Monday, June 29, 2009

treats and projects

I received a special care package in the mail yesterday! It is from my high school friend C. She and I mostly lost touch but were able to see updates on Facebook (have I ever mentioned how addicted to facebook I am?) but other than that, not too much communication, like most of my HS friends. She saw my blog and that I am expecting and sent me a yummy yummy goodie box! All for ME! R thinks the flower pen is hers but nope! Now C has her own blog too, but its a REAL blog not a little dinky go check it out. When A got the mail and saw the package and felt how heavy it was he called me at work. I had to reassure him there was no fabric in it! He just doesn't get the need for a stash or that you can't just use what you have up, some things are too special, some things don't go together. Oh men!

June is up I guess, I worked hard last night to finish my needlepoint, I fell a little short thanks to some pregnancy related discomfort...the only position I was able to relax at all in had my right arm way over my head...not conductive to doing needlepoint. I have the rest of the white to do and then some outlining. Maybe today I can get to it in time to submit it really finished to the Challenge photo album. Other than that I have not finished anything really. Hopefully next month I can make some more progress. I think my goal for next month is to finish the Shop Hop blocks and start on a dress. I just need to figure out if I am going to be a 6 or an 8 after baby is born...With R I was a 4 but really a 6 (thanks to my chest and legs) before I got pregnant and was a solid 6 with an 8 bust after nursing. A wants to get into shape which neither of us was inclined to do after R so maybe I will try a 6 and adjust the bust =) oh the things we put our bodies through to have children. (I know you have seen the blocks already but I took a picture of them all for the Challenge so I wanted to share that one here too!)

I stumbled upon a block lotto that I just wanted to share with you all! I really wanted to do it this month but the theme was 1930's repro (don't own ANY! and wasn't willing to go hunt some down since I don't love it right now) and you choose your own pattern...many of the other months are patterns that you follow and good for beginners to learn how to make some popular blocks. I am looking forward to what the new block for next month is so I can hopefully join in. Maybe even win! I actually found this lotto when I was looking for the Poesy block that I got information about but haven't even tried to tackle yet. I need to get EQ! So on my Christmas List! Anyways, I found a block I am also really excited about! It's a double four patch. I am planning on using it along with a Montana Quilt Shop Owner's set of instructions for beginners this summer. I am a little behind, she's done cutting and has done sew one and I have not even bought my fabric yet but hopefully soon I can!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is a fabric give away! that's right folks...I stumbled upon another one! I want to keep this one to myself but because the rules make me share information about it I am sharing it! You can catch it over at I so want it! I will admit if I get any more fabric in the mail A's head might explode =)

Tomorrow: painting the crib progress, buying baby stuff, and maybe some sewing, definitely cleaning is on the agenda...maybe will share a post, might have to wait one more day.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A and R's Special Day

This is sort of a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure story here....A and R had a wonderful day together, and I have peace and quiet! What a treat. I kept debating taking a nap or just enjoying the stillness of the house. I sat down to watch some TV while the dryer finished and fell asleep. And proceeded to sleep from 3-8:30 pm! believe it or not, at 11:14 I went back to bed!

so what did A and R do?

They woke up in bed together (A went to bed when I went to work at 5am...he had been sleeping on the couch because she was in bed with me but traded me spots) at 9:30! Then they had breakfast and played together. They did some dishes. They watched Sponge Bob, which I don't allow so it's a special daddy treat.

The highlight though was going to the Air Show! They watched the Thunderbirds do their show! R said when she got home "mommy! I see airplane! Up in the sky! I scared! Too loud!" so sweet how excited she was about it all. She told me all about it at least four or five times.

When they came home, they saw that I was sleeping on the couch and went and played in R's play house. I will have to post some pictures of her in it sometime but for now know there's a story coming your way!
Another cute R story is that on Friday we went for a walk downtown. As we were walking by some stairs, a gentleman was walking down with his bike on his shoulder. R said "Oh! I like your bike!" and he chuckled a bit and said "Thank you" R walked on a bit, stopped, turned around and said "Welcome!!" Such a sweet silly girl! (These pictures were taken the same day after our walk at a local park.)

I know I have more to share, this post has taken me three tries to get though! I have the next two days off together, thank goodness I have worked the past 4 or 5 which is usually no biggie but 8 months pregnant and with 3 of those shifts being 8 hours on my feet during a rather busy weekend I just don't have the oomph to do anything! Tomorrow is R's first dentist appointment! I was supposed to have one on Friday but Thursday night I overdid it and had BH contractions all night every 5-10 minutes, barely slept (just couldn't get comfy) and had a few REAL contractions...nothing to call the doc about but the stress and position in the dental chair, I just couldn't do it!

Alright, I will have more to share tomorrow or Weds! More baby/quilting/fun stuff for you!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am almost done with my cross stitch!! I need to finish the yellow, do white, dark red, and then the black outlining and finishing the words. This is only the second cross stitch I have finished (assuming I actually get there!) The first is hanging in my moms kitchen. I have started a bunch of projects but I keep loosing needles, or losing the threads or making silly mistakes and ending up tossing it. I am so glad I chose this for the Challenge. I want to go get another kit and work on another one but my local JoAnn's and Ben Franklin don't have good selections. I will have to wait until I go to Great Falls, Bozeman, or Missoula to hit up a Michaels. I am itching to get out of town so hopefully sometime soon, or shortly after baby is born.

A and I were working on painting the crib we got from his mom for R. I hated it since he opened the box...the nasty yellow/honey/oak color. Fortunately A agreed with me that it isn't pretty. He said spray paint would work best, and I being the novice painter that I am went out and bought a few bottles of it in white....well it didn't work out well. Great solid effort, but A is not an even spray painter and he wouldn't let me try because he worried about the fumes. Sweet isn't he? on Tip Day Tuesday I am going to go to a hardware store and ask someone in the paint department to help me get some white paint (do I need primer if there's a layer of spray paint that is there but not even? or just a few coats?) a roller, a tray thingie, and a brush or two...I think the foam brushes would give us the best consistent stroke on the bars but A thinks a brush brush would work...hopefully we can get it done Tues and Weds maybe even put back together.
While I have a list of things I want to get for the baby before it comes the really important stuff to me are:

coming home outfits (check)
diapers (a few, but they'll last us one to two days)
car seat (check, thanks mom!)
crib (
receiving blankets (check for girl, a few for boy but need some more since they love that swaddling thing)
nipple cream (TMI but check!)
crib sheets (I have a few, I'd like more but for the first few months we're good)

I went in search of the pattern for Log Cabin Roses as few days ago but came up short with what I really wanted to see. I think I am going to put EQ6? on my Christmas wish list and see what all they have. I really enjoy trying to come up with my own patterns for quilts and think that would give me a nice edge. I did find the pattern to a Log Cabin Christmas Tree quilt that looks like fun! I think the original is a small wall hanging but I insist everything in my house is useable. Ok, A insists too, he doesn't want me to "cover the walls with quilts" so I think I will modify it as needed to make it something I can cuddle under.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a side of me you may never have known

This post has no pictures, and really, might boar you, so don't feel obligated to read it, but if you do you might just learn a few things about me you wouldn't have imagined:

When I dream about my future house, I imagine three or four bedrooms. One for A and I, one for the kids, and a guest room. Now if I have boy/girl children then of course at some point they will need their own rooms. I think children should have to share a room for a little while. While I had my own room growing up and felt so special because of it I did share a room with my brother for a while. I remember clearly the night I decided I was done! I was 9 or so and my brother was 4. We were sharing a bunk bed with these quilts that and blue sailboats on white. I liked those quilts a lot! I think mom bought them, she was a quilter at the time but not great yet. Well one night he was coughing all night long. I was tired but kept waking up to him. All of a sudden he started crying and crying. Mom came in and I said "That's it! I can't sleep with B anymore!" B had had a nightmare so after mom consoled him she helped me clear the bed in the guest room and that was my room from then on.

My brother has grown into a wonderful young man. He is so smart, and funny. I wish I lived closer to him so I could spend more time with him than I get to but at the same time before I went to college we wanted to kill each other! He is 5 1/2 years younger than me and a pest. But he's my baby brother pest and I love him. This week he is off at a racing school where he won a 1/2 off tuition for one week because of something, I want to say it was IROE (I will get to what that is here soon) but I can't remember for sure. My brother has been racing for one or two seasons now. He races with SCCA and is apparently good. I have not been able to watch him race but I have seen pictures thanks to his lovely girlfriend, and facebook. He also is doing something with his school and cars, I think he's trying to get his degree in Mechanical Engenering and wants to do somethign with cars.

Now where did this love of cars come from? Dad. While I got my love of fabric and quilting from Mom, B got his love of cars and speed from Dad. My dad always loved cars, racing, speed, all the stuff that comes from a high risk sport. He grew up in Seattle and LOVED SeaFair and the Hydroplane races. He now is a very active member of The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum and owns three of his own boats and is a happy little Seattle boy. We exhabition the boats, mostly the 1980 Miss Bud but its still fun.

Growing up though before he was able to get into the hydros he loved cars. We spent weekends when he was a turn worker for SCCA and for SOVREN (I will get to them soon too!) at home without him until mom looked into what she could do. I learned Timing and Scoring for both organazations as a youngster and learned "track etiquite" It's a little gruff but still respectable. I learned respect for the cars, for the ways of track life, how ot talk with much older men, how to hold a conversation with wealthy individuals as well as those who have less than me, a little bit about life and death, and most importantly, I learned respect for my dad and who he was. I learned a lot on the tracks, most my weekends were spent there from March through October.

When I was away at summer camp one summer, I think between 5th and 6th grade, my dad bought a 1963 split window Stingray Corvette. White with red, number 14. the following race season he started racing. Since he had already put in a lot of time as a turn worker he was ahead of all the other "novices" and was gung ho about racing. Over the next few years we went all over the place, mostly throughout Washington and Oregon but we also went to Elkhart Lake WI, Steamboat Springs, CO, Monteray CA, and a few other places.

The one event I always looked forward to, and never missed from the time I was 10 or so be it as a volunteer, an observer, or as the daughter of a racer has been the Pacific Northwest Hisoric Races by SOVREN (Society of Vintage Race ENthusiests). I have not made it the last three years, or all of R's life. I really wanted to go out there this year, I was going to do the Quilt Shop Hop with my mom, and then stay a few days and do nothing, then we'd go to the races. Well, baby had other plans. A and I are really hoping to go next year, take the kids. I want to go to SeaFair too, but these races are more important to me, especially since all the procedes go to Childrens Hospital and Regonal Medical Center. A place that saved my dads life when he was a little boy.

So back to that IROE thing...International Race of Executives. Interested individuals pay huge amounts to learn how to race with pro drivers. Someone backed out at the last minute last year so my brother took their spot and was apparently really good. I wish I could go see him race. I wish I could let my kids learn the lessons life on the track can teach you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

latest progress

Either I have been avoiding something (housework perhaps) or I have been inspired because not only this week have I finished those blocks for the JoAnn's Lavender Mist BOTM (again minus the four applique blocks) but I have been working on my Shop Hop quilt that I am using as part of my Because I Matter Challenge. I still don't know what exactly I am going to do with this quilt, or the blocks but I am having so much fun making them! I did four (OK eight but I will get to that in a minute) today alone!!

This first one here is my least favorite for the moment, I don't like how the yellow corner stones match up with the cream background but just wait! There will be stitching/embroidery all around the outside so that it has more pizazz. I have never done that to a quilt before but am less intimidated by that than I am applique! I actually think it will be kind of neat to do!

So why on earth am I making two of everything? Especially since I am not changing much (my last two blocks have variations but go with me here) Well, since I did the shop hop with mom, and I kept all our stuff together, I have it all. When I e-mailed mom and asked her if she wanted me to mail her the fabrics or just set it aside for when she comes she told me to just use it myself! So I am making two of everything! I don't know if I will put both of each blocks into a little lap quilt for me, or if I will put one of each in a quilt and make a pillow or something with my favorites....I just like giving myself options!

I have these blocks in order of "easiest to hardest" in my eyes so while I quickly sewed up these four blocks I don't anticipate all of them going this quickly! I am still having a blast though! I am so glad I challenged myself to make these!

My favorite block so far is the last set of two pictured here. The shop just called it a "tulip block" but I think a better name for it would be "log cabin tulip" I set these instructions aside I love the block so much! I imagine either a quilt of these or mixing them with a block I have heard of but have not yet seen (and have not gone looking for yet; I've been too busy sewing today!): The Log Cabin Rose! OHhhhh AHhhhh I hear you out there!

I have also been working on my cross stitch for the Challenge and have made some progress on that. I do it more in the evenings when waiting for R to settle down. She likes to sit on my lap more often then not when I am sewing and gets all excited. I also have been working on it while waiting for her to actually fall asleep so she doesn't come out asking to sew with me. I have three colors done totally and five to go not counting the black which will do outlining with. I would post a picture for you here but I want to wait until it's a little further along, maybe one or two more colors from now. I don't know if it will be done by the end of the month but it will be by next month! Horray!! Then I will have to work on my scrapbook of quilts. I need to develop pictures before I move on with that one! I have so many now that I have a camera, YIPPEEE!!

I have a cute little anecdotal R story for you here. I e-mailed my mom with this one and she passed it onto two of her friends, the two I went on the shop hop with. About a week ago R was throwing a fit and I had to do laundry so I left her in the kitchen and went to move the laundry...she followed me fit and all and asked to sit on the dryer and look at the fabric. I plopped her on the dryer, she sat and stared for a while and calmed down. Now whenever she gets really worked up she says "mommy, I need fabric!" so we go in the laundry room and look at the fabric and take deep breaths. Silly girl!

The silly girl also doesn't want to go potty on the potty chair yet, but she will change her own diaper. She is in pull ups so she rips the sides, throws the pull up away and then will either ask us to wipe (for poopies) or do it herself (soggies) put a new one on and run off happily ever after. She's been doing this for about two weeks now. Does she want to sit on the potty? "No good!" Yesterday, and every time A or I have gone into the bathroom since she has asked to watch. Um...OK, your turn? "No good!" I hope we are moving in the direction of potty training but with so much about to change for her I don't want to force too much at once. I am just glad our night night routine is getting her down each night. Next: staying down all night!!

I have some belly shots to share with you! I know I just posted a bunch not too long ago but hey, the end is when the belly gets big and fun to look at! The only down side to these pictures is you can't really tell that I am all out front. I have some side padding but nothing like I did with R. I look and feel huge and have 5-6 more weeks of growing, but it's so worth it and if this baby would move their darn feet and knees out from one side of my ribs I'd be very happy!

A has been teasing me more and more about what the baby will be. He keeps saying "she" but then he also keeps saying things that are very boy gender specific...I am trying to come up with a good example for you but am falling short. Sorry folks.

I have done a lot of laundry today, all the clothes, my sheets and comforter, all the new baby things I have (not much, just a few sheets, boys onesies, recieving blankets) and I folded up all R's old stuff with the new so its all organized for when we get home. I need so much stuff still! I hope I get a shower but I am not holding my breath. If any of you are interested I am registered at Target =) Lisa in Montana due Aug 1st!! Yeah, I didn't think you were interested but I thought I'd throw it out there hehe! I hope my mom gets some stuff like she did for R when she comes out. Oh I am so glad shes comming! That way I can give R some special attention and not worry about the baby for a little bit and maybe she and MeMa can go do somethign special and give ME some quiet time!

I will let you get on with your evenings now...I hope you don't mind my posting like a mad woman this week...I guess the writing bug has got me! Plus I look forward to reading posts myself and reading all your comments. I think I need to get out more!! =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my machine

I stole this from Ann's blog, I thought it was cool and a nice way to honor the machine that gives me such joy!
What brand and model do you have & how long have you had it?
I have a Pfaff Varimatic 6091. My mom bought it when I was in 6th grade (1996) I think and then she bought a newer one when I was in college. My junior year we knew I would not be comming home for Thanksgiving break so she gave me some money to buy some fabric and sent me back to school after my fall break with the machine and it's been mine ever since. Let me do some math here: 5 years!!
How much does that machine cost (approximately)?
I have no idea!!! but its worth it's weight in gold to me!
How much do you sew?
not enough! I am actually just really gettign into it. I wonder if that's because R's old enough to entertain herself or if the quilting bug has really bitten me and gotten into my blood. I guess we will see when #2 arrives
How much wear and tear does the machine get?
more than it deserves! between not having a place to take it in town (90 miles away is a pfaff shop and the two in town only will deal with their own types, bernina or jerome) and I don't think my mom ever had it serviced. R likes to play with it and sometimes I leave the threads in and she jams it up! (this picture is what I pulled out one time very recently when R was "sewing" without any fabric in the machine when I was at work one day. She was in timeout until I got all the threads out. took tweezers, an exacto-knife, a pin, and a lot of tears!
Do you like/love/hate your machine? Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name?
I love my machine because it's mine and it does what I need and want it to do. I wish my mom knew where the owners manual was. I am sure some day she will find it. I think they are going to do some mass remodeling when my brother moves out and take our rooms and make it one big sewing room for mom. Chances are when she moves her quilting stuff from the "storage room" into her sewing suite we'll find it. I just hope I am there to help her move the things so I can raid the stashes too! fabric and mags and books and threads and....25 plus years of quilting for her to my five!
What features does your machine have that work well for you?
I can sew forward and backwards....I really don't know enough about my poor machine!
Do you have a great story to share about your machine?
not yet! I am sure someday the machine and I will go on an adventure or two!
Would you recommend the machine to others? Why?
if I can use it, anyone can, so YES! But if you want more bells and whistles no. This is a bottom of the line model. Perfect for me for now though!
What factors do you think are important to consider when looking for a new machine?
I haven't had to look for a new one but something that feels right to use. you don't buy a car without a test drive, why would you buy a sewing machine? Also think about what features you really will use vs. what is cool. One of mom's friends wanted one model and ended up with another because it had more features but she doesn't use them and actually doenst like the new machine because it is not very user friendly for her needs.
Do you have a dream machine?
No, but I wouldn't mind something that was all mine, not just a hand me down. I have hopes that if R stays interested in quilting, I will either pass this one onto her or buy her a basic machine, maybe when she's 15. (13=pierced ears! if she wants them!) I would do that for any daughter. Every woman needs a sewing machine for SOMETHING at some point right?

Beware, I will be posting somethign else this evening. I have the day off, took new belly shots, made some blocks for my shop hop quilt, have a funny R story to share...and maybe will do some cleaning. I have lots to share =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

baby finds

I realise this is getting a little silly now, three posts in three days! I was actually going to write last nights as a really really long one, but changed my mind when I started getting tired! Plus baby and quilts, while those are my two current obsessions, they don't HAVE to go together. I am writing this while waiting for the iron to warm up so I can work on my Shop Hop quilt (I am workign on 2005 the site is for 2009 but you get the idea) Oh while I am thinking of it, I have one piece of fabric that's oh probibly two or two and a half yards and is WRINKLED!!! It looks like it was on the bolt wrinklesd, cut wrinkled, and then of course because I was not yet really a quilter, I just wanted to be with my mom and her friends I stored it 4 years in a box (and I think on the bottom of the box if I remember my unpackign correctly) anyone have any tricks for getting those out? I don't think ironing will do it, or at least not easily. I am not pre-washing my fabrics here (I usually do but I have so many small small pieces!) should I throw it in the dryer and "fluff dry" it? set it outside on the line to let the wind blow it a little and give it some space to "breath" and move? just suck it up and iron?

ok, so onto the real stuff:

I have been looking all over town for a little boy coming home outfit. I don't know why I do this,

but I have been insisting on getting somethign special to come home from the hospital in. I know we have onesies and thats all they really need, but I finally found one for $10 at K-mart. This was only my second time in K-mart here in town, the first was not too pleasant but we had a gift card so we went and bought stuff for R when she was a few weeks old. Anyhoo, I got this cute little thing for if it's a boy. I have a picture of the girls up somewhere on here. I still feel tottaly not ready for this baby but getting closer and closer (which is good because the baby is getting closer right?) I have a list of things I want to get before the baby gets here and quite the list of things I need to buy before going to the hospital. Thank goodness we got a carseat last week!

The other thing I have been looking for EVERYWHERE in town are birth announcements. Target, Wal-mart, ShopKo, the drug stores, the grocery stores, Halmark etc. K-mart had them! Mind you I could have found them elsewhere if I wanted to type the info and figure out how to print them with my printer but thats no fun! I remember when R was resting and I couldn't sleep I filled a few out in the hospital room. Not that I really want to give myself chores for the hospital but some of the times can be rather dull and you can't always sleep there! I am not madly in love with these like I was with R's but A said they were gender neutral enough for him so they were a go! I hope 20 is enough....I might go back and buy another pack.

Other than packing R a suitcase, A and I a suitcase and the baby a bag for the hospital, I only have one other major thing on my to-do list before baby. I am DYING to paint the crib. I hate the honey color that A's mom got us (I actually told her not to get us this model, this color, or something else....but whatever she doesnt respect or listen to me so eh!) for R. A and I are going to do it the week after next and then get it all ready. We will put a green sheet on it and wait for the bumpers and the crib ruffle until we know (or rather I know) what the baby is. We do have names though....H Anne for a girl and W John for a boy =) I hope for the girl, I like the name a little better hehehe!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quilting news

I haven't done much lately. I have done a fair share of cleaning and what not but not sewing. The reason being not that I am nesting (I actually don't care if the house is clean for baby but I know my mom will be coming to help out and I don't want to feel like I have to do more than pick up for her) but rather I don't want to unplug the sewing machine to plug in the iron to undo it all again. BLAH!!! I COULD go get an extension cord, or more appropriately for the space, one of those things that turns one socket into three but...I don't know, I just don't know!!

Anyways, here is what I got from that wonderful give away by Itching2bStitching. A actually opened the package for me....he got the mail and opened it. I don't know why, it had my name on it. When he pulled the fabric out he said "WHAT!!! MORE FABRIC?" Yes honey, remember I told you I won some in a give away! this is it, and it's MINE so get your hands off. so he threw it down on my desk and walked outside to play with R. It is five fat quarters and two charm packs. I tried to fan out the charm packs so you can see what all is in it. Oh I loved touching it all and I have a few favorite pieces in both packs. I meant to take a picture of just the favorites but I already felt a little camera happy so decided against it.

I have probably mentioned before that I don't know how to applique. My mom always said she tried once and didn't like it, so she never did it again. I just assumed if my brilliant (she has TWO masters and was on the deans list the whole time for both while raising two children and teaching full time) mother can't do it, then I sure as heck can't either. I never look at patterns that have applique in them. I have found some good information on the web and it seems like I can do it but I am still quite intimidated. I wish I had someone who could come over and help me out for a few hours and teach me how to do it. As much as I am a self-taught quilter, I'd like a little demo or at least some guidance. I am a kinistetic learner!!

Here are the 8 blocks I do have done. They are not laid out in any order but they are here for you to enjoy. My favorite fabrics in this collection are the dark pink, the dark purple (I think I am drawn to the richer light colors if that makes sense) and the limey green. The others are nice but not what I would have grabbed off the shelf.

While we are here, let me give you a little tour of my home. Ahead of you (the door) is my hall closet. To the left of that around the corner is the linen closet on the way to my tiny tiny bathroom. Directly to the left of the two rows of three blocks is R's room which will become the kids room regardless of gender, and the wall you see is the wall between my bedroom and the living room. so come on over, now you know where everything important is. The fabric stash is in the laundry room through the kitchen but I will escort you there and drool along with you! It's a cute cozy little place.

My last plan of the evening is to make some bobbins for the Shop Hop blocks and maybe iron some of that fabric. My feet are a little swollen though so that might wait until tomorrow but bobbining (I need to get a sidewinder, let me add that to my Christmas list!) is totally do able!

Monday, June 15, 2009

the princess problems

I just read this article (off sort of...I read something else first and ended up at this one) I know I have responded to a few articles off the web but it's not my main goal of this blog, really I just thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss. Mostly I wanted to talk about my thoughts about one paragraph in particular...but mind you this whole thing was just a trigger for sharing thoughts on what I feel I am doing well with my parenting of R.

The Paragraph:
"All of it, Haller says, constitutes a brilliant marketing move that targets a normal stage of child development. By age 3, kids are beginning to define themselves, both with gender and as individuals. They’re also big-time into fantasy play, which for boys, often manifests itself in super heroes.
But somehow, the princess phenomenon has become way more loaded."

I have a wonderful child. R is a great girl, a pain in the rump sometimes but a wonderful child overall. She is polite and caring, she tells great stories if you don't mind listening to her go into gibberish for a little while in the middle when she has so many details to tell. She is not a good sleeper, but I would take that over a naughty child any time. True, because she is usually SO GOOD I overreact when she is a normal toddler and does things that are not appropriate.

R likes to play dress up, I wish I had a lot more for her to play it with. That's something that's going on the Christmas List for her (I might even be smart this year and buy a bunch of Halloween costumes when they are on clearance so I can get more bang for my buck and more variety). R likes to play with toy cars, trains, read books, play with dolls and bears. She loves balls and kicking them, throwing them, anything you do with sports and a minute later she will start dancing and tell us she's a ballerina. She loves to pretend to be a SUPERHERO! cars, trucks, airplanes, and various animals. A gets upset when she's playing kitty cat when he's trying to get her out the door but I sort of encourage it by calling after her "oh kitty cat, time to get in the car, come here cute little kitty cat!" (A plays along when we are at home and not running errands, I figure there are worse battles out there to pick.)

I will not say we are perfect parents but I do think that we have managed to do a good job of raising a girl (to the ripe old age of three mind you! I know we have many many more battles ahead of us!) who is exposed and interested in things that are generally thought of as "girls" and "boys" It helps that her temperament is accepting of it all and not just girly on it's own.

I will admit we like to tell her "Princess R" stories at night night time. We turn her into a princess and recap the day. I don't think the special part of it for R is the emphasis on Princess but rather she gets to be the hero of the story! It doesn't work as well when you say "once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl named SuperHero R." She only gets once princess story at night night time but she loves it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bad day!!!

Today was a really bad day. I had a page written about how bad it was, but I decided I don't want to put that out into the cosmos anymore. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow so that I can have a recovery day even though I had the last two days kicked me in the behind!

On the bright side A and I cleaned out the garage and A moved the boxes I want to be donated all to the garage in one corner so if we ever get our hands on a truck for a few hours we can quickly move it all out. Our garage was DIRTY and it still is but A swept it out, I guess that's what we get for the garage being on a dirt alley!

I also picked up the living room, which took all of 10 minutes but still it feels good. I need to fold some laundry (a load in the dryer right now and one sitting on the couch. I wish I wanted to do it right now to get it done with but instead I want to sit here and mope a little more. I am really excited to say that since last weeks mad cleaning spree, the living room, the bathroom, and R's room have STAYED clean! Write it down in the history book!! I actually think that if I just got the kitchen and bedroom clean and kept this up I'd be good! The house would stay clean. I hope?

We went to the doctor today too...A asked about my water breaking again, that's how labor started with R and it was 7 hours start to finish with her, one hour of pushing. She said "well it's not very likely in the first place but since it happened your first time, it's more likely to happen again" OK then I said "I think I am more concerned about it NOT breaking since that was such an obvious start to labor" so then we talked about how long it took for contractions to start and how now that this is my second time it will be more obvious to me. Then, this is what got me surprised, she said "If your water breaks...come strait in, and if not, when contractions are 7-8 minutes apart get in here!" I asked about the 5 minute rule that we usually hear about and she said "with second babies coming faster and especially with your history of fast labor I want you here earlier rather than later" So much for laboring at home as long as possible.

in craft news:

-my needlepoint is MIA (BUMMER!)

-I got the last two blocks for the JoAnns BOTM and need to figure out how to applique for those four blocks and I need to make the two new ones plus one that I have on the desk now. I just don't want to iron. Silly isn't it? I just don't want to iron so I wont sew! Maybe tomorrow

-I spent my fun money from my mom on new car seats....I wanted to spend it on fabric for my dress or for a new quilt project or something else! I need to get some batting too!

so basically, nothing is happening here but maybe I will get over that iron hurdle or my taxes will come back so I can go to the store =)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

conversations with R

R was playing with A's headphones and had one up to one ear and the other ear pod up to her mouth like a phone....and she was "talking" to my brother. Here is what she had to say:

"Oh Hi Dude!"
"yeah, I good!"
"No, I no talk to MeMa."
"what so phunny"
"No you so silly!"
"I yuve you too!"
"No,I go play with choo choo now! Bye!"

Also today She was asking about my mom:

"Where Mema?"
"In Paris! with PePa!"
"Send MeMa flowers?"
"you want to send her flowers?"
"Yeah!" *snif snif* "Smell good!"
"Yes, flowers do smell good don't they?"
"Send MeMa smell good flowers. No PePa!"
"PePa doenst get any flowers?"
"No. PePa smells yuckie"

Isn't it funny what they come up with?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

happy birthday R!!!

R is three today! Three! I can't believe it! She's not my baby anymore and she's not my little buddy any more, she is my beautiful little girl. We tried a new night night plan last night that mostly worked. She still ended up in bed with me in the middle of the night but she got herself down in her own room to start with which had become a problem for the last few months. I swore I'd never let her sleep in bed with me but I am so exhausted and she has been scared of her own room so much lately. I think it's the neighbor working on his car outside her room at night but I can't be sure because I am not her.

Anyways, R's day has been good. I had to work this morning, but she slept in anyways! 9:30! Why wasn't I home for that? Then when I came home she was watching Tom and Jerry (she loves that cartoon but I think its too grown up for her so it is a special treat) and watching Mac and Cheese! I gave her her "coffee" and she was in seventh heaven! we all read the newspaper in my bed (notice it's MY bed now, not A and my bed? hahaha I take up the whole thing especially when R is with me) She also got a train set (do you remember the little wood ones with the magnetic trains?) and she LOVED IT!!

In unrelated things, I cheated here, I am sure I am breaking all sorts of copyright laws, but I wanted to show you what the quilt is I want to make in hopes you can help me track it down. I do have a back up plan (in fact two but I think one will count for the challenge so I will do THAT one!) but still this is the top I REALLY want to do! I think I have enough pinks in my stash that won't be used for much else to at least get me started. Anyways, so I don't get shut down, or sued, or...whatever may happen for copyright infringement in a blog here's all the information I have on the page I took a picture of: It's from Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Pink for Hope book Meredith Corporation, Des Moins Iowa copyright 2008. The quilt is on pages 10-11, made by Debbie Richards and Mary Morris. Um...any information I might be leaving out? I need to find my MLA handbook or my APA style book to make that all more "neat" looking and what not but for now that will have to do! I just love how it's made with many different pinks and one white I think, maybe more but it's not "scrappy" looking...I am such a fan of "clean" looking quilts. As much as I want to make a scrap quilt, it has to be organized and not too busy. I also am a little obsessed with pink right now....I sort of hope that this baby is a girl so that I can keep the pink theme going on. Blue is a favorite color too but I tend to go for the girly blues.

Lastly, you can now vote on the challenge stuff, go vote! There are some cool things, and some unfinished things like mine!

Friday, June 05, 2009

advice needed, and a better mood

After a lovely afternoon with a friend who is in a better place spiritually than I am (I am at a point where I am confident in my faith and secure in my relationship with the Higher Being I believe in but I am struggling to give it up to Him/Them. I keep trying to make a plan for my life and force things to happen when I want them to instead of listening for the encouragement and direction that is there for me. I need to let go!) I am in a better mood than my last post (which embarrassingly enough was just hours ago!) I thought I'd even share a sweet cuddle with R and I that we shared last night. we had just finished a good tickle war and were ready to cuddle and watch a movie with daddy.

While I was gone, A got a little property tax refund check in the mail $60 worth so what did we do with it? Pay a bill? Deposit it so our rent check doesn't overdraw us? Nope, we went SHOPPING!!! We bought a pizza from Costco and hit up Target! Responsible Lisa kept thinking "we can't do this!" but Lisa who's been so careful and frugal these past months said "LETS GO!!!! Our Tax Refund should be here any day anyways!"

we got some gladware on sale and some ziploc bags on clearance, I got some more Tums for my heartburn, two canvas cubes for R's toys (I'll get a picture of those later once her room is clean and they are all organized!) and some cute onesies for a boy. I was looking for a "coming home" outfit for a boy, but Target didn't have anything good! I am going to take some of my tip money next week and again not pay a bill with it but instead buy some thank you notes, birth announcements if I can find any! and check out ShopKo, Walmart, and K-Mart for a boys coming home outfit. Why aren't there many I want something nice! It's a big event! A good friend bought R something special and gave it to us at the hospital, I had packed a few onesies but really didn't think about it before hand. This time that will NOT be the case! This baby, boy or girl will have something special to wear home!
I should mention I have already picked out and bought the sweetest little dress for a girl. I know the picture is hard to see but it reads "daddys girl" on the chest. I got it on clearance but it's a "3m" instead of "nb" oh well! If I remember correctly when it wasn't on clearance it was 1) WAY too expensive at $14.99 and 2) they were sold out of "nb" already! I just think its sweet and special but not stiff. Baby is coming in late July, early August, so we need something that wont be too hot! I already have some onesies for a girl thanks to R, but a little part of me wants to buy something special for this child if it's a girl. I am sure I can get some things after it's born for the 3m/6m/9m etc since children grow out of the newborns so quickly!

For an update on quilting things, my aunt bought the last two blocks for the JoAnn's Block of the Month for me and even offered to buy the setting kit online but I had gotten my hands on it for more than 50% off a few weeks ago. She had gone to three stores I think to find the two blocks I was missing. They should be in the mail and here any day now! I only have the blocks to applique left until those two get here. I need to figure out how to do the applique, but I Am putting it off until the last possible moment! does anyone have any good advice for applique? great step by step places?
My brothers girlfriend (way to lead into that one sorry folks!) is going on the Western Washington Shop Hop with my mom and her friends this year since I can't make it (see see it kind of makes sense!) When I facebooked her and teased her about it she said I could come too, and then told me she was going to try to make a quilt this summer with my mom! GREAT! Welcome to the family! break up with B and he's out! Anyways I am really excited for her and can't wait until she catches the bug. At the same time one of the blogs I read is doing a step by step how to make a quilt. I decided I will go ahead an join in and follow her since theres so much I don't know how to do yet. I have three or four quilts I'd like to make following her along, number one being from the "Quilt Pink for Hope" book, but it's not a block pattern....if you have the book, page 10/11! I want to make THAT! It's called "in the Pink Posies" with a "posy block" but I can't find directions for it online. That's my number one choice to make. Anyone have any advice on where I can get my hands on that pattern or at least one I can use as a basis for this one? I have two back ups so if no one can find anything I have other choices but this is by far my first choice!


this is non quilting related, mostly, so if you are just interested in my passion for quilting...this is not the post for you. I haven't worked on ANYTHING in the last week ish! I miss it but I need some SPACE!!!

so you all know A isn't working. That means he's home. All the time. Whenever I am home. OK he actually goes and "runs errands" and "looks for a job" but I have no idea what he actually does. While he's gone I am home with R. I love R to death and I love A like none other, but seriously, I need some space! I need some quiet time! I need some peace and quiet. Now what's funny is I have yelled this at the top of my lungs "I NEED SOME PEACE AND QUIET PLEASE!!!!" to get nothing. Now R says it with the same tone I do and then she sits in my lap and asks me to sing "where is thumbkin?" Not quite right but I like the idea there sweetie.

I am already irritable because I am pregnant and hormonal. I am more irritable because my body aches since I am working on my feet at least 30 hours a week, and where I work it's not like you get a break, you are either cleaning or serving people with very little if any down time. My only time to relax is in the car on the way to or from work, no good! I need more. I need some time at home when I have peace, where I am by myself. I need to be able to run errands by myself (but now we don't have any money for errands...I want to get some things to organize and decorate the house mostly and fabric)

The fact that I don't have any space or time to myself for months now has worn me down and made me snap at the littlest, stupidest things. I am more stressed out than I need to be or should be and not just because we arent able to pay our bills. I never truly appreciated the peace and stillness when I had it. I took it for granted and even wanted more sometimes, now that I have none and see how essential it is to someones happiness I miss it!

OK, enough whining! off to play outside with the princess!