Thursday, May 21, 2009

um....well I just wanted to share I guess

I told myself I wasn't going to post anything today, nothing worthwhile has really happened! but then A was wonderful. I took everything out of the bathroom and sorted through it while R was taking her rest this afternoon and A saw this and went in with chemicals up the wazoo and cleaned the bathroom. I could eat off the floor and drink out of the toilet it's that clean! I almost want to go soak in the tub but I only enjoy that when I have a good book to read and "Parents" magazine isn't quite what I have in mind (I like to read murder mysteries by candlelight in the bathtub...crazy isn't it?)This is a picture of what our bathroom looks like...well the part I organized. A did clean the shelves for me too! I was trying to take a pic of the whole bathroom but our door to it is about 2/3 the size of a normal door and the toilet is RIGHT next to the door....then the sink is RIGHT there and then the tub. It's one LITTLE bathroom!

I also got R's room cleaned up, when I have some spare cash I need to go to Target and get some more little canvas cube things to sort her toys out into, I have one in her room, one in the laundry room, and three in the hall closet. If they weren't all serving their purpose so well I'd move them all into her room! I have one for her dress up stuff and currently tea party stuff shares a space but I'd like for that to be its own too, and then coloring stuff, I want little drawers for puzzles (she gets so mad when she gets pieces that don't fit the puzzle so I want to organize them all) and then one for the new baby's toys. how many is that? I have space for four or five if I have diapers/wipes there too....since R is still in pull ups!
I also have the kitchen almost perfectly clean, just need to scrub the walls, clean the fridge out, and clean the floors. My laundry room is looking good but I need to clean the machines, I hate how sometimes the soap leaks onto the washer and then the dust/lint gets stuck on it! EWWWEEE but the room was dusted, swept and fabric stuff was straitened out. what, you want to see what my stash looks like now? Here are projects in que. On top are my four finished tops waiting for bottoms, my sewing basket, a box which usually holds my "stash cash" but currently holds yarn and thread with no cash coming anytime soon for it, and then my 2 1/2" squares made from left overs of projects I have finished....I have a plan for them just you wait and see! Next to that is my scrapbook of finished projects, threads under the pipe, a class I took two sessions of before A lost his job and I couldn't pay for any more. Top to bottom JoAnn's Lavender Mist BOTM (need blocks 7, 10, and binding if anyone is headed out there, mine is out here) JoAnn's Natures Bounty BOTM, Simpson's for A (need more flannels for it but its in line because I am actively looking for them) and jungle fabrics for a co-workers baby. Next to those are my books and mags, I am thinking of taking all my mags down to the local print shop and seeing if they will unbind them and put them all in one big binder or something for me since some of them are falling apart.
Here's the cool stuff: OK it's all cool really but this is the true stash! Top shelf first left to right: the things I gathered on the 2005 Western Washington Shop Hop, the first and only one I have gone on but I can't wait to go again! (was going to go this year but don't think it would be wise to go to Seattle that close to my due date) then batting I got on clearance. Next top is Christmas stuff I have cut for:5 adult aprons 3 children's aprons, 3 tree skirts, 2 couch pillows, and something else. Below that is random Christmas fabrics and left overs of the above mentioned so I can make a quilt to coordinate too, then I have my high school t-shirt stuff cut up ready to do SOMETHING with. Next over is Hungry Caterpillar fabric I am trying to collect more of before it's out of stock but have no money to do so...oh catch 22! Left over Dora that I need to do something with, and the fabric I bought to make Butterfly Beauty from Quilters World Feb 2004 and can't find the mag or the pattern!! Next to that all is assorted children's fabric, pink and green things to decorate R's room when we end up somewhere for more than a year or two (curtain fabric and the like) and then clothing projects that I am a little intimidated by.

Are you still with me? This next parts quick I promise! next to the tubs loose is "multi colored" fabrics, bottom shelf has reds, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples behind oranges, and whites behind blacks. See I told you it would be fast! oh and on the floor in a big storage tub are all my fleeces and flannels...I really would like to separate them but for now they can share a tub

Well, this has been another pointless but entertaining (I hope) post by yours truly....I am sure I will have something to say tomorrow about registering at Target for baby stuff with a girl friend, or more on cleaning so stay tuned!

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Breezy Bree said...

I think someone is nesting :) Ilove how a house looks after a big clean up, alas mine doesn't get done that often !