Tuesday, May 19, 2009

birthday planning

R turns three in just under three weeks. I am trying to plan her birthday but on a limited budget I don't know what really to do. I want to have a nice back yard bash with a kiddie pool we have been eyeing and a BBQ or something but we don't have a BBQ either! I really wanted to buy A one for Fathers Day this year but it might have to wait another year or so. I do have a friend who is giving us her charcoal grill, but will we get it in time?

I bought invitations at Target today only to realise when I was at the grocery store that their's less sesame street stuff out there than Dora and I had seen some Dora stuff at another store yesterday. Back to Target I will go after work and return the invitations and get them from the party store in town. Then maybe I will to go to JoAnns and see if they have any cake decorating stuff, not to buy but just to scope out (and I need some thread) I think Dora will be fairly easy and I know R loves her so it works out well.

I don't know who all to invite but I want some good friends there. I also want it to be low key. I guess I have until the end of the week to do it without being too last minute. How on earth did her birthday sneak up on us? Last I looked it was MY birthday (April)

in other news, I won my first online give away! Thanks to Tracey I have won some fabric! I can't wait to see it! It couldn't have come at a better time to lift my spirits....A not working, me not sure of a project to work on next, anxious about baby B and everything, this was such a delight to see in my inbox! Maybe our luck is turning around!

I am just about done with Aunt J's quilt, just have the two borders to put on! (and of course the backing and what not but shhhh)


Breezy Bree said...

I had a Dora party for Rachel when she turned 3, I bought a Dora cake pan off ebay quite cheaply and it was fab :)

a good yarn said...

Thank goodness I am well past all the excitement of childhood birthday parties. Good luck with yours. Congratulations on your win. Tracey's giveaways are always special...Ann :)