Saturday, April 11, 2009

my life in cake?

I have had an interesting day thus far, but a good one.

R woke up at 5:30. The little stink pot! I want to sleep in! I rested on the couch while she played and watched a few cartoons and what not. She got into chocolate. She was bouncing off the walls. We went out side with A while he was waiting for his friend to pick him up to go paintballing for the first time. She and I ended up staying out there for over two hours! She played by herself, with a stick, with a soccer ball. I read a magazine and just enjoyed being outside.

We came in and had lunch and I loaded the dishwasher. I need to move it and run it still but I am enjoying the stillness. After that R wanted to watch doggies and crashed on my bed. I started watching “Last Cake Standing” on Food Network. I love cake decorating but don’t know how to do it. I want to learn! First I have to work on my quilting then I can try and find a place to teach me how to decorate cakes.

The challenge was to tell a life story through a cake. Some very interesting interpretations of that and some interesting ways of telling a story. I think if I were to be in that competition I would make a cake closet. In it I would hang my elementary school uniform, a red graduation gown, my drill team uniform, a water polo suit, and a power suit maybe a letterman’s jacket with water polo, drill and debate on it, a blue graduation gown. I would then hang a dance team outfit, and a red Michaels apron, and my red sweater that I wore on my first date with A, then a black graduation gown with cords and honor medallions. I would then hang my work dress code outfit and a green Starbucks apron and two onesies. I wish I could hang a wedding dress in there but some day maybe. I think that’s the best way to tell who I am. Maybe with the height requirements I would use the closets one on top of the other elementary school on the bottom with a bunch of things in it that I used to play with, cards that hop-it, I’d have to think hard and come up with it all, in the HS closet I’d put a water polo ball, debate notes, chess board, mementoes from a trip to Europe, pom-poms, books, tickets to Tolo and Prom. College I’d have books (I was in the Honors Scholars program) something from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, letters and cards, a laptop (or three…) dance shoes, puzzles. Life after school on top….quilting things, baby toys, books. I’ d like just a plain single layer closet with only clothes, but I think the rules are 3 feet high, so I’d have to separate them.
It would be fun to do!

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