Friday, June 19, 2009

latest progress

Either I have been avoiding something (housework perhaps) or I have been inspired because not only this week have I finished those blocks for the JoAnn's Lavender Mist BOTM (again minus the four applique blocks) but I have been working on my Shop Hop quilt that I am using as part of my Because I Matter Challenge. I still don't know what exactly I am going to do with this quilt, or the blocks but I am having so much fun making them! I did four (OK eight but I will get to that in a minute) today alone!!

This first one here is my least favorite for the moment, I don't like how the yellow corner stones match up with the cream background but just wait! There will be stitching/embroidery all around the outside so that it has more pizazz. I have never done that to a quilt before but am less intimidated by that than I am applique! I actually think it will be kind of neat to do!

So why on earth am I making two of everything? Especially since I am not changing much (my last two blocks have variations but go with me here) Well, since I did the shop hop with mom, and I kept all our stuff together, I have it all. When I e-mailed mom and asked her if she wanted me to mail her the fabrics or just set it aside for when she comes she told me to just use it myself! So I am making two of everything! I don't know if I will put both of each blocks into a little lap quilt for me, or if I will put one of each in a quilt and make a pillow or something with my favorites....I just like giving myself options!

I have these blocks in order of "easiest to hardest" in my eyes so while I quickly sewed up these four blocks I don't anticipate all of them going this quickly! I am still having a blast though! I am so glad I challenged myself to make these!

My favorite block so far is the last set of two pictured here. The shop just called it a "tulip block" but I think a better name for it would be "log cabin tulip" I set these instructions aside I love the block so much! I imagine either a quilt of these or mixing them with a block I have heard of but have not yet seen (and have not gone looking for yet; I've been too busy sewing today!): The Log Cabin Rose! OHhhhh AHhhhh I hear you out there!

I have also been working on my cross stitch for the Challenge and have made some progress on that. I do it more in the evenings when waiting for R to settle down. She likes to sit on my lap more often then not when I am sewing and gets all excited. I also have been working on it while waiting for her to actually fall asleep so she doesn't come out asking to sew with me. I have three colors done totally and five to go not counting the black which will do outlining with. I would post a picture for you here but I want to wait until it's a little further along, maybe one or two more colors from now. I don't know if it will be done by the end of the month but it will be by next month! Horray!! Then I will have to work on my scrapbook of quilts. I need to develop pictures before I move on with that one! I have so many now that I have a camera, YIPPEEE!!

I have a cute little anecdotal R story for you here. I e-mailed my mom with this one and she passed it onto two of her friends, the two I went on the shop hop with. About a week ago R was throwing a fit and I had to do laundry so I left her in the kitchen and went to move the laundry...she followed me fit and all and asked to sit on the dryer and look at the fabric. I plopped her on the dryer, she sat and stared for a while and calmed down. Now whenever she gets really worked up she says "mommy, I need fabric!" so we go in the laundry room and look at the fabric and take deep breaths. Silly girl!

The silly girl also doesn't want to go potty on the potty chair yet, but she will change her own diaper. She is in pull ups so she rips the sides, throws the pull up away and then will either ask us to wipe (for poopies) or do it herself (soggies) put a new one on and run off happily ever after. She's been doing this for about two weeks now. Does she want to sit on the potty? "No good!" Yesterday, and every time A or I have gone into the bathroom since she has asked to watch. Um...OK, your turn? "No good!" I hope we are moving in the direction of potty training but with so much about to change for her I don't want to force too much at once. I am just glad our night night routine is getting her down each night. Next: staying down all night!!

I have some belly shots to share with you! I know I just posted a bunch not too long ago but hey, the end is when the belly gets big and fun to look at! The only down side to these pictures is you can't really tell that I am all out front. I have some side padding but nothing like I did with R. I look and feel huge and have 5-6 more weeks of growing, but it's so worth it and if this baby would move their darn feet and knees out from one side of my ribs I'd be very happy!

A has been teasing me more and more about what the baby will be. He keeps saying "she" but then he also keeps saying things that are very boy gender specific...I am trying to come up with a good example for you but am falling short. Sorry folks.

I have done a lot of laundry today, all the clothes, my sheets and comforter, all the new baby things I have (not much, just a few sheets, boys onesies, recieving blankets) and I folded up all R's old stuff with the new so its all organized for when we get home. I need so much stuff still! I hope I get a shower but I am not holding my breath. If any of you are interested I am registered at Target =) Lisa in Montana due Aug 1st!! Yeah, I didn't think you were interested but I thought I'd throw it out there hehe! I hope my mom gets some stuff like she did for R when she comes out. Oh I am so glad shes comming! That way I can give R some special attention and not worry about the baby for a little bit and maybe she and MeMa can go do somethign special and give ME some quiet time!

I will let you get on with your evenings now...I hope you don't mind my posting like a mad woman this week...I guess the writing bug has got me! Plus I look forward to reading posts myself and reading all your comments. I think I need to get out more!! =)


a good yarn said...

Your blocks are lovely. Lots of pretty fabrics there. Yep, you are looking pregnant alright. No doubt about it. Gosh, only 5-6 weeks to go. Cute story about R, especiallty the looking at fabric to calm down. Works for me. Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Purple Quilter Queen said...

What a cute story about R. Fabric calms me down too! I also go straight to the Joann's when I'm sad or depressed too! Really cheers me up! Good luck with your new baby. Still don't know what it will be? Best of luck! I have a little boy that turns 5 months this Friday. He's a real sweetie. You can see pics over on my blog. Best of luck! Jenn

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I like you!! You are a nice fresh addition to the blog world..welcome!~