Thursday, July 30, 2009

new contest

I entered another online give's drawing is on my due date so good luck to me there!! you have to talk about your favorite

I really hope this kiddo gets here soon. I am going to go get some Chinese food from Safeway, even though I don't feel like leaving the house. I want to sit here and sulk. I don't know why but for the past 24 hours or so I have just had a bad case of the blues! I cleaned up the house yesterday while I was having some decent contractions hoping to encourage them and the up/down motion would stimulate something but nothing! My midwife is out of town this weekend. Knowing my luck I'll have it tonight when there's a guy doc on call for her. Tomorrow is a lady doc and then this weekend the midwife who I saw with R from another office is on call. I really wanted to see her for this pregnancy but insurance wouldn't cover her so I am a little curious how this would work out but it would be neat for her to deliver this one and is who I am pulling for if I go soon....although I have decided I will be taking this kid to college in my uterus!

Thanks to a lack of funds we let our Costco membership lapse for a little bit....still waiting to get it going again but we went there anyways to walk around (and get labor moving along to no avail) and I saw that to develop the pics I have on a little disposable camera I had been using until my parents got me a digital for my birthday would be about $3 while walmart was about $10! Man I wish I had my membership! I really want to get those pics developed as well as everything (all 210!) on my digital camera so I can work on the photo album. That sounds like such a nice project for when the kids are playing quietly or resting. I use the photo albums that have two pics per side of the page and have space for little stories or blurps. I am not a scrapbooker, I am not very good about keeping up with R's baby book try as I might (I have an envelope of pics I need to get copies of to put in the baby book because I already put the originals and stories in the album) I really really want to go develop pics!! It's taking everything I have not to sneak out and do it...maybe when mom gets here we can use her membership and do it =)

Well, the point of this post was to tell you about the give away (so I could enter it that way) and there's not much time so go run over there...I will probably still be pregnant and here when you get back. If I had that gift certificate....I think there's a kit or two I'd have to decide which I'd buy, or at least make a partial payment on. Or I'd see if they had some fabric for a quilt for my bed that I want to do but have to find the perfect main fabric first!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

R becoming a big sister (I hope soon!!)

R is watching Lady and the Tramp right now and just said “mommy look, puppies TIRED!!” and I said “oh yes it is” (the scene where Jim Dear and Darling are spending their first night with the puppy and Lady finally falls asleep in their bed with them instead of in the kitchen) Then Lady wakes up and R said “now STRETCH puppy, sweet dreams?” such a sweetie!

She and I have been talking about becoming a big sister a lot lately. A has been talking to her about how we still love her so much and just because the baby is going to need lots of attention doesn’t we care less about her. I decided to take the approach of being proud of her and telling her all the things she can do on her own that the baby won’t be able to and asking her what she thinks a big sister can do to help. Today’s conversation went like this:

L: What do you think the baby will do when it comes home?
R:: Crying
L: Yes, the baby will cry a lot! What can you do when the baby crys?
R: Rockabye!
L: That’s a good idea, what else can we do for the baby?
R: Babas (I am planning on nursing but A for effort here(
L: Yes, and what about pacifiers?
R: Yup, pa-fiers! and Di-Ti’s (diaper time) and wipes and toys
L: That’s a lot of good ideas! And Big Sisters can read stories and sing songs to the new baby too
R: No good, no stories for baby brothers
L: What if we have a baby sister
R: I tell princess?
L: I think the baby would LOVE to hear a princess story from you!
R: And toes!
L: You can play with baby’s toes
R: Piggy/Market?
L: YES! we can play piggy went to market with the new babies toes! Great idea!
R: Thanks!
L: Where is the baby going to sleep when it comes home?
R: Baby’s bed, daddy big/strong! (referring to when he carried it in from the garage)
L: Yes, the baby will sleep in the crib
R: Babies KiKis? (blankets)
L: We will wrap the baby up in it’s blankies, yes! and where do you sleep
R: Daddy’s bed!
L: NOOOO, We sleep in our Big Girl Bed don’t we?
R: Yeah, with mommy's special Fabric Kiki!
L: Yes with Mommy’s old quilt!

and then she went off to finish her breakfast!

so I am sure you gathered I am still cooking away here. Not happy about it to say the least. I had my membranes stripped on Monday and have been walking and imagining everything progressing but nothings really going on! I have been having irregular unpainful contractions ever since but they just won’t build up or anything. I am uncomfortable and irritable and just anxious to get this little one out and into our arms. I am trying to enjoy my last few nights of sleep, and special time with R, and get the house ready for company that’s coming on Monday assuming baby is here by then but I just want this little one OUT!!! I have one more Tum’s left and refuse to buy more….I was home with R by this point and my midwife is just as surprised that I am pregnant still as I am! I might call the office today and see if they have any ideas for me.

Other than that nothing really going on here. I wish I had more to report, projects going well, more fun R stories, more cleaning projects tackled (the house is clean but you can tell I don’t live with very tidy people!!) Really, I have nothing for you! Oh sorry the pictures are blurry, R was “rock a bye” ing her bear and giving it a bottle showing me how she can be a big helper and I couldn’t get her to hold still!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

still here

I thought I posted something about this before, but here's a give away contest that's almost over but not quite.... I want to win! I LOVE those colors for Christmas stuff. And yes, A would be livid if I got more fabric in the mail but you know what, he's driving me up a wall so I will do something to annoy him too! =)

It is a little cooler today than it has been the past few days but the house's thermostat (which will only heat not cool so really is just a thermometer for the moment) says it's only 4 degrees cooler than when I went to bed last night but it feels better....can't explain it but I am in less of a bad mood because of it. Now that doesn't mean I am totally pleasant to be around, but I am less bad company than I was! Part of it may be that I slept in until 7:30 this morning...after three days of opening so being at work at 5am.

Yesterday we went to the park and had fun. I ran into an old classmate of mine who struggled through our Psychology program but was a delight to have in class. She had a 13 year old (she was in her mid 30's) and some interesting life experiences that she was able to bring to the table. R had some fun pushing A on the swing and climbing over everything. I really like this park because it has shade, benches, picnic tables, is set back from the street, is rarely crowded, and is fenced in! I know I have mentioned that before but still. It also happens to be a block or two away from the library. Great place for kids.

Today we went to the park again, but that was just to kill some time while we were downtown to see the parade. The Rodeo/Fair is in town this weekend and they had a big parade. A got upset about a little parking argument (he wasn't in a real spot but was in the shade, I wanted him to move the car, he got out I found a spot in the parking garage) so it was just R and I. It was a cute little 20-30 minute parade. R loved the horses (I wish I had a picture of them but she was too excited to let me grab my camera) She did love the funny cars by one of the local old men groups...I can't figure out who it was again but they always do funny cars and sometimes wear funny know the groups I am talking about. She did NOT like the fire trucks which surprised me. She loves to see them from the car and waves at them when walking by the fire house but I think the fact that they were a few feet away with sirens on was too much. She ended up burying her face in my chest for the end of the parade. The good thing for her was she got to get some candy that was thrown at the kids. Her first exposure to Tootsie Rolls!

Other than that just sitting here waiting for baby. I am actually really surprised and disappointed that I am not holding this little one yet, but at the same time I hope I have a few days to clean the house and rest before they decide to make their arrival. I don't know though. I was at a 2 at my last appointment and that was on the 14th. I have another one on the 27th which I both hope to and hope not to make it to. A and I are betting on 1) if I will make it (I say yes he says no) and 2) how far dilated I will be (I say a 4 or so and he says maybe a 5 or 6) We will just have to wait and see, which I am not very good at doing! I am such a planner!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

creepie guy!!

this might be a more appropriate post for my work blog, but since that's "private" and I really want to share this I am posting it here.

Sunday when I opened, Jimmy (I am not afraid to use his name, mostly because I know nothing else of him) was back in town. A little back story on Jimmy...he comes and goes with the wind. It has been several months since we have seen him and the place is so much nicer without him acting like he owns the place. He's harmless I am sure but has never rubbed me the right way and has bothered others before me. Anyways, so he's back in town. I was by myself on the floor while my co-worker was either getting something from the back or outside setting out the furniture. Jimmy comes up and asks for a glass of water but not in a plastic cup because he doesn't think its safe, but wants a plastic straw. Whatever.

"when is your baby due mommy?" he asks me
"about two weeks"
"you know I could deliver it for you"
"um, OK" I responded
"no really, I know how to do it."
"that's interesting, thanks for sharing"
"You'd let me wouldn't you?" by now I am uncomfortable but holding myself together.
"I don't know."
"if it was an emergency, You'd have me do it. I know you would."
"well, you know my husbands not too far from here, I think I'd call him if it was an emergency."
"but if it was you die or I deliver, what would you choose?"
"you know, That's a tough one, I just don't know" (the answer really is "get the h.e. double hockey sticks away from me you pervert" but I can't say that!) Thank goodness another customer came in and he went to sit down but still!!

This guy now calls me mommy, and will say mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy until I give him attention. Something not even R does. I am extraordinarily uncomfortable around him and dread when I am the one who has to deal with him, but at the same time my upbringing plus my professionalism keeps me there with a smile on my face serving him and praying he doesn't do something like this to any of our customers. I am SO glad tomorrow is my last day, but I don't know when he will blow out of town again and hope its soon and/or that I don't run into him when I go into the store on my maternity leave, especially not when I am there alone with the kids.

in other news, I was supposed to have a drs appointment today but I had to reschedule because I didn't get off work in time to go (I scheduled it before I knew my work schedule) and my midwife is double booked all week. Monday is when I go in if I am still pregnant then. I sort of hope I am not but at the same time I hope I am...but I just hate waiting for labor to start. I am not looking forward to it by any means but I am not enjoying the anxiety not knowing when or where I will go into labor. With R I thought I had weeks to go and boom there she was this time I am expecting it early, or at least prepared for that chance and feel like it's going to happen any moment so I am scared to let my guard down and relax. Not to mention I can't wait to hold this little one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

reconnected! HORRAY!!!

I am back and reconnected! We got our check for rent from the house A owns 1/3 of (his grandfathers, who passed away and we have been unable to sell it thus far). I didn't think we'd get it till mid to late next month so that was really nice!! I would have loved to spend that on something for the kids or ourselves but first things first. A's job is going well and he's looking for a second job but in the mean time I think we are out of the "danger" zone.

We got the crib together today. the paint job is less than perfect. Note to self, next time I want to do an artsy (painting a crib?) project....just do it myself! I love A to death but he's not patient and he rushes things. Not to mention all the nagging I had to do just to get it done. I hate nagging!!! I wanted the crib to be in the room at an angle, I am not a square person, but it just doesn't work well that way and I don't want to move the bookshelf and the toy chest again, nor do I want the crib up by the windows so oh well. A's happy about that. I still need to get some pink/green plush blankets like I have on the side for the boy, I am waiting though in case someone gets one or two off the registry (target...Lisa from Montana) or I'll get one from Walmart that's sweet too.

I have a picture of the kids room here too for you. I did not make the curtains, I want to but I don't want to stay here much longer and would rather make curtains for our new place. These arent bad for now though. In the picture you can see the crib in the bottom left corner, then R's Audi from Uncle B and Aunt K, her toy chest full of bears (I want to get one for this baby too and put either dress up in it or balls and trucks depending on the gender here....maybe for Christmas) R's bookshelf, her "baby" bed, then the Big Girl Bed!!! I wish you could see the wall too, above the pillow is her name, and on the side of her bed is a quilt and needlepoint. the needlepoint was made for me, and the quilt for her. Sometime I will have to get pictures of them for you all but I think this is already a picture happy post so I will let it go for now.

In project news, I started cutting out the fabric for one of my dresses, just the lining so far. Then I decided my belly was too big to be on my hands and knees trying to cut fabric out so I gave up temporarily. I was so excited to make it, but oh well. Belly won't be here forever and the fabrics not going anywhere =)

I finished the needlepoint finally. Actually I finished it the night the cable/phone/Internet went out but it's really done now!! I just need to frame it, which can wait a while. R did spill some Root Beer on it but instead of worrying about cleaning it I will remember how interested she was in what I was doing and couldn't keep her hands off of it. I enjoyed the project so much that I even snuck out of the house and bought a new kit to make one of those "memory/birth record" needle points. This one I am doing for R since I never did and I don't know what this baby will be or anything but I probably will make one for them next. When I was at the store, I went to Walmart and got the baby books...I like the girls one but the boys one...the only one I could find in town is cute, but not cars. We need cars!! I got it anyways because very baby should have a book and how else will I get those first feet prints, but I secretly am hoping I don't have to use it and can keep my eyes out for a "better" one.
While I was gone, A and R were sleeping....when I got home, guess who was in the yard talking to the neighbors dog? Not A, he was sound asleep. So I asked her how she got out of the house, and she showed me how she opened the side door from the kitchen even though it was chained shut, squeezed in head first, and pop, through she went. I woke A up to tell him and he said "what?" rolled over and went back to bed. Thank goodness the dog was there to distract her, and she doesn't know how to open gates. The garage was open and I found evidence of her trying to ride her bike by herself but she doesn't know how to peddle yet. This picture was taken the same day.....when I was in the shower, she got the red food dye out and decided it would make good lipstick. Goodness this girl is trouble now but so much fun too!!

I used a new thread to quilt the top of a baby blanket I made for a little girl. I have a few friends who just found out in the last month or so that they are pregnant and so I am sure one of them will have a girl. I like it for myself but it doesn't go with the colors in the kids room, plus I have plans for a girl and more plans for a boy already. The thread was Silky's Holoshimmer and it was a little challenging to work with. I later read they don't recommend it for bobbins but I did just have to go slower and at a consistent pace. I really like it though. pink and sparklie!! (sorry about the blurry I was trying so hard to get the thread to show its shimmer....I'll give you a picture of the whole thing once I get it bound)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

quick update

still pregnant...midwide says at least another week, but I am sitting around a 2 right now. Hopeing to make it through my schedualed shifts at least!

My internet is down for a few weeks...yeah my bills late my fault but rent, gas, food, and water have to come before the other bills. A has his job now so I think by the time I am done with my leave (which I do get 6 weeks of pay for and am using vacation time to make it 8 total) we will be caught up or close to. I just miss blogging and reading everyones stuff. I am at the library right now with R and shes getting a little restless, so I can't post all the things I ahve been working on, plus I can't post pictures so oh well and I can't get caught up on anything but I might stop by after work on Friday

Monday, July 06, 2009

boring rant for you

Today I have the day off, it’s been a long four or five days that I’ve worked, mostly because I have been with or handed a floor by one of the most challenging people in the store to work with and so I had my work cut out for me. One day we worked together for 4 hours and he said “wow! I can’t believe how much you got done!” and I said “yeah” but wanted to say “uh….yeah how do you NOT get this much done?” oh well, I am worn out and glad I have the day off but it stinks because I feel like crud. I feel nauseous and achy…not contraction-ish but just gross. All I want to do is sleep or lie on the couch but I have too much to do.

somehow A’s mom found out our home phone number. This is why we don’t have voicemail set up, so if she ever did call she wouldn’t know it’s us. She’s called two times and had his sister call once in case we’d answer. We haven't, nor have we mentioned anything to them that we got their calls but seriously? Who gave her our number? We’ve had it since Dec 2005!! If we wanted her to have the number we would have given it to her. She’s (and the cost of them) the reason we gave up cell phones. A gave her his number after almost a year because he felt he should just in case and said that she can only call in either an emergency and no more than twice a week. She would call him five or six times a day. Not to mention all the times she stopped, and still does stop by the house, unannounced, uninvited. We never gave her our address, she just found us. I guess we do have two fairly distinctive cars. She tells everyone, and the whole family thinks I hate her but that’s not the case. A and she have such a bad, unhealthy, relationship (shes verbally and emotionally abusive with manipulation being the icing on her cake) that I refuse to have one with her until they mend theres. She has put me in the middle, or tried to at least, one too many times. I have told her this, I have also told her, and A has told her that HE is the one who doesn’t want R around her. He doesn’t want her to hurt R like he has been hurt and has seen it. I don’t want R around the two of them because that is a very destructive model to see and she should never see her father torn down like he is when around his mom. She should think her dad is a superhero and the best person in the world as long as possible. I am the bad guy though because I took him away from her. I don’t mind that they think that of me, I wish A could stand up for R and I but he can’t even stand up for himself, nor could his dad. I am so glad he has R and I, and my parents who while they don’t understand his troubles in the job world, are supportive, kind, patient, and do want whats best for him (and of course for R and I!) They have understood many of A and my battles are tied into his childhood and his controlled and manipulated life until he met me and moved out.

A’s best friend is back in town and it’s been wonderful! This friend has a troubled past but is making the best of it he can and is working hard to overcome his own demons while able to love like no one else! A is not good at writing letters or anything so it was always strange for me to write this friend in their time of need but I did, and I think that is what kept the two of them as close as they are. I’d understand the hurt this friend must have felt when they needed friends and support and had many turn their backs on him. It’s amazing what cards and letters can do. In this day and age we forget about them too often!

A did get a job! He is cleaning a bar after it closes and he’s the only one they have to do it right now. They’ve tried to hire someone else but twice the people don’t show. Cleaning a bar is not a glamorous job but it’s something! A is so grateful and while he hates working the hours (2:30-8:30 ish) seven days a week he is so glad to have something. I am glad to have the bed all to myself until R joins me sometime around 4am. Sounds selfish but A is a twitcher, clicker, snorer and unless I am over exhausted I con’t sleep well with him in a bed with me. How did we sleep in a twin when we first moved in together? and I was pregnant then too!! Thank goodness we have a queen now thanks to my parents, but I like the bed to myself =)

My plans for the rest of the day:
enjoy the storm outside now that I rolled up the car windows
go to Target when R gets up from her “rest”
do some sewing in the evening
watch The Secret Life of The American Teenager and Army Wives
Fold Laundry

All I can say is I am glad I got R down for her rest before the storm hit and decided to put her down before Target so we aren’t scrambling in the rain! and hail the size of silver dollars!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

bragging and boasting

Today was a mostly unproductive day. I again had the day off so I wanted to run some errands and let A rest a little bit, hes just switching to a new job (that’s right he finally has a job!) and is working 2:30am to whenever and so R and I left him alone. We went to the fabric store. I scored! Actually, my aunt sent me some money to buy batting, I got it on sale. I got some other goodies for myself too! I got 2 yards of lining for my dress, two yards of white tone on tone for my Leaders/Enders/Scrap quilt (I will order a bolt when I get my taxes back but shhh don’t tell A!) some thread for finishing a quilt top, two zippers and a set of hook and eyes, and some new black thread for the needlepoint since R got it all tangled.

After the fabric store we went to the park, had fun! We have a bunch of parks in town but only one is really one I like to take R to, it has shade, benches, is fenced in, and is age appropriate. It also happens to be behind the library so we played for about an hour and made it in time for Story Time! R picked out a book about tools (yes, my lovely daughter found a tool book!) and I got a Catherine Coulter book. I haven’t read one of her books in a while.

We came home, had lunch (“sauce” and PB&J cut to look like gingerbread men…the only way I can get her to eat a sandwich!) cleaned up the living room a little bit and shes taking her rest now, so I am going through my loot!

The dress pattern I got says it’s easy (I am making the one on the left that you can‘t see too well). I saw it on a mannequin at JoAnn's I want to say either last summer or the summer before…I have had problems finding what I want for it. The thing I am slightly concerned about for following this pattern other than I have never finished a clothing pattern, I am a quilter for Pete's sakes! (the aprons are my first attempt to follow a pattern and I had to set those aside I got so confused!) is that the material I chose is eyelet fabric (I think that’s what its called) so I need either a slip dress which would be a pain to find, or I need to make a lining for the dresses, which I decided to go for. The pattern doesn’t include lining for this dress but has something like it on one of the other two dresses so I was thinking I could cheat and read those instructions or I can try to wing it. I did have a slight fabric problem in that I can’t find lining for either the pink or the blue but decided it doesn’t have to be a perfect match so I have light pink and white. I also have only found the ribbon for the blue dress. the pink is a slightly off/dusty pink and I want pink and green for the ribbon, or pink and cream but have not found any here. I need to go to stores with bigger selection. I am going to work on these dresses as soon as my Shop Hop blocks are done. I still have no idea what to do with them.

The block lotto I want to join just posted the block for this month. It’s cute! I actually have pulled some fabrics and can’t wait to get started on these blocks. the only concern I have is I have never used a template before. I guess this is my summer of “I have never before…” but when else should I learn? You can do up to nine blocks for the lotto for nine chances to win, and I have seven fabrics I found from my stash that I want to use. I might try to find two more in there but these are all my darks in blue and red, the rest are fairly light and I don’t want them to get lost against the cream tone on tone.

You can stop reading now or continue on with random blabbing and bragging!

I thought it would be nice to share all the info about the goodies I got from C. I can give you little reviews as I use them. I know some of you will have the green eyed monster come out with all the treats I got, and yes I am bragging, but I feel such a generous gift needs true appreciation and, well we all know I am a little blog obsessed-I keep coming up with reasons to post things =)

Here is what I got in no order(stars denote usage so far):

America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Delicious Recipes From Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants
Belli Pregnancy Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen
Belli Pregnancy Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator
Bubbly: Shampoo, Shower Jell & Bubble Bath
China Glaze Rodeo Diva Live In Color nail polish 6 pack
Cover Girl True Blends Micro Mineral Bronzer
Cover Girl True Blends Micro Minerals Blush
Dashing Diva Petal Pushing Petunia Nail Polish
Dex New York Lip Gloss
Dex New York Luminescent Powder
EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Shave Cream
Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Daily Shower Care kit
Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Daily Bath Care kit
Noodle and Boo Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub*
Paul and Joe Nail Protectant Coat
Read My Lips the Balm
Sally Hershberger Conditioner*
Sally Hershberger Shampoo*
Schick Intuition Razor
Secret Fresh Effects Cucumber Aloe deodorant*

So far I have looked through the cookbook…some good stuff in there! I have not made anything yet but looking forward to some of them!

I used the shampoo and conditioner. I like the way my hair feels but I have such healthy happy hair to begin with it usually agrees with anything I use. The conditioner (not the shampoo for some reason) reminded me of my Nana, a nice comforting smell. I know you are thinking, “Your Nana? Old lady smell?” No, Nana to this day does not smell like “old lady” She and Pop-Pop and their house smell wonderful!

The sugar honey scrub felt so good. It didn’t smell like I thought it would but felt so so good both while I was rubbing it on and after it was rinsed off!! I will be sad when this runs out, hopefully I will be able to get more here! If not I will be calling C up with orders for it! I recommend this to anyone who wants soft skin and a little exfoliation without the harsh after effects I have had from some scrubs. No dry sore skin!

As for the deodorant, I have very sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate it but I only have one day of wear to judge by. The smell was more pleasant than others I have used before. What can you say about deodorant?

*UPDATE* I made seven sweet soldiers today. They actually were easier than I thought they'd be but I think if I were to make them for myself...I'd make them bigger! The smallest piece was 1" square...I am not a perfect patient person right now so it was a little extra challenging. I wish I had made their shoulders line up better,I might seam rip the bad bad ones but I am so not good at that and might make it worse in the end.