Wednesday, June 17, 2009

baby finds

I realise this is getting a little silly now, three posts in three days! I was actually going to write last nights as a really really long one, but changed my mind when I started getting tired! Plus baby and quilts, while those are my two current obsessions, they don't HAVE to go together. I am writing this while waiting for the iron to warm up so I can work on my Shop Hop quilt (I am workign on 2005 the site is for 2009 but you get the idea) Oh while I am thinking of it, I have one piece of fabric that's oh probibly two or two and a half yards and is WRINKLED!!! It looks like it was on the bolt wrinklesd, cut wrinkled, and then of course because I was not yet really a quilter, I just wanted to be with my mom and her friends I stored it 4 years in a box (and I think on the bottom of the box if I remember my unpackign correctly) anyone have any tricks for getting those out? I don't think ironing will do it, or at least not easily. I am not pre-washing my fabrics here (I usually do but I have so many small small pieces!) should I throw it in the dryer and "fluff dry" it? set it outside on the line to let the wind blow it a little and give it some space to "breath" and move? just suck it up and iron?

ok, so onto the real stuff:

I have been looking all over town for a little boy coming home outfit. I don't know why I do this,

but I have been insisting on getting somethign special to come home from the hospital in. I know we have onesies and thats all they really need, but I finally found one for $10 at K-mart. This was only my second time in K-mart here in town, the first was not too pleasant but we had a gift card so we went and bought stuff for R when she was a few weeks old. Anyhoo, I got this cute little thing for if it's a boy. I have a picture of the girls up somewhere on here. I still feel tottaly not ready for this baby but getting closer and closer (which is good because the baby is getting closer right?) I have a list of things I want to get before the baby gets here and quite the list of things I need to buy before going to the hospital. Thank goodness we got a carseat last week!

The other thing I have been looking for EVERYWHERE in town are birth announcements. Target, Wal-mart, ShopKo, the drug stores, the grocery stores, Halmark etc. K-mart had them! Mind you I could have found them elsewhere if I wanted to type the info and figure out how to print them with my printer but thats no fun! I remember when R was resting and I couldn't sleep I filled a few out in the hospital room. Not that I really want to give myself chores for the hospital but some of the times can be rather dull and you can't always sleep there! I am not madly in love with these like I was with R's but A said they were gender neutral enough for him so they were a go! I hope 20 is enough....I might go back and buy another pack.

Other than packing R a suitcase, A and I a suitcase and the baby a bag for the hospital, I only have one other major thing on my to-do list before baby. I am DYING to paint the crib. I hate the honey color that A's mom got us (I actually told her not to get us this model, this color, or something else....but whatever she doesnt respect or listen to me so eh!) for R. A and I are going to do it the week after next and then get it all ready. We will put a green sheet on it and wait for the bumpers and the crib ruffle until we know (or rather I know) what the baby is. We do have names though....H Anne for a girl and W John for a boy =) I hope for the girl, I like the name a little better hehehe!


lisa said...

the solution to the iron issue...ask A to iron the two yeards for me. Its not perfect but very close =) Sweet sweet man did it when I was at work!

a good yarn said...

I might be biased but I like the name Anne!

Ann :)

lisa said...

Anne will be the middle name, Ann is my mom's middle name and her best friends first name but I am partial to it with an "E" like Anne of Green Gables!

Breezy Bree said...

I would wash it then air dry it and then iron it, then again I wouldn't and would probably work with it wrinkled!!!

So what does the H stand for ?

My girls are Rachel Leigh and Aubrey Elizabeth. I think having middle names from family names are great