Thursday, November 17, 2011

silly sweeties

let me start off with some sewing stuff:

1) On my Halloween quilt that I was taking to a friends house (based off this quilt using Moda's Spooktacular from last year or the year before and black) to work on. It's doing well. I have 8 more rows to sew on, none are made yet. I have a strange system for trying to keep it random. It works, it's not the most efficient, but it works. Two of the rows are 17 blocks long (8-9patches and 9-solid blacks) the other 6 are 19 blocks long. Not too bad, just time consuming. Then I need to try and track down some fabric to match the green orange and purple and make up some applique.

I am also going to ask my brothers girlfriend if for my birthday she'd make some paintings or drawings (I am thinking 3) to hang over my bed when this is on it. Same with my valentines quilt that I finished before the move. Maybe for the next several birthdays and Christmases so I can coordinate. Have I told you how obsessed with decorating for holidays I am?

2) I found a quilt I LOVE on Jaybirds blog. It's her market Schoolhouse recap post. It's about 1/2 way down, it's in Jean Wells section, towards the end, the pinks and soft colors in basics with a framed square in each block. I have been searching high and low for that pattern, and will keep doing so, but in the meantime I think I will have to grab a pencil, a ruler, and some graph paper and see if I can come up with one close to that. I love it. I've been thinking about what I'd like to make the girls Christmas quilts into....not that I have Christmas fabric for them yet but that's not the point. I want a plan of action when I see the Christmas fabric for them I love. You all know I like the girls to have similar quilts that don't match but have the same fabrics and a similar feel. so that quilt that I can't find a pattern to and this quilt would make a nice set.

OK, so about the girls:

H is starting to potty train! WAHOO!
H loves tools! A few days ago she gave both my mom and my dad two pieces of wood, one screw, and an electric screwdriver. yes, EACH.
H did something silly I Can't remember but I SO wanted to share with you!

R was asleep and my dad carried her upstairs (we were trying to get ready to go to a tree ceremony) and she was out COLD, or so we thought. little faker (I think she was asleep most the time but when she woke up decided to play with us)
R loves to do puzzles (that's not silly, but so fun!)

shesh I had so many more things to share when I started this post. Bummer!!! I promise more to come. Especially since I called it silly sweeties and talked about quilting.

*update* I am trying to track down a little bit of Spooktacular, I need 1/8 or a yard for the applique panel and some for binding. can be the same or different so if you see or know of any let me know! I will use solids in purple, green, and orange for the applique itself which I can find locally I am sure but I want the binding and the borders to be in the real stuff.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the girls


How are you doing? We are getting along fine over here. Nothing really going on, but can anyone belive it's NOVEMBER? Shesh!

On Monday I took the girls to their new pediatricians office to get them in the system before either got really sick (more than a cold they have right now) and to get flu shots. H didn't even fuss when she got her shot, she just looked at me like "are you kidding me mom?" R insisted she was NOT going to get a flu shot. Little did she know!

When we got to the office, the nurse recognised me. She asked if I had been a patient there. Yes, about 10 years ago was when I moved on from them. She said "you have a younger brother too don't you? And it's just the two of you?" WOW!

The Dr we saw is a young lady, love her. She started talking to R right away and made eye contact with her. Very important to me! She immediately asked how long R had her Eczema outbreak for and I said "so that's what that is!" we got information on eczema. No more dryer sheets for ANYONE in the family (we'll do that as a last resort or line dry all her sheets, towels, clothes, etc) no more baby soap, lots of lotion, and three prescriptions for creams plus an everyday many times a day one. one prescription is for her body, one for her face, and one for her eyes. Now I have to learn all I can about it! She also got her 5 year old/Kindergarten shots. four pokes in her arms total. And she still thinks they are all the flu shot. One was.

H was checked out too, not an all out check up but just a visit and I mentioned that the nutritionist who was visiting their daycare noticed she toe walks a lot. The Dr did a few small checks and it doesn't look like Cerebral Palsy, but something with her hips. I looked it up and found Hip Displasia but I don't think that's what she said. We have to keep H in shoes at all times, the kind that make it hard to go on tip toes. If she still manages to, if she refuses to wear shoes, or if it doesn't seem to help then off to physical therapy she will go.

so for a quick "hi nice to meet you give my kids flu shots and here are their records" appointment I walked out with a total of 5 shots (7 immunisations) three prescriptions and one referral to physical therapy and a list of things to do at home.

Unrelated this weekend I am going to have crafting evenings with a good friend of mine. She's a draw-er (how do you write that without saying drawer) and has a little girl close to H's age, but personality more like R so the two of them play and H does her own thing. They will watch CareBears and Tangled and we will watch the Twilight movies (maybe she'll let me watch them with commentary on too or I will do that back home) and I am bringing my sewing machine and some projects with me! She will have dinner for us Sat and I will do Sun and she recommended having "coffee and other delicious drinks" I am hoping for a root beer float or milkshake!! Can't WAIT!

any news from you?