Monday, January 18, 2010

catching up!

Home, Sweet Home! I am back! I have mixed feelings about it, but don't we all when we are returning to "real life." I am so glad to be back in my own space, but so sad to no longer be around my family and friends. While I was there I kept thinking "I am glad I don't live at home now, I need my own space, but boy do I not want to go home." It doesn't help that I never loved where I live, both the town and the apartment (I HATE the basement! I need sun and warmth!)

The girls were good travelers. heading out there H slept in my arms the whole way and I was able to distract R with new activities every 20 minutes, I didn't even have to pull out my last hope annoying toy! Coming back both girls were a little on the fussy side, I distracted R with a book (a BIG book!) and finally got H settled down and asleep then after we got our soda and snacks, R fell asleep too, and I had to carry both girls down the stairs and into the airport! Oh well!!

I think I might have uncommitted myself this year for quilting things!! I told myself this would be a Finishing Things Up year, with a few BOTM's going too. I have narrowed down the BOTM to one, the one paid for at FQS (Thimbleberries Dusk colorway for Village Green) and I WANT to do the snowmen BOTM by Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill. If I read it right she will be posting things in March, PERFECT! I can save up some money for the exact fabrics! (because sometimes I don't want to be creative or original!) I had a few I printed out from last year but maybe I will save those for some escape or for when I move through some of my UFOs.

I also am working on a calender quilt from PatSloan with some inspiration from her Mashup! I signed up to be a swap buddy so need to do that this month and I signed up for TWO block swaps, and you know some months I play with the block lotto! This months blocks are about 1/2 done and hope to finish them today or tomorrow!

But mostly, I joined a challenge! I PHD challenge (Projects Half Done!) I committed to...I think it was 10? Lets list them out for you to follow along with. Now mind you I have something like 30 projects in the works or in my head that I HAVE to do and want to finish this year (NO NEW PROJECTS right? heheh!) These few are close!

1) R's Dora Quilt (pinned needs quilting and binding)
2) Aunt Jackie's Quilt (pinned, needs quilting and binding)
3) Rudolph (needs side two of binding)
4) Block Lotto Log Cabin Winnings (needs backing picked out, quilting, and binding)
5) ABC's (need to make/get more binding and finish)
6) Gobble Gobble Challenge (Needs side two of binding done)
7) Tree -Me (side two of binding)
8) Tree-Karen (binding)
9) Tree-Kaila (binding)
10) Tree-Alison (side 2 of binding)

I have 6 months to finish those on up! Think I can do it?

Sure, because...I want to play along with the Friday Night Sew In club!!

As for my new years pound gone (hope to keep it that way!) and the house was in better condition when I left than it is now, but hope is not lost yet!!!

I told a little white lie to A yesterday saying no I don't have any tip money we can use for groceries today, because I need to get those winnings off!!


Marsha said...

Sounds like lots to keep you busy! Just pick up something and finish it, then on to the next. All of a sudden you will find you have em all done and are ready for more fun with something brand new!

Glad your traveling went OK, travel with little ones can be a challenge sometimes.

Enjou your projects and keep us posted!


Katie said...

Your list looks do-able. Bindings are pretty quick in the grand scheme of things...think how long you spend putting tops together! Just take it one step at a time and you'll be free of your unfinished commitment in no time.

Christine said...

Its always great to get back home! I've been debating doing the snowmen BOM too. So many projects and so little time! Good luck with the PHD challenge. :) ~Christine

---"Love" said...

I'd think you should have no problem finishing those bindings, but I felt a little faint as I read about all those BOM's, and other things you want to do! Good Luck! I'm betting on you! ---"Love"

Myra said...

Good for you on the PhD list there Lisa! You've got your work cut out for you for the next 5 plus months!!! I don't know how young working moms get any sewing done! I couldn't when our children were young... All the power to you! 8-)

Sounds like you had quite the trip with the little ones, but it is nice to get away once in a while to see extended family...

Happy stitchings!

researchernurse said...

Welcome home, we missed you. Good luck on the projects; if you don't set goals you don't get anything done.

Beth said...

Wow. That is quite a list you have there. I am sure you will get it all done.
I love that snowman BOM too. I am trying not to start any more BOM projects since I need to get some completed.
Glad traveling with the girls went ok.
Look forward to seeing your projects as you finish them.