Saturday, May 16, 2009

almost out of projects!

I am almost down with two quilt tops that I was working on together….One is a really simple one that I was practicing my leaders and enders with while waiting to be able to buy fabric for my real leaders and enders plan and the other is for my aunt J. I made a lot of mistakes with it, the last being making my last two blocks one night when I was exhausted but waiting for R to cry herself to sleep and needed something to focus on other than her crying. I also need to work on my half square triangles. Oh well, all is part of learning the process right? and my aunt wouldn’t care if I sent her something that looked like garbage, she knows I am still newish to this and that I made it with love and the best of intentions.

The upside is more projects crossed off my list before I can go buy more fabric…the down side, I am almost to a point where I need to go buy more fabric to use the fabric I have. This makes no sense to A and I am not very good at explaining it in guy terms, I tried to relate it to how you need more fishing thingies (but I used to word “thingies“) in order to go fishing. Then I tried to relate it to video games, but he only plays two. Then…I gave up. A just doesn’t understand the “stash”vs “planed project” Its something I keep telling my dad had to get over too with my mom and her quilting and whenever the two of them are together they tease us but it’s nice to have something in common with my mom, and for him to have something to joke about with my dad.

So my main dilemma here is that I don’t know what my next project will be! I have a huge list of things that I want to work on but I need to get more fabric for them, and I have a few that I don’t feel ready for but I have everything ready to go. I guess I dig in right? Learn as I go, that’s what this whole thing is about! I have the first five or six blocks of JoAnn’s Lavender Mist BOTM here, I don’t know how to do applique yet but it looks like they have good instructions. I have the whole Natures Bounty kit from JoAnns. I also have everything from when my mom, her friends A and E and I went on the Western Washington Shop Hop (oh how I wanted to do that this summer too but not 9 months pregnant I can’t!) back in 2006. The summer before I had R. I have the kit to a little boy blanket too but don’t know who I would make that for so I don’t want to start it yet.

I do have all the fabric for a quilt I wanted to make a while ago, but have lost the pattern and can’t find a copy of the magazine it came from it’s so old! Butterfly Beauty…I will have to get the tub out to see what magazine it was in but it was either Quilters World or American Patchwork Quilts. My guess is it was the first of the two!

something I was working on gathering fabric for before A lost his job was a Hungry Caterpillar collection to make two quilts and a nursery set to try to donate or give to a friend or something (I don’t want it here because it doesn’t go with the themes but I do want to make it because I love the story and the fabrics). I have a few things for it but not much and am now getting nervous about not being able to get what I want/need for it! I am going to stash some tip money for the next few weeks and hit up the local Ben Franklin which I know had the material a while ago to see what I can get, and if need be start searching online again. I see they now have a Brown Bear Brown Bear collection out and I want to do something similar with that too! oh caching caching right? (think the $$ sound) A gathering I will go (in secret…I will have to smuggle this all in hehehe!)

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