Wednesday, May 06, 2009

one more week down, 12 left!

I wrote R’s birth story and was going to post it here for you all, but it needs some editing, it’s long (and while I don’t think any of you really need the details I thought I’d like them and maybe R would like it later in life) and since spell check is not working nor is gramar checker and I am not well versed in either of those I need someone to actually read and correct it before I post it. Things that are just off the top of my head I don’t mind less editing, and sometimes not even self editing, but things I want to keep and that have true meaning I do care about.

in other news, nothing going on. I am sore, irritable, you know all the normal pregnancy things. I can’t belive that it’s almost over! Three more months! I am going to go with some girlfriends to register for baby stuff sometime in the next week or two. I am going to do it at Target, I don’t know if anyone will get me anything, but somehow the list making, picking things out, what not will make me feel a little more control and prepared. I also want to get some maternity clothes, hence the wait this long.

I really want to get back to serwing but house work keeps calling my name, and while the housework is getting harder and harder to finish (after 8 hours on my feet serving people at work I don’t want to work too hard at home) I can’t justify sewing in a messy living roomwhen theres laundry to fold, or toys to pick up, or dishes to do….why is that? I really need a sewing room where I doin’t see the clutter. I also am to a point where I have to do a lot of ironing and don’t want to. I know I messed up a good chunk of my half square triangle squares (following me?) and they are now rectangles with four squares and will be a little catiewhompus but I don’t have enough material to start over nor do I have the skill to undo and redo everything so I am just going to have to call it “an imperfectly framed four patch” and move on.

I have a few quilt tops that I want to show you, one I am debating putting a border on or not. I am not allowed to buy any more fabric until (A gets a job and we get caught up on the bills) I use what I have, which means I have to make a bunch of tops without finishing them and I will have more that I will have to some how smuggle fabric in to finish! I will try to get some pics of the tops for you all tomorrow if it doesn’t rain or snow or in other ways get the ground wet outside. Tehre’s not enough room to take pics inside! (well, and my bedroom light is funky and ickie so it wouldn’t turn out well.)

I will ask my border question tomorrow!

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