Wednesday, April 29, 2009

not productive

today was one of those days where I really inteded to do a lot but got nothing done. Actually the last two days were that way. I don't often get two days off in a row and had grand plans for these two days. my list included: calling my dentist to reschedual an appointment, calling one of my good friends, cleaning my bedroom, cleaning R's room, organizing all our movies, fold laundry, organize hall closet, and take pictures of my quilt tops that are not finished. The only things I got done were organizing the hall closet and the movies. oh well, thats why I don't live my life by a list.

Since I can't actually go shopping right now, I made a list of things I want to get. Alright I have a list of household things I want but these are selfish things. I thought I would share my little list with you, maybe moreso for me to not lose because I tend to lose lists =) (see I like to write them, I love crossing things off them, but I am so bad about keeping track of them!)

Pleasure Books:
The Coffee House Mystery series by Cleo Coyle (I read the first one and am on number two but I borrowed the books from a friend and they don't have a cover! I like them a lot, easy light reads even though they are mysteries! There's 8 books so far!)
anything JA Jance! I have a few of hers but not enough!

Quilt Books:
Simply Strips and Squares - S McNeill
Jelly Roll Quilts - P & N Lintott
Quilting 101
Quilters Block A Day Calander
The Civil War Love Letter Quilt - R Youngs
The Civil War Diary Quilt - R Youngs
Quilter's Knot - A Sachitano
Quilt as Desired - A Sachitano

Quilt Block of the Month Programs:
Lavender Mist Collection (JoAnn's) I have 1-5 so far
Seams Like Murder ( I started this with my LQS but then A lost his job and I couldn't justify that expense as much as I wanted somethign to get me out of the house for a few hours a week, but it is online so I can at least pick it up again
Seams Like Halloween (
Nothings What it Seams (
Words of Wisdom (

obviously I am not going out today and getting all these, so please let me know if there's somethign I should add to the lists!

Monday, April 27, 2009

another give away

I have my first follower on here!!! I am so glad that I am finally not just read by myself! Sometimes I wonder....

anyways, welcome to my follower! I hope that you enjoy your time over here! I hope I don't disapoint you.

Hey, does anyone know why I can't copy and paste from word over here like I used to? Is it just my computer? It wouldn't shock me, there seems to be something going on since A has started playing games online here that isn't working like it used to and I can't get the antivirus program to run...yeah lovely isn't it?

anyhoo, the real reason for the random post is that my new follower's blog led me to a give away and I can get more chances to win by sharing it with you...and right now I need all the chance and luck I can get. so head over to

A should hear about a job on weds....please cross your fingers, pray for us, send us positive thoughts, whatever it is that you do...we need it! As much as I love my job, working 40 hours a week on my feet with unpredictable hours is wearing me down, especially 27 weeks pregnant!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

quilt pictures!

This first quilt is the quilt I made for a coworker's baby. It was from a kit that I bought thanks to R. We were at JoAnn's one day and she grabbed it while I had my back turned and she put it in the cart. R loved quilting almost as much as I do, or at least she likes to sit on my lap while I am working on something.

This is the quilt I made for R's Big Girl Bed! when we converted her crib to a toddler bed. Not long after we realised we'd need the crib again and I started a twin size top, but this one is sweet and I did get it on her bed for a few months! She loves this quilt for playing "where's R?" and having picnics on! It's cool that she can use something with so much imagination!

This is the quilt I made for one of my girlfriend's daughters. I really like it and think it might even be quilt show worthy, but I don't know if I am THAT good yet. It's a fairly simple pattern but it is so fun! As I was making this one I noticed the colors in teh black that I like more than yellow and green. There's a lovely pink, a deep red, a thoughtful blue. Wait, can colors be thoughtful...well you know what I mean. There is another green. We could have found one of those for one of the two yellows, but M picked out the colors and I just went with it. Actually, if I remember correctly we found the yellows and green first and then the black that had them in it! The backign is from one of my regulars who used to make clothes for a private label, it's a soft yellow sweatshirt like material. I just love using something strange, but soft for the back. Not what one would expect.

This is the quilt I made for R's baby dolls. I made one with the fabric left over from the previous quilt for my friends daughter too (with some of the other colors I noticed too) This one is 28 inches by 20 inches. Not huge, but cute! For little girls I like to make something to go along with their quilt. Now I do know that this one does not match the quilt I made for R, but I didn't have any left over fabric, or rather not enough to make a doll quilt, but I did have this left over from when I made a quilt for another friend's daughter. It's sweet and R likes to use this as a "kite" or rather a cape but she doesn't quite get the difference.

And just for fun, here's my sweetie asleep on my bed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

my life in cake?

I have had an interesting day thus far, but a good one.

R woke up at 5:30. The little stink pot! I want to sleep in! I rested on the couch while she played and watched a few cartoons and what not. She got into chocolate. She was bouncing off the walls. We went out side with A while he was waiting for his friend to pick him up to go paintballing for the first time. She and I ended up staying out there for over two hours! She played by herself, with a stick, with a soccer ball. I read a magazine and just enjoyed being outside.

We came in and had lunch and I loaded the dishwasher. I need to move it and run it still but I am enjoying the stillness. After that R wanted to watch doggies and crashed on my bed. I started watching “Last Cake Standing” on Food Network. I love cake decorating but don’t know how to do it. I want to learn! First I have to work on my quilting then I can try and find a place to teach me how to decorate cakes.

The challenge was to tell a life story through a cake. Some very interesting interpretations of that and some interesting ways of telling a story. I think if I were to be in that competition I would make a cake closet. In it I would hang my elementary school uniform, a red graduation gown, my drill team uniform, a water polo suit, and a power suit maybe a letterman’s jacket with water polo, drill and debate on it, a blue graduation gown. I would then hang a dance team outfit, and a red Michaels apron, and my red sweater that I wore on my first date with A, then a black graduation gown with cords and honor medallions. I would then hang my work dress code outfit and a green Starbucks apron and two onesies. I wish I could hang a wedding dress in there but some day maybe. I think that’s the best way to tell who I am. Maybe with the height requirements I would use the closets one on top of the other elementary school on the bottom with a bunch of things in it that I used to play with, cards that hop-it, I’d have to think hard and come up with it all, in the HS closet I’d put a water polo ball, debate notes, chess board, mementoes from a trip to Europe, pom-poms, books, tickets to Tolo and Prom. College I’d have books (I was in the Honors Scholars program) something from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, letters and cards, a laptop (or three…) dance shoes, puzzles. Life after school on top….quilting things, baby toys, books. I’ d like just a plain single layer closet with only clothes, but I think the rules are 3 feet high, so I’d have to separate them.
It would be fun to do!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I entered a contest

I just entered my first online give away today. I just couldn’t pass it up! It can be found at 30 fat quarters!?! Wow! Itr would come just at a great time!

A has put me on a fabric buying hold for now so my rule of not moving onto the next quilt before finishing the first has gone out the window. I only have backing fabric for two of the quilts and they are low on my list. Lately I have been working on my Aunt J’s quilt. I have been making a ton of mistakes and will tell her that, but how else can one learn? I HAVE to practice half square triangles and getting them all consistent. I need to figure out where I am going wrong, is it in the cutting, the pairing up of the two halves or the stitching? I think I am going to look for a pattern that has a bunch of triangles when I am done with my current projects and take my time, maybe it will only be a wall hanging (to give away) or a lap quilt but something that I can really focus on that one skill.

Other quilts that are in various states: I made a Christmas throw quilt with Moda’s “Isn’t Christmas Jolly?” charm packs. That was fun! I need to figure out the backing and wait to buy that. I also finished the top for R’s big girl bed…Dora!! It turned out really well! I can’t wait to finish it and get it on her bed.

In pregnancy news…nothing really exciting to report. A knows the gender as do many of my co-workers, but if someone tells me they have to put in one week of night duty. Adam was only tempted to tell me once thus far (we’ve known for 3 or 4 weeks now…or he’s known rather) but I can’t get night duty out of him. I am having a lot of pelvic pain and am generally achy but I guess that’s to be expected. Thus far no new stretch marks, and I don’t think I’ve gained much though this past month may have been a lot since I’ve been out of town for work and not eating home food.

Nothing else really to report money is a huge problem right now, but that’s nothing to new, just overwhelming right now. I don’t even know where to begin or what to do or…oh it’s bad. I hate money and I hate money problems. Each cycle gets worse and worse for us and I am at the end of my rope.