Friday, September 23, 2011

a fall poem (entry) and little tidbits

did you see the giveaway at the jolly jabber? I entered, but wanted to share my poem since I thought it was doesn't take much does it?

hi, my name is lisa.
I am a barista
I love the FALL
cool weather and all.
I dont have to sneeze
when I jump in the LEAVES.
I don't like a spider.
I love to wear a SWEATER
could fall be any better?
I need a new fall QUILT
perhaps one will be built
with a gift card won
when this giveaways done.

in other news, no luck on the house hunt. Oh well. Not in a hurry.

R started school and LOVES it. She is good friends with a little girl already. So cute! H keeps takign a bag too and trying to sneak into the classroom. The teacher catches her every time much to H's surprise and disapointment. too cute! They both start daycare on Monday!!! I will be getting some state assistance, and the girls will be going almost full time. The place is run by a married couple who have two children, at least one has special needs. They wanted to make sure the girls were a fit so they not only asked us to come once, but asked us to come twice, and then a third time and have me leave them there for 20 minutes or so and see what happens. Very nice loving place!

I am being given a bunk bed that needs some work (part of it was repainted, then put into storage, and another part was sanded and never painted, so both will have to be sanded a little bit again and painted, and a ladder has long been lost but dad is handy) and a complete correll dish set from a friend of my moms. so kind. I don't LOVE the dish set but I know it won't break (you knwo teh cream with green trim and ivy pattern? I know you know it!) but it will be good to use with the girls until they learn to be more careful and as our "every day" dishes until I save up and slowly buy the dishes I LOVE (at crate and barrel)

I actually bought 6 "appetizer" plates for about $30 with a coupon that I LOVE....should I get 12 or is 6 enough? Mind you I am not planning on replacing these, and I want to use them as my "company plates" for years....until I get married someday a long time from now and register for something else. I am planning on getting these, and these, and these all in that teal color, then getting a bunch of white stuff that will mix and match for a classy and quirky table...that's me. Classy and quirky!

whats new with all of you?

Sunday, September 04, 2011 theory

have you been following V and Co? I have been following her for a few years, I LOVE her decorating, her quilts, her giveaways. Since she moved recently (and has a tight decorating budget) I've been paying better attention. Especially since I don't have a man to tell me not to. I can do as I please! (within my budget, reason, and without going hog wild) I plan to do something with her hydrangea wreath, and her pillows, and....I will stay tuned. Now to get my own place....

I also wanted to ask for prayers for the Howell Family. They lost their daughter, and one of my best friends sometime before everyone woke up this morning. Her brother called me to let me know. It was not expected.