Thursday, November 17, 2011

silly sweeties

let me start off with some sewing stuff:

1) On my Halloween quilt that I was taking to a friends house (based off this quilt using Moda's Spooktacular from last year or the year before and black) to work on. It's doing well. I have 8 more rows to sew on, none are made yet. I have a strange system for trying to keep it random. It works, it's not the most efficient, but it works. Two of the rows are 17 blocks long (8-9patches and 9-solid blacks) the other 6 are 19 blocks long. Not too bad, just time consuming. Then I need to try and track down some fabric to match the green orange and purple and make up some applique.

I am also going to ask my brothers girlfriend if for my birthday she'd make some paintings or drawings (I am thinking 3) to hang over my bed when this is on it. Same with my valentines quilt that I finished before the move. Maybe for the next several birthdays and Christmases so I can coordinate. Have I told you how obsessed with decorating for holidays I am?

2) I found a quilt I LOVE on Jaybirds blog. It's her market Schoolhouse recap post. It's about 1/2 way down, it's in Jean Wells section, towards the end, the pinks and soft colors in basics with a framed square in each block. I have been searching high and low for that pattern, and will keep doing so, but in the meantime I think I will have to grab a pencil, a ruler, and some graph paper and see if I can come up with one close to that. I love it. I've been thinking about what I'd like to make the girls Christmas quilts into....not that I have Christmas fabric for them yet but that's not the point. I want a plan of action when I see the Christmas fabric for them I love. You all know I like the girls to have similar quilts that don't match but have the same fabrics and a similar feel. so that quilt that I can't find a pattern to and this quilt would make a nice set.

OK, so about the girls:

H is starting to potty train! WAHOO!
H loves tools! A few days ago she gave both my mom and my dad two pieces of wood, one screw, and an electric screwdriver. yes, EACH.
H did something silly I Can't remember but I SO wanted to share with you!

R was asleep and my dad carried her upstairs (we were trying to get ready to go to a tree ceremony) and she was out COLD, or so we thought. little faker (I think she was asleep most the time but when she woke up decided to play with us)
R loves to do puzzles (that's not silly, but so fun!)

shesh I had so many more things to share when I started this post. Bummer!!! I promise more to come. Especially since I called it silly sweeties and talked about quilting.

*update* I am trying to track down a little bit of Spooktacular, I need 1/8 or a yard for the applique panel and some for binding. can be the same or different so if you see or know of any let me know! I will use solids in purple, green, and orange for the applique itself which I can find locally I am sure but I want the binding and the borders to be in the real stuff.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the girls


How are you doing? We are getting along fine over here. Nothing really going on, but can anyone belive it's NOVEMBER? Shesh!

On Monday I took the girls to their new pediatricians office to get them in the system before either got really sick (more than a cold they have right now) and to get flu shots. H didn't even fuss when she got her shot, she just looked at me like "are you kidding me mom?" R insisted she was NOT going to get a flu shot. Little did she know!

When we got to the office, the nurse recognised me. She asked if I had been a patient there. Yes, about 10 years ago was when I moved on from them. She said "you have a younger brother too don't you? And it's just the two of you?" WOW!

The Dr we saw is a young lady, love her. She started talking to R right away and made eye contact with her. Very important to me! She immediately asked how long R had her Eczema outbreak for and I said "so that's what that is!" we got information on eczema. No more dryer sheets for ANYONE in the family (we'll do that as a last resort or line dry all her sheets, towels, clothes, etc) no more baby soap, lots of lotion, and three prescriptions for creams plus an everyday many times a day one. one prescription is for her body, one for her face, and one for her eyes. Now I have to learn all I can about it! She also got her 5 year old/Kindergarten shots. four pokes in her arms total. And she still thinks they are all the flu shot. One was.

H was checked out too, not an all out check up but just a visit and I mentioned that the nutritionist who was visiting their daycare noticed she toe walks a lot. The Dr did a few small checks and it doesn't look like Cerebral Palsy, but something with her hips. I looked it up and found Hip Displasia but I don't think that's what she said. We have to keep H in shoes at all times, the kind that make it hard to go on tip toes. If she still manages to, if she refuses to wear shoes, or if it doesn't seem to help then off to physical therapy she will go.

so for a quick "hi nice to meet you give my kids flu shots and here are their records" appointment I walked out with a total of 5 shots (7 immunisations) three prescriptions and one referral to physical therapy and a list of things to do at home.

Unrelated this weekend I am going to have crafting evenings with a good friend of mine. She's a draw-er (how do you write that without saying drawer) and has a little girl close to H's age, but personality more like R so the two of them play and H does her own thing. They will watch CareBears and Tangled and we will watch the Twilight movies (maybe she'll let me watch them with commentary on too or I will do that back home) and I am bringing my sewing machine and some projects with me! She will have dinner for us Sat and I will do Sun and she recommended having "coffee and other delicious drinks" I am hoping for a root beer float or milkshake!! Can't WAIT!

any news from you?

Monday, October 24, 2011

teaching respectfully

it's been a while since I've posted. Not much has happened. No new home, no new position, no new sewing, no new news. Sometimes that's nice. I really wanted to be in my own space before Christmas but I don't think that will happen. My new goal is by my birthday. Think I can do it by April? It depends on if something comes into the market I guess.

I don't know if I ever mentioned one of my challenges with A was always that he didn't like anyone that was different from him. Be it skin color, political thinking, religious beliefs, economic class, ethnicity, you get the picture. If you didn't think like him, you were wrong. And believe me, there were many things I did not agree with him on.

I have always wanted to expose my children to diversity, of all kinds. Well before I lived with A and knew people really thought that way. Part of why I moved back to the Seattle area was because I grew up essentially colorblind. Not ignorant, but not aware either. I saw people, not labels. Some of that has to do with my parents, but some also has to do with exposure.

I have decided to teach the girls of other religions and beliefs. I am not quite sure how I want to do it, but I know it's important to me to show the girls how to learn about others. I want to make sure to foster kindness, compassion, and respectful curiosity towards others in the girls. I was planning on starting with Judaism. Mostly because being Catholic, we have a shared history. Jesus was a Jew.

I was going to start with Hanukkah but I think I might wait until next year and start with Rosh Hashanah — The Jewish New Year. Take some time to learn more so I can share with the girls better. I was telling my parents about this and my dad asked if I was serious about this and I said "yes, I am" and he has some co-workers that he's going to ask for information for me. I have asked him to make it clear I am not looking for information for conversion, but for compassion and understanding. I am very happy to be a Catholic, in my heart I know it's the right religion for me, even if I don't always agree with the rules, the Pope, or the decrees.

I don't really know why I am sharing this, but maybe someone has some advice, resources, other cultures (I want to learn and share other cultures as well as religions) I should invest time into learning about. I asked one of my friends from Chile to share with the girls and she's thinking about what she'd like to share.

Friday, September 23, 2011

a fall poem (entry) and little tidbits

did you see the giveaway at the jolly jabber? I entered, but wanted to share my poem since I thought it was doesn't take much does it?

hi, my name is lisa.
I am a barista
I love the FALL
cool weather and all.
I dont have to sneeze
when I jump in the LEAVES.
I don't like a spider.
I love to wear a SWEATER
could fall be any better?
I need a new fall QUILT
perhaps one will be built
with a gift card won
when this giveaways done.

in other news, no luck on the house hunt. Oh well. Not in a hurry.

R started school and LOVES it. She is good friends with a little girl already. So cute! H keeps takign a bag too and trying to sneak into the classroom. The teacher catches her every time much to H's surprise and disapointment. too cute! They both start daycare on Monday!!! I will be getting some state assistance, and the girls will be going almost full time. The place is run by a married couple who have two children, at least one has special needs. They wanted to make sure the girls were a fit so they not only asked us to come once, but asked us to come twice, and then a third time and have me leave them there for 20 minutes or so and see what happens. Very nice loving place!

I am being given a bunk bed that needs some work (part of it was repainted, then put into storage, and another part was sanded and never painted, so both will have to be sanded a little bit again and painted, and a ladder has long been lost but dad is handy) and a complete correll dish set from a friend of my moms. so kind. I don't LOVE the dish set but I know it won't break (you knwo teh cream with green trim and ivy pattern? I know you know it!) but it will be good to use with the girls until they learn to be more careful and as our "every day" dishes until I save up and slowly buy the dishes I LOVE (at crate and barrel)

I actually bought 6 "appetizer" plates for about $30 with a coupon that I LOVE....should I get 12 or is 6 enough? Mind you I am not planning on replacing these, and I want to use them as my "company plates" for years....until I get married someday a long time from now and register for something else. I am planning on getting these, and these, and these all in that teal color, then getting a bunch of white stuff that will mix and match for a classy and quirky table...that's me. Classy and quirky!

whats new with all of you?

Sunday, September 04, 2011 theory

have you been following V and Co? I have been following her for a few years, I LOVE her decorating, her quilts, her giveaways. Since she moved recently (and has a tight decorating budget) I've been paying better attention. Especially since I don't have a man to tell me not to. I can do as I please! (within my budget, reason, and without going hog wild) I plan to do something with her hydrangea wreath, and her pillows, and....I will stay tuned. Now to get my own place....

I also wanted to ask for prayers for the Howell Family. They lost their daughter, and one of my best friends sometime before everyone woke up this morning. Her brother called me to let me know. It was not expected.

Monday, August 29, 2011

some things I've learned about the kiddos

Summer is almost over here. Big kids at R's school start next week, she will start the week after. on Sept 12th. I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the girls, things that have changed, things I've noticed now that I have time to enjoy the girls, and things I never would have known if it weren't for my parents.

H loves Hot Tamales (the candies) who would have thought

Dirt is fun. I have a great pic of H on my dads camera, COVERED in dirt and so proud of it

(mind you I would demand my parents wash my hands if there was a tiny bit of dirt on them, and still am that way!)

Trees are too scary to climb, Rhododendrons on the other hand are perfect

R likes routine. More than most kids her age.

H's bed time is not flexible. 8:00 on the dot, even if she's not tired. She'd rather play in her crib until she is tired than be up past 8.

R might have some visual spacial problems, and problems with motor skills. I might have to have her tested but we will see what her teachers say.

"What do you want to do today" will always be answered by R with "go to the park" and maybe "go to the library"

H can recognise the Starbucks logo.

R has learned how to accept that she has to take one "no thank you bite" and is sometimes not sure what to do when she takes the no thank you bite and finds she likes the food.

the girls who will NOT eat corn, LOVE corn on the cob. They each eat two whole cobs whenever its served.

R has a favorite color. It's pink

R trys to manipulate situations because she's smarter than H....trying to put the kibosh on that one!

R likes Jimmy Dean Breakfasts. And my dad likes having them with her.

Otter Pops are better than Popsicles

I am still looking for a place to live. Hopefully this weekend my brothers girlfriends and I can get to Crate and Barrel and do some dish/kitchen shopping. I have a list of stuff I want from Ikea for furniture and will get it in waves. I can't find a bunk bed I love for the girls at a good price (I want a white wood one that can be split into two twin beds. I am planning on using one for me for a few months while I save up to buy a queen and bedroom set for me since H is still in her crib and that converts into a toddler bed I figure I have a year or so still on that one. I am planning on getting a slate grey couch and white furniture for the living room that way my holiday and everyday decorations (and quilts) won't clash. Yes my quilts dictate my couch. You know you are a quilter when....

I hope everyone is surviving Irene, and back to school, and the end of summer.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


oh, did I tell you I learned how to make jam? Yeah, that was actually the point of my last post. I went to a friends house (technically a friend of my mom...I mentioned her last time. S.) and she taught me how to make jam! We made Strawberry Rhubarb, and have been invited back to make blackberry as long as the girls and I pick the blackberries! I see doing this A LOT in my future. Not because it saves much in the end, but because I can do it. And I like being able to do stuff, make things myself; have I mentioned I am stubborn and determined? (That might be why starting again isn't so bad!)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

some progress....

I found a quilt pattern I want to make! Maybe I will get sewing again! (or not....I need my own space!) It's Now and Later in American Patchwork and Quilting's latest mag. you can see an image of it here (anyone else feel a sense of familiarity with that web site?) but I want to do it in pinks and greens, and whites, with maybe a little yellow. Have I ever told you guys how the girls will be in a bunk bed before too long. I want them to have coordinating but not matching quilts. Meaning I want them to have quilts that have the same fabrics, and similar features but are not the same. I might do this with a stacked coin rendition, like the one I made off the Moda Bakeshop. Those colors would be their "most the year" quilts. I want to make them Christmas quilts too. Eventually I want to be able to change out their quilts with more holidays, but for now that is what I want to have for them. Have I told you how holiday decorating obsessed I become? Even on my very minimal budget? Oh my!

I have not heard back from the townhouse place, the 11th is the day everyone has to give notice by. I do have a lead on a place that is only one bedroom, a little further from work, but VERY reasonably priced. I might be willing to make it work for that price, as long as there is a washer and dryer available. I also have a call in to an agency that helps people find services and apply for services.I am looking for child care assistance and referrals mostly but I am going to see if they have any other suggestions or programs for me. I am not going to be one of those people who is "on the system to use the system" but rather accepting help to get back on my feet, start fresh and excel from there. But you know that about me. I don't take the easy way out!

H turns two tomorrow! TWO!!! I miss babyness but am so proud of her and thrilled by her latest developments. Her language has exploded over the last month. I think part of it is the security, part of it is we have three adults talking with her more, reading to her, and encouraging her to try, and part of it is where she is in her normal childhood development. So wonderful to watch and hear! And now she tells us her favorite things, all start with the letter brother B, Bear, Book, Ball, Blankie, Baba (cup....any cup) Bobbies ("coffee" aka milk in a Starbucks cup) and Baby. Interesting eh? She also tells me when she needs a diaper change, sometimes moments before she needs it. I see potty training on the horizon!

just FYI Joanne at Splitting Stitches is having a give-away....1/2 price on quilting, and she already has such amazing prices....go enter!

I am off to read my book....I have two more ready for pick up!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

no news

hi guys!

Still no sewing

Still living with Mom and Dad

Still adjusting.

LOTS of READING! I LOVE the library system here. I can pick out titles online, reserve them or be put on a list if others want to read it, pick which library I want to pick them books up from, and we have been going AT LEAST once a week. I set a limit of two books each (except me, I pick up my holds but SHHH don't tell the girls I sometimes get more than the allotted two!) But I like to read series where you really get to know the characters and the writing style and I can get them in order...and all of them which I couldn't do back in Montana. So happy! My co-workers laugh because about every other day I am back with a new book. Between the unexpected length of my commute (construction) and my lunch breaks I have time to read at work.

An interesting development here, the girls don't ask about A. Don't miss him. Don't want to talk to him. Unless R's mad at me about punishing her or holding her responsible for her choices, then she wants to "go to my daddy's house and be with him I don't love you any more." and I just say "I know honey. I know it's frustrating and living with Daddy would be easier, but this is better for you in the long run." I know she doesn't get it yet, but one day she will. I don't try to discount her feelings, but she only has them when she's upset at me, so it's easy not to take it personally.

I have two apartments I am considering right now. I am on a waiting list for one of them, the 11th is the last day people can give notice of moving out for me to be in by Sept, but there are 4 people in line ahead of me. The manager said that sometimes people have already found a place but she is still required to offer it to them in the order inquired (this is the place I REALLY want, townhouse for less than many 2 bedroom apartments) and the other place I have left two messages and am thinking if I don't hear from them by next week I will stop by.

My brothers girlfriend is going to go dish and towel shopping with me in about two weeks, we have a BIG hydroplane event next weekend and lots between then and now, so postponing it for now. And once I get my place (or know I will be getting) a BIG IKEA run will be in order, again with K, because shes young, hip, artsy, but understands my need to not go over the top artsy, I want classic items that I can enhance and add to as I go.

other than that nothing going on here. I wish I had more time so sew, but playing with the kiddos, working, and reading are plenty for now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


hi guys! Remember me? Shesh it's been ages!

The girls and I have moved. We are still working out all the legal stuff. I qualified for free legal aid but things have to be settled within 6 months of my move date so hopefully A won't contest anything. I am being reasonable, but that is my opinion. We are getting settled into a nice routeen, at least in the evening and first thing in the morning. R is sleeping in her own bed, five nights now! That's out of the seven we've been here for. If she gets to seven in a row she and I will go get ice cream together, then it will be 14 in a row, and hopefully by then she'll be doing it consistantly!

I was able to transfer to another store here. I picked a store in the district I will be in once I get settled out on my own again. It's the town that R will be going to school and I really like it. There are several things that I will have to re-learn how this store likes them done, or how this district likes thigns done, but overall it is the same. A few people in the store like me, a few are unsure of me, and I've only met about 7 people. I don't like my 45 min commute when I have to be there at 4:45am but it won't be that way forever.

I have not done any sewing for AGES! I packed fabric first, then used my "sewing corner" to store all my boxes as I was packing. The girls and I were living out of suitcases the last two weeks we lived in our old place, and thankfully I have a few good friends who transported stuff for me so I didn't have to rent a u-haul! A came out with us, then a gal friend of mine, her mom was moving her (friends) brother back from here to MT so she had an empty car for me to load up, and another girlfriend is comign out to visit sometime next month or the month after because she thinks she wants to move out here so she got the rest of my stufff.....but I was talking about sewing...quilting....yes, it's been a long time!

I finished the first quilt top for myself, Valentines day quilt, a while ago and need to find some backing for it that I like. A's quilt needs to be bound, but I am putting that off for a while. I had a former co-worker who just bought a long arm quilt it for me, so I should just get it done with but I am still not ready to do it for him (one of these days I will tell you what all happened but not yet) And I was workign on a Halloween quilt for myself but had to pack it up to move. It's going to be another queen size fun! Both girls have their beloved Dora quilts on their beds now (I finished those in time for this past Christmas) and I think that's been helping them transition, it might be a new space but your quilts will comfort you and some thigns are the same.

I need to go head out for work, but I wanted to say hi.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

missing all of you!

I just wanted to say hi! I have been thinking of all of you. Adam doesnt want to pay for the internet anymore, so I am out of luck online! I have to do everything on my i-touch which is REALLY hard to type. I have not been following you guys either. I can do e-mail a lot better, so if you have news to share, please reach me (I think my e-mail is here if not I have to come back to the library next week to print some things) Things happening here: A and I are splitting up (post on that sometime eventually I promise) The girls and I are moving to the Seattle area in June I have a new store ready for me when I move I am at my original store trying to fix some problems (and people are NOT happy about that) R still loves school and is all registered for next year (5 day a week pre-K) H will be going to a toddler class next year too (one day a week) R turned 5 in June I turn 27 next Monday! I almost finished my first quilt for ME (one more border to put on) and am planning #2! oh and speaking of quilts, I received 12 blocks (mine included) for a kindness quilt, I thought I'd ask ONE more time and then figure out how to make it lap sized at least. I think if I alternate with vivid fun prints it would work. If you want to contribute anything though let me know! I need to go to work now! but I miss you all!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

quick hi!

hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA! our internet contract was up and we didn't renew because Adam is looking at less expensive options, so three weeks without real internet, KILLING ME! I use my I-touch at work but blogger is so hard to use on that little thing.

I miss you all and I think I will have to come to the library more often, or when we get taxes back buy myself a little laptop....I think the former is more likely

The kindness quilt is still coming in. So far I have nine blocks, so keep them coming! I would like at least a good lap size but anything will be wonderful. Don't forget a give-away is involved. I've been pulling thigns from my stash of patterns, fabrics, and plan to supplement.

Also APQ BLOCK SWAP buddies, I have everythign ready to mail (yes yes vacation last week got in the way!) so I will start trickling them out. I don't want to have a panic attack in the post office lobby so they'll go out one-three at a time!

next time I make a break for quiet library lisa time I will tell y ou all about my trip. It was a busy one!!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

more info

I got this e-mail back from Julie, and thought it would be easiest to just share it with you here (so you can click the links and see what you can give. I'd happily mail it all together if you find something they ask for on their wish list locally, or if you want to include cards, anything else. I know someone told me they were asking a friend who has been down this road what might help, I will edit this post to include that list if she gets back to me.

OK here's the e-mail:

Thank you very much for your support. Below is their address as well as info on where people can make donations or help purchase items they need.

(edited their address for obvious reasons)

If you are looking for a way to help, we have an Amazon wishlist setup:
You can also make a tax deductible donation through the Talbert Family Foundation

I am thankful for everythign you guys are doing to help.

I will be visiting my folks here in just over two weeks, and boy do I need some family time myself! little things are beginign to annoy me at home and at work, time for a vacation!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

little bit of giving thanks

I know it's not anywhere near Thanksgiving, but I am SO thankful R has school today! I just spend the morning battling with her, stopping battles between her and her sister. I sort of worry that I am just passing on the problem to her teacher, but I think really a whole week without that structure is what did her in.

In two weeks we will go to visit my folks, and I think I might have to figure out something "school like" to do with her (and my mom IS a "retired" teacher...she now just subs when she wants to) for an hour each day, or an hour and a half every other day. She's only at preschool for 2 1/2 hours three days a week but BOY does she love it!

I am also thankful it's not FREEZING out, its like 20 degrees (F) and everyone had thrown salt down on their sidewalks. The walk to and from school was not as bitter as I thought it would be!

small miracles

Oh, I almost have another top to donate to Seattle Children's. I love making quilts that I like the pattern and want to try and fabrics I like but don't have the I NEED TO HAVE THIS edge to them, keeps my house from having too many quilts that I don't know what to do with! You will see on my PHD 2011 tab I have more than 8 projects, those with parenthesis are projects I want to finish too, but not necessarily in the 6 month challenge.