Friday, May 22, 2009


Here I am again with nothing really to say. Registering at Target was fun but I am having problems with the website, I used two differnet passwords, one for my own account I set up eons ago for online shopping and then the one for the registery that Adam can remember easily but I used my same e-mail address for both so, ooops! oh well!

I poped into my JoAnns again and didn’t buy anything. I just wanted to double check that they didn’t have the binding or the two blocks for Lavander Mist I am missing (7 and 10) then I was killing time to meet up with my friend so I wandered over to the calicos and was just looking, A has authotrized my next fabric purchase can be for a quilt for our bed and has even agreed on a pattern/color scheme. At first he balked because the mag had the quilt in pink and green (oh it’s Garden Path in McCall’s Quilting from 07 I think, I put it away just 10 minutes ago and don’t want to get it out. We will do it in blue and green, more soothing than perky. He said go for it when he has a job! HORRAY!!!

While I was there I saw bolts of white. I need white! I have a project in mind for those 2 ½ inch squares I was telling you about last time. I want to make a scrap quilt (ok two) for my sewing/guest room that I don’t have here but is something I am going to get when we buy a house. We HAVE to have a guest room and it might as well be my sewing space too as long as I keep it as organized as what I showed you last time! Anyways ramble aside, I saw a picture online for decorating with quilts and loved one of the quilts in it so much I sat down with graph paper and drew out what it would look like for a twin size (oh in this guest room I dream of we have a trundle/day bed with two twins so we can have one or two guests without takign up the whole room and if they are not comfortable sharing a bed at least no one is stuck on the couch).

I then figured out how much white or cream fabric I would need. I was lookign for somethign to do to kill time and decided to play around with the pattern and made something that looked similar but not a total match.
Again calculated out how much white/cream I would need and added it to the prior calculations, since these WERE coordinating scrap quilts they should have the same base color right? so 9 yards is what I came up with. Most bolts have 8 on them. Ok I say, if I order a bolt and get 8 yards and am careful I might just have enough, or I could buy 1 1/2-2 yards whiel I special order a bolt of the same stuff and can get started while waiting! I looked at the prices on three bolts of white that I liked and was surprised to see that they were $3.99. I don't know if JoAnns takes coupons for special orders, somethign inside me says no but already thats not bad! so a bolt of white is second on the list of things to get when I can spend again on fabric. My plan is to use these as a leader/ender project, so theres no real rush but I'd love to get leading and ending soon!
While I am showing you things out of my scratch book (doodle book?) I should show you the Hungry Caterpillar quilt I designed but have not made yet. (need to get on that fabric purchase soon too!) I never really liked the two patterns I saw for it out there but liked parts of them, so I took a little of each, spent some time scribbling away and came up with this: true it would look better if I used colored pencils but I think you are all creative enough to imagine it!

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