Friday, September 01, 2006

annoyances and desires

If we are not expecting you, please do not disturb us!

This is what I want to post on our door. I might, but I feel it’s rather harsh. I am directing this at one person, which makes the whole thing that much worse. A’s mom has woken R up more than once this week with her pounding on the door when she stops by unannounced. She comes by all the time, and pounds on the door. She was here two days ago, and I was about to snap at her the whole time. She got so mad because I was in the shower (I was already in the bathroom and about to hop into the shower when she came by…and instead of coming out, I locked the door and showered) It was the only time in a few days that I was able to shower, and I needed to distress for pumping….so much for that idea!

We are thinking of moving. Not only because we don’t like the apartment, which we don’t….sure it’s a decent place for what we pay, but it’s getting to the point where it’s just not worth it. We need laundry to be done, and coin-op down a flight of stairs is not a great option with a baby…we have to do it on those few days or times of day when we are both home so someone can stay with R. I am sick of being woken up in the middle of the night by the neighbors upstairs headboard banging against the wall. I don’t know the neighbor next to us, but she sits on her stoop smoking (so our place smells like smoke and A is having a hard time quitting thanks to cravings he gets now thanks to her) looking at me with beady eyes and shooting dirty looks each time I come home with Starbucks in hand…sorry I work there and get free drinks, its not like I can’t afford them that way!

I have tons more to post, but we are having company over tonight and I’d like to clean the kitchen and living room, and figure out what to make for dinner that will be good for more than two