Friday, June 05, 2009

advice needed, and a better mood

After a lovely afternoon with a friend who is in a better place spiritually than I am (I am at a point where I am confident in my faith and secure in my relationship with the Higher Being I believe in but I am struggling to give it up to Him/Them. I keep trying to make a plan for my life and force things to happen when I want them to instead of listening for the encouragement and direction that is there for me. I need to let go!) I am in a better mood than my last post (which embarrassingly enough was just hours ago!) I thought I'd even share a sweet cuddle with R and I that we shared last night. we had just finished a good tickle war and were ready to cuddle and watch a movie with daddy.

While I was gone, A got a little property tax refund check in the mail $60 worth so what did we do with it? Pay a bill? Deposit it so our rent check doesn't overdraw us? Nope, we went SHOPPING!!! We bought a pizza from Costco and hit up Target! Responsible Lisa kept thinking "we can't do this!" but Lisa who's been so careful and frugal these past months said "LETS GO!!!! Our Tax Refund should be here any day anyways!"

we got some gladware on sale and some ziploc bags on clearance, I got some more Tums for my heartburn, two canvas cubes for R's toys (I'll get a picture of those later once her room is clean and they are all organized!) and some cute onesies for a boy. I was looking for a "coming home" outfit for a boy, but Target didn't have anything good! I am going to take some of my tip money next week and again not pay a bill with it but instead buy some thank you notes, birth announcements if I can find any! and check out ShopKo, Walmart, and K-Mart for a boys coming home outfit. Why aren't there many I want something nice! It's a big event! A good friend bought R something special and gave it to us at the hospital, I had packed a few onesies but really didn't think about it before hand. This time that will NOT be the case! This baby, boy or girl will have something special to wear home!
I should mention I have already picked out and bought the sweetest little dress for a girl. I know the picture is hard to see but it reads "daddys girl" on the chest. I got it on clearance but it's a "3m" instead of "nb" oh well! If I remember correctly when it wasn't on clearance it was 1) WAY too expensive at $14.99 and 2) they were sold out of "nb" already! I just think its sweet and special but not stiff. Baby is coming in late July, early August, so we need something that wont be too hot! I already have some onesies for a girl thanks to R, but a little part of me wants to buy something special for this child if it's a girl. I am sure I can get some things after it's born for the 3m/6m/9m etc since children grow out of the newborns so quickly!

For an update on quilting things, my aunt bought the last two blocks for the JoAnn's Block of the Month for me and even offered to buy the setting kit online but I had gotten my hands on it for more than 50% off a few weeks ago. She had gone to three stores I think to find the two blocks I was missing. They should be in the mail and here any day now! I only have the blocks to applique left until those two get here. I need to figure out how to do the applique, but I Am putting it off until the last possible moment! does anyone have any good advice for applique? great step by step places?
My brothers girlfriend (way to lead into that one sorry folks!) is going on the Western Washington Shop Hop with my mom and her friends this year since I can't make it (see see it kind of makes sense!) When I facebooked her and teased her about it she said I could come too, and then told me she was going to try to make a quilt this summer with my mom! GREAT! Welcome to the family! break up with B and he's out! Anyways I am really excited for her and can't wait until she catches the bug. At the same time one of the blogs I read is doing a step by step how to make a quilt. I decided I will go ahead an join in and follow her since theres so much I don't know how to do yet. I have three or four quilts I'd like to make following her along, number one being from the "Quilt Pink for Hope" book, but it's not a block pattern....if you have the book, page 10/11! I want to make THAT! It's called "in the Pink Posies" with a "posy block" but I can't find directions for it online. That's my number one choice to make. Anyone have any advice on where I can get my hands on that pattern or at least one I can use as a basis for this one? I have two back ups so if no one can find anything I have other choices but this is by far my first choice!

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