Monday, August 29, 2011

some things I've learned about the kiddos

Summer is almost over here. Big kids at R's school start next week, she will start the week after. on Sept 12th. I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the girls, things that have changed, things I've noticed now that I have time to enjoy the girls, and things I never would have known if it weren't for my parents.

H loves Hot Tamales (the candies) who would have thought

Dirt is fun. I have a great pic of H on my dads camera, COVERED in dirt and so proud of it

(mind you I would demand my parents wash my hands if there was a tiny bit of dirt on them, and still am that way!)

Trees are too scary to climb, Rhododendrons on the other hand are perfect

R likes routine. More than most kids her age.

H's bed time is not flexible. 8:00 on the dot, even if she's not tired. She'd rather play in her crib until she is tired than be up past 8.

R might have some visual spacial problems, and problems with motor skills. I might have to have her tested but we will see what her teachers say.

"What do you want to do today" will always be answered by R with "go to the park" and maybe "go to the library"

H can recognise the Starbucks logo.

R has learned how to accept that she has to take one "no thank you bite" and is sometimes not sure what to do when she takes the no thank you bite and finds she likes the food.

the girls who will NOT eat corn, LOVE corn on the cob. They each eat two whole cobs whenever its served.

R has a favorite color. It's pink

R trys to manipulate situations because she's smarter than H....trying to put the kibosh on that one!

R likes Jimmy Dean Breakfasts. And my dad likes having them with her.

Otter Pops are better than Popsicles

I am still looking for a place to live. Hopefully this weekend my brothers girlfriends and I can get to Crate and Barrel and do some dish/kitchen shopping. I have a list of stuff I want from Ikea for furniture and will get it in waves. I can't find a bunk bed I love for the girls at a good price (I want a white wood one that can be split into two twin beds. I am planning on using one for me for a few months while I save up to buy a queen and bedroom set for me since H is still in her crib and that converts into a toddler bed I figure I have a year or so still on that one. I am planning on getting a slate grey couch and white furniture for the living room that way my holiday and everyday decorations (and quilts) won't clash. Yes my quilts dictate my couch. You know you are a quilter when....

I hope everyone is surviving Irene, and back to school, and the end of summer.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


oh, did I tell you I learned how to make jam? Yeah, that was actually the point of my last post. I went to a friends house (technically a friend of my mom...I mentioned her last time. S.) and she taught me how to make jam! We made Strawberry Rhubarb, and have been invited back to make blackberry as long as the girls and I pick the blackberries! I see doing this A LOT in my future. Not because it saves much in the end, but because I can do it. And I like being able to do stuff, make things myself; have I mentioned I am stubborn and determined? (That might be why starting again isn't so bad!)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

some progress....

I found a quilt pattern I want to make! Maybe I will get sewing again! (or not....I need my own space!) It's Now and Later in American Patchwork and Quilting's latest mag. you can see an image of it here (anyone else feel a sense of familiarity with that web site?) but I want to do it in pinks and greens, and whites, with maybe a little yellow. Have I ever told you guys how the girls will be in a bunk bed before too long. I want them to have coordinating but not matching quilts. Meaning I want them to have quilts that have the same fabrics, and similar features but are not the same. I might do this with a stacked coin rendition, like the one I made off the Moda Bakeshop. Those colors would be their "most the year" quilts. I want to make them Christmas quilts too. Eventually I want to be able to change out their quilts with more holidays, but for now that is what I want to have for them. Have I told you how holiday decorating obsessed I become? Even on my very minimal budget? Oh my!

I have not heard back from the townhouse place, the 11th is the day everyone has to give notice by. I do have a lead on a place that is only one bedroom, a little further from work, but VERY reasonably priced. I might be willing to make it work for that price, as long as there is a washer and dryer available. I also have a call in to an agency that helps people find services and apply for services.I am looking for child care assistance and referrals mostly but I am going to see if they have any other suggestions or programs for me. I am not going to be one of those people who is "on the system to use the system" but rather accepting help to get back on my feet, start fresh and excel from there. But you know that about me. I don't take the easy way out!

H turns two tomorrow! TWO!!! I miss babyness but am so proud of her and thrilled by her latest developments. Her language has exploded over the last month. I think part of it is the security, part of it is we have three adults talking with her more, reading to her, and encouraging her to try, and part of it is where she is in her normal childhood development. So wonderful to watch and hear! And now she tells us her favorite things, all start with the letter brother B, Bear, Book, Ball, Blankie, Baba (cup....any cup) Bobbies ("coffee" aka milk in a Starbucks cup) and Baby. Interesting eh? She also tells me when she needs a diaper change, sometimes moments before she needs it. I see potty training on the horizon!

just FYI Joanne at Splitting Stitches is having a give-away....1/2 price on quilting, and she already has such amazing prices....go enter!

I am off to read my book....I have two more ready for pick up!