Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simpsons Quilt

I was cutting out the fabric I had for A's Simpson's quilt and was trying to figure out how much of the rest of the fabrics I need to buy for it. I already had my orange, red, and green cut into 3"squares and a few of the 9" Simpson's material squares. My plan is to do a nine patch next to a big I guess kind of like an Irish chain or...I know there's a name for what I am doing but I did come up with the idea before I saw the patterns. I just was going off what on earth I could do with that crazy Simpson's fabric!

Here are a bunch of pictures of the materials I have cut out, mind you I still want to buy coordinating yellow, tan, lime green, (maybe will exchange for the current green) cobalt blue, and a sky blue. I want the quilt to be crazy, since the main fabric is. I just don't want it to be so crazy you get sick. Hence my questions here.
This first picture is one color, which is not what I am planning on doing at all, but for demo's sake....should I do the 9 patches alternating like these two or all the same?
So the next picture is the same as above with two different fabrics in the 9 patch...alternating....I forgot to tell you, pretend my brown desk is black squares. I think the black will tone it down a little bit but not take away from the chaos.
This next picture shows even more tamed down, using the same 9 patch in different colors. I think I would do more black than color, I forgot to take a picture the other way around but you can use your imaginations if you think that I should do more color less black...this is actually the one I am leaning towards but I am just worried it won't be wild enough!
Now this one has my original plan of mismatched 9 patches. Here (are cute fingers and ) the same block, again blacks are 5 of the 9's. yes, imagine more colors, more chaos. This is actually my second choice because it's wild but organised....this one would take a good amount of planning, but at the same time not much and so it would be fun.
Lastly, this is the craziest, the original plan but it scares me a little because I don't like messes. I think it would compliment the Simpson's fabric the best, busy and insane.

I cut the Simpson's fabric for borders too, 3 inches for that fabric, I was going to do a black border too, and who knows what else will happen....maybe one with left over squares, maybe a white one, maybe nothing else....we will cross that bridge when we get there!


a good yarn said...

So many combinations. I think I would do mixed colour nine patches (5 squares colour/4 black). The black will definitely contain the colours without diminishing them. Let us know what you decide....Ann :)

Anonymous said...

You are on a good start for auditioning several options.

I like the five colour nine patches. At first I thought one colour would be better, but thinking about it a little more, the mult-colour mix I like more.

I think random placement of the colours, so not each block is the same would be good too.