Sunday, May 10, 2009

my mothers day! 2009!!

I can't belive how much I have been posting here since there was such a long absence of posts for a while there! I have missed blogging and recording my thoughts. Since A isn't working and couldn't do up a mothers day for me like we all wanted this year we have decided that once he has a job we will look on the calander, pick a day and call that my special mothers day! Then we can go out to eat and I can get flowers and presents and whatever else he wants to do for me. I know for Fathers day this year (assuming he's working in the next few weeks) I am going to save up my tip money and get him a grill! It is mostly a present for him but I love BBQ's and theres so much good summer food you can only make on a real grill!

so for today, while it's nothign too special A and R tried to do some sweet things for me. R picked flowers (mostly dandylions but she did manage to find two tulups)
A cleaned the kitchen and I was able to bleach part of the sink. If we keep the kitchen clean all week then we will set up the espresso machine I gave myself for Christmas (it was on sale, PLUS partner shopping days were 40% off so I spent less than $150 on a machine that originally was $400!! and I get beans for it each week for free as a perk!)

While we were outside I managed to give R a little hair cut. It was just a trim up and it's not perfect but for a first try it looks good! She has not been a good photo subject lately so these are the best shots of the cut that I could get out of her before her "rest" and yes she loves to run around nakie but we make her have a diaper on (or big girl undies if she sits on the potty but shes just too busy to sit down for a few minutes!)
I promise I am going to get pictures of the quilt tops I have done but theres too much clutter in the house right now to try and get a picutre taken! I don't know why its so hard for me to clean and keep the place clean but it is! The kitchen and bedroom are what I worked on a week ago and are still in decent but not pristine condition. 20 minutes each and they'd be back to perfect but really? do I want to do that? especially when the rest of the house is a DISASTER? but I need to do it all sometime I know I know. Plus I know it will only get worse if I don't take care of it soon! oh housework!

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a good yarn said...

Years from now I'm sure you look back on this Mothers' Day with fondness. R is such a sweetie.....Ann :)