Dry Goods. I don't own any of it, but am madly in love with it and would give anything to be able to live with their fabric around me.

I also like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear but that might be because I love reading them to the girls more than their design originality. I want to get my hands on both those collections, I know there's still some caterpillar stuff out there and bears new(ish) so that wouldn't be too hard but A wont let me get any more fabric (except what Santa is getting me to go with the books my cousins getting for me from her work-Barnes and Noble) until I use up some more of what I have. One of these days he will understand a quilter and her fabric but until then I will just sneak stuff in =)

I finished this months blocks for the block lotto. I had some problems with my first batch of 9, I read the instructions wrong and cut my fabric 1/4 an inch too big, so I had to start over but by the time I realised what I did it was too late to save the fabric (I had tried to trim the squares down) I only had enough "Asian" prints left for 8...thank goodness I didn't mess up again or I'd have to go get more!!Ok, OK, my points aren't prefect and I don't know what I did to mess them up but I hope no one minds too much!! Actually, I think I will only enter 6 of them, there are two that I am embarrassed to have. If I win again I will use them in my quilt, but if not at least I wont have to send them off to someone. I know the lotto was started for beginners but sometimes I feel like I am in the advanced class. Maybe it's the iron...sure sure, that's the problem...ok like 10% of it

One of my co-workers made H a baby blanket. It's a perfect one for taking outside and letting her lay on. I know I make quilts for people to use and abuse and I'd happily remake one down the road, but I don't know if that's what everyone intends with quilts. This one is made of flannel and is cuddly and soft. In the winter I plan to use it to keep her warm in her bed and in the car seat. There's flannel on both sides and a thin layer of batting that I can feel so warm warm warm! I shouldn't have been surprised when I opened her present to see the quilt, but I was. I am still waiting on one for R from my mom, and R is 3! All she has to do is finish the biding. That's been the case since she found a quilter she likes and had her do the quilting two years ago.

I am sharing a pic of a quilt someone made for R as a shower gift when I was pregnant with her. She started it for A's dad who passed away before R was born. I don't think this is a manly quilt...and I don't think it was built for rough and tough play. It was made with what looks like very dainty stitches. It does do a great job covering up the landlords poor attempt at patching up a hole in the wall as well as good decoration in the girls room (over the side of R's bed)