Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am almost done with my cross stitch!! I need to finish the yellow, do white, dark red, and then the black outlining and finishing the words. This is only the second cross stitch I have finished (assuming I actually get there!) The first is hanging in my moms kitchen. I have started a bunch of projects but I keep loosing needles, or losing the threads or making silly mistakes and ending up tossing it. I am so glad I chose this for the Challenge. I want to go get another kit and work on another one but my local JoAnn's and Ben Franklin don't have good selections. I will have to wait until I go to Great Falls, Bozeman, or Missoula to hit up a Michaels. I am itching to get out of town so hopefully sometime soon, or shortly after baby is born.

A and I were working on painting the crib we got from his mom for R. I hated it since he opened the box...the nasty yellow/honey/oak color. Fortunately A agreed with me that it isn't pretty. He said spray paint would work best, and I being the novice painter that I am went out and bought a few bottles of it in white....well it didn't work out well. Great solid effort, but A is not an even spray painter and he wouldn't let me try because he worried about the fumes. Sweet isn't he? on Tip Day Tuesday I am going to go to a hardware store and ask someone in the paint department to help me get some white paint (do I need primer if there's a layer of spray paint that is there but not even? or just a few coats?) a roller, a tray thingie, and a brush or two...I think the foam brushes would give us the best consistent stroke on the bars but A thinks a brush brush would work...hopefully we can get it done Tues and Weds maybe even put back together.
While I have a list of things I want to get for the baby before it comes the really important stuff to me are:

coming home outfits (check)
diapers (a few, but they'll last us one to two days)
car seat (check, thanks mom!)
crib (
receiving blankets (check for girl, a few for boy but need some more since they love that swaddling thing)
nipple cream (TMI but check!)
crib sheets (I have a few, I'd like more but for the first few months we're good)

I went in search of the pattern for Log Cabin Roses as few days ago but came up short with what I really wanted to see. I think I am going to put EQ6? on my Christmas wish list and see what all they have. I really enjoy trying to come up with my own patterns for quilts and think that would give me a nice edge. I did find the pattern to a Log Cabin Christmas Tree quilt that looks like fun! I think the original is a small wall hanging but I insist everything in my house is useable. Ok, A insists too, he doesn't want me to "cover the walls with quilts" so I think I will modify it as needed to make it something I can cuddle under.


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Yeah that color of crib wasn't my favorite either. So this time we got a nice white Jenny Lind crib. Super inexpensive too. I also wanted to tell you about Simplicity pattern#9140. It's for all kinds of nursery related stuff, but I used it for the crib sheet pattern. We went with a Curious George theme (had to make my whole crib set too) and I couldn't find any cute bright colored sheets so I just made my own. Super simple too. I think it takes less than 2 yards and maybe a yard of elastic. Best of luck! Keep us posted on when the baby comes. Any names yet? Jenn

a good yarn said...

Did you sand it first? It probably has a lacquered finish which will prevent your white paint from adhering properly.Give it a really good sand then wipe down with a clean damp cloth. Leave to dry then paint. At least two coats. Are you using child-friendly paint? Children invariably suck/chew on most things.

Cheers...Ann :)