Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween and a month of thanks

Here are our pics of Halloween: R examining her loot, the first few doors she tried to give THEM her candy, then she got it!
H as a ghost, Me wearing my HS Drill Team stuff and R as a Beautiful Ballerina Super Hero
H as a warm duckie(her outside costume) A as a Barista (cheep, easy, used my apron) and R as a Beautiful Ballerina Super Hero
H as a warm little duckie
H as a ghost, R pre-costume (shes in a leotard and pants) "Cool"

As for Thanks:

Park City Girl took a moment to be thankful for things in the midst of recovering from some rough moments today. As we move into November, each post this month, the month of Thanksgiving, I will post a few things I am thankful for, regardless of what the post is about.
To start off today's, I am thankful for:
+A not leaving me especially with how often I have yelled at him I'm sure you are aware, we have been through some very rough times together and they could have easily torn us apart but we are fighting for "us" together.
+two wonderful children (even when I am at the end of my rope with them)
+a mom who knows me so well and is able to help me out from a distance in so many ways
+ a brother (and his girlfriend) who love my children as much as I do
+ for all the fabric I have, especially the pieces I didn't have to spend money on myself!

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Thearica said...

Hi Lisa..Thanks for stopping by my blog..Your family is adorable! Sometimes I wish my 2 daughters were still little...but I sure do enjoy my grandchildren. :)