Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am we'll

I have an I phone nos and am trying to figure out how to get my pics on here onto the blog... I tell you, if its not one thing it's another!   Things have been busy but great.  I am no longer house hunting.  My car broke down a month and change ago (timing belt snapped and my crankshaft is now 45 degrees off kilter) in addition to all the other things I need.  Dad and my brother and I are trying to find me a new car but all of us are dragging our feet.  We narrowed it down to a slightly used 2011,2012, or dealer model/demo 2013 Subaru but no more details than that.

The girls are great they both love school and I just had conferences with Ed teachers.  They love having her in class, she participates well.  Nurtures her peers, can speak well in front of her class's.  she has a ways to go for reading, but will get there.  That's so nice to hear.  H has nothing major to note but thinks the a b c song is only for her to sing.  Too funny

Adam and his mom are coming out dec 14-16.  I have not heard from him since march and know he only called to tell me they were coming because he was forced into it.... No manipulated into it by his mom. He's not doing it on his own or because he wants to which is so sad.  I amgoingto ask rs librarian if she knows any characters in books who are overcoming being in or under loved and have a hard time showing love or growing up.  Help her understand its nothing to do with her.  I still have yet to speak ill of him around the girls but I ant to be ready for those tough conversations when they come up.  Honestly, respectfully, and empathetic lay.

I found an awesome online fabric store.  Ozark fabrics and other fun things on Facebook ( my phone won't let me share the link) she has greasy prices, but selection is limited and moves fast.  She does close outs from manufacturers!  She's doing a membership drive now!

I will figure this picture thing out and bombard you with cuteness by the end of this month!

Miss you all!