Wednesday, April 29, 2009

not productive

today was one of those days where I really inteded to do a lot but got nothing done. Actually the last two days were that way. I don't often get two days off in a row and had grand plans for these two days. my list included: calling my dentist to reschedual an appointment, calling one of my good friends, cleaning my bedroom, cleaning R's room, organizing all our movies, fold laundry, organize hall closet, and take pictures of my quilt tops that are not finished. The only things I got done were organizing the hall closet and the movies. oh well, thats why I don't live my life by a list.

Since I can't actually go shopping right now, I made a list of things I want to get. Alright I have a list of household things I want but these are selfish things. I thought I would share my little list with you, maybe moreso for me to not lose because I tend to lose lists =) (see I like to write them, I love crossing things off them, but I am so bad about keeping track of them!)

Pleasure Books:
The Coffee House Mystery series by Cleo Coyle (I read the first one and am on number two but I borrowed the books from a friend and they don't have a cover! I like them a lot, easy light reads even though they are mysteries! There's 8 books so far!)
anything JA Jance! I have a few of hers but not enough!

Quilt Books:
Simply Strips and Squares - S McNeill
Jelly Roll Quilts - P & N Lintott
Quilting 101
Quilters Block A Day Calander
The Civil War Love Letter Quilt - R Youngs
The Civil War Diary Quilt - R Youngs
Quilter's Knot - A Sachitano
Quilt as Desired - A Sachitano

Quilt Block of the Month Programs:
Lavender Mist Collection (JoAnn's) I have 1-5 so far
Seams Like Murder ( I started this with my LQS but then A lost his job and I couldn't justify that expense as much as I wanted somethign to get me out of the house for a few hours a week, but it is online so I can at least pick it up again
Seams Like Halloween (
Nothings What it Seams (
Words of Wisdom (

obviously I am not going out today and getting all these, so please let me know if there's somethign I should add to the lists!

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a good yarn said...

Some days are like that. I find that by the time I've cleaned up and made a list I'm exhausted and it's time to make dinner. There are some great things on your list!...Ann :)