Saturday, January 23, 2010

funny kiddo stories!

Before I get to the funny stuff a little heads up, there's a great incentive to get to sewing! yes other than crossing things off my list so I can start something new...Friday night sew in!! Feb 19th! head over here for more info!!

This isn't going to flow well, I wrote each little story as it came to me, so just read them as little vignettes instead of as one tale:

The girls have been busy lately. H is SO SO SO close to crawling. She's doing this cute attempt at the army crawl alternated (each move) by tucking her knees under her. She's also discovered grabbing onto the table legs/chair legs, anything on the floor works well to pull herself along too!

H tried to get her hands on R’s goldfish crackers, so I explained to R how H wants to be just like her big sister, so if she ( R) is eating something like goldfish, H is going to want to too. R put her goldfish in the kitchen and came back to H and said “You can’t have goldfish, you are too little, but when you are a big girl I will go to the grocery store and buy you some. Then we can share!”

While we were on vacation R had a hard time with A not being there, so on the third night to last I went into her room and she was crying long after I had put her down so I went in and asked her what was wrong “I want my daddy.” I told her we would see him in a few days still and she said “But I make a wish upon a star!”

Also on vacation our last night there we were eating pizza, we got a ham and pineapple (you know it’s not PC to be “Hawaiian” or “Canadian bacon” anymore) on thin crust that Domino's cuts into squares. R went to get herself two more pieces, one for each hand you know. As she was walking back she had to walk next to Grandma who was holding H out on her knee on the outside of the table so she could still eat. As R walked past H grabbed one of the pieces in R’s hand and brought it right to her mouth. R said “HEY!” but H had already taken a “bite.” Boy was that one fast!!

R thought it was SO COOL that she got to sleep on her "Uncle Dude’s" bed and didn’t put up much of a fight at night night time, wish that was still the case at home. Oh well, we’ll get night time figured out before she goes off to college, or at least by then she won’t be keeping ME up!

R got her very own chair and table at my parents house, she thought that was very special! I am touched that they did that for her! H LOVES my mom. No matter what we are doing,or what’s going on, H wanted to be with my mom. Mid feeding if she realised Grandma was in the room she’d stop and fuss and fight until Grandma was holding her. It was sweet! She is also SO CLOSE to crawling. She can get up on her hands and knees, or more impressively on her hands and toes!

R and I came up with a little hand game/poem like thing on the airplane:
“Make a heart” (make a heart with your hands-thumbs down and all)
“Break it apart” (keep the shape but separate your two hands)
“Put it together again” (take your left hand half heart shape and mix with their left hand’s and vice versa)
“Now we’re friends”
a little lame sure, but sweet! And I am thinking of tricking her into changing the end to "Put it together/Love you forever!"

Dad just called and told me that he spent a bit of time this afternoon tracking down the source of "an interesting aroma" and found a dirty diaper under the couch with my camera!!! moms mailing it tomorrow!! Pics to come sometime again!

Also my mom's mom (we call her Nana) Alice is in the hospital. It looks like she aspirated something when she was under getting her pain pump "installed" (can you tell I come from a family of engineers?) She's 29 plus a few years ;) and is such a treat to be around. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. her lungs are getting weak and shes never been the same since a bout of phnemonia where we almost lost her a few years ago. Shes debating getting a total hip replacement shes 100% bone on bone on one side and 90% on the other side.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my only complaint about being a self-taught quilter...

why didn't anyone tell me how great half square triangles could look if you just took the time to square them up, and how much easier they are to work with when perfectly square?!

any other tips/tricks I should know about?

when I get my camera back (lost at my parents house) I will show you what I am making (by then made) with them!

Monday, January 18, 2010

catching up!

Home, Sweet Home! I am back! I have mixed feelings about it, but don't we all when we are returning to "real life." I am so glad to be back in my own space, but so sad to no longer be around my family and friends. While I was there I kept thinking "I am glad I don't live at home now, I need my own space, but boy do I not want to go home." It doesn't help that I never loved where I live, both the town and the apartment (I HATE the basement! I need sun and warmth!)

The girls were good travelers. heading out there H slept in my arms the whole way and I was able to distract R with new activities every 20 minutes, I didn't even have to pull out my last hope annoying toy! Coming back both girls were a little on the fussy side, I distracted R with a book (a BIG book!) and finally got H settled down and asleep then after we got our soda and snacks, R fell asleep too, and I had to carry both girls down the stairs and into the airport! Oh well!!

I think I might have uncommitted myself this year for quilting things!! I told myself this would be a Finishing Things Up year, with a few BOTM's going too. I have narrowed down the BOTM to one, the one paid for at FQS (Thimbleberries Dusk colorway for Village Green) and I WANT to do the snowmen BOTM by Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill. If I read it right she will be posting things in March, PERFECT! I can save up some money for the exact fabrics! (because sometimes I don't want to be creative or original!) I had a few I printed out from last year but maybe I will save those for some escape or for when I move through some of my UFOs.

I also am working on a calender quilt from PatSloan with some inspiration from her Mashup! I signed up to be a swap buddy so need to do that this month and I signed up for TWO block swaps, and you know some months I play with the block lotto! This months blocks are about 1/2 done and hope to finish them today or tomorrow!

But mostly, I joined a challenge! I PHD challenge (Projects Half Done!) I committed to...I think it was 10? Lets list them out for you to follow along with. Now mind you I have something like 30 projects in the works or in my head that I HAVE to do and want to finish this year (NO NEW PROJECTS right? heheh!) These few are close!

1) R's Dora Quilt (pinned needs quilting and binding)
2) Aunt Jackie's Quilt (pinned, needs quilting and binding)
3) Rudolph (needs side two of binding)
4) Block Lotto Log Cabin Winnings (needs backing picked out, quilting, and binding)
5) ABC's (need to make/get more binding and finish)
6) Gobble Gobble Challenge (Needs side two of binding done)
7) Tree -Me (side two of binding)
8) Tree-Karen (binding)
9) Tree-Kaila (binding)
10) Tree-Alison (side 2 of binding)

I have 6 months to finish those on up! Think I can do it?

Sure, because...I want to play along with the Friday Night Sew In club!!

As for my new years pound gone (hope to keep it that way!) and the house was in better condition when I left than it is now, but hope is not lost yet!!!

I told a little white lie to A yesterday saying no I don't have any tip money we can use for groceries today, because I need to get those winnings off!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

and the winner....



Since there were only 4 entries, I decided everyone would get a little something!!

I sort of wished that would happen on a few I entered with only a few people so thought I'd do it.

I was thinking of sending everyone a little something in the $10-$15 range so if you want something specific let me know. No one will be getting the same prize, and remember I probably won't send them off until I get back from my trip in 11 days =) Give me ideas of what you like, need, want, whatever. It can be anything from pins or bobbins to patterns, or fabric. Yeah I had been coming up with potential prizes for one winner (I actually have a quilt kit from In The Beginning before they went to just fabric production that I might never make!) but with four of you having such different interests....just tell me! And if you need coffee or tea or want something Starbucks related too/instead, no problem-o!!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

one two three

one more shift at work
two more days until I announce the winner
three more days until the girls and I fly to see my family