Sunday, June 07, 2009

happy birthday R!!!

R is three today! Three! I can't believe it! She's not my baby anymore and she's not my little buddy any more, she is my beautiful little girl. We tried a new night night plan last night that mostly worked. She still ended up in bed with me in the middle of the night but she got herself down in her own room to start with which had become a problem for the last few months. I swore I'd never let her sleep in bed with me but I am so exhausted and she has been scared of her own room so much lately. I think it's the neighbor working on his car outside her room at night but I can't be sure because I am not her.

Anyways, R's day has been good. I had to work this morning, but she slept in anyways! 9:30! Why wasn't I home for that? Then when I came home she was watching Tom and Jerry (she loves that cartoon but I think its too grown up for her so it is a special treat) and watching Mac and Cheese! I gave her her "coffee" and she was in seventh heaven! we all read the newspaper in my bed (notice it's MY bed now, not A and my bed? hahaha I take up the whole thing especially when R is with me) She also got a train set (do you remember the little wood ones with the magnetic trains?) and she LOVED IT!!

In unrelated things, I cheated here, I am sure I am breaking all sorts of copyright laws, but I wanted to show you what the quilt is I want to make in hopes you can help me track it down. I do have a back up plan (in fact two but I think one will count for the challenge so I will do THAT one!) but still this is the top I REALLY want to do! I think I have enough pinks in my stash that won't be used for much else to at least get me started. Anyways, so I don't get shut down, or sued, or...whatever may happen for copyright infringement in a blog here's all the information I have on the page I took a picture of: It's from Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Pink for Hope book Meredith Corporation, Des Moins Iowa copyright 2008. The quilt is on pages 10-11, made by Debbie Richards and Mary Morris. Um...any information I might be leaving out? I need to find my MLA handbook or my APA style book to make that all more "neat" looking and what not but for now that will have to do! I just love how it's made with many different pinks and one white I think, maybe more but it's not "scrappy" looking...I am such a fan of "clean" looking quilts. As much as I want to make a scrap quilt, it has to be organized and not too busy. I also am a little obsessed with pink right now....I sort of hope that this baby is a girl so that I can keep the pink theme going on. Blue is a favorite color too but I tend to go for the girly blues.

Lastly, you can now vote on the challenge stuff, go vote! There are some cool things, and some unfinished things like mine!


bcquilter said...

Hi Lisa,

I found the block... it is called "Mosaic #3 - by Ladies Art Company", also Double Cross.

It is considered a 4patch block. So resizing it would have to be based on multiples of 2.

A finished 7" block (7½" unfinished) would require squares of 3". Just to give you an idea.

Corner triangles are made from 2 5/8" squares cut in half.

Side triangles are made from 4 3/4" squares cut in quarters.

Have you ever pieced a quilt on point before?

Let me know if this makes any sense. I can write some instructions for the block, sorry not for the quilt, and post it on APQ if you like.


bcquilter said...


I have written up some instructions for the block. This is not a copywright protected block. It is in the public domain.

I'm not sure if my other message went through, but I have decided to post the instructions here. If you have to approve the comments first, you don't have to approve this one, but just print the information you need.

Mosaic #3

To make a 7” (finished) (7½” unfinished) block you will require

Piece A – 1 strip that is 2 5/8”, cut into squares 2 5/8”, and then cut in half on the diagonal to create Half Square triangles – you need 4 for each block (2 squares)

Piece B - 1 strip that is 4 ¾”, cut into squares 4 ¾”, and then cut in half on the diagonal and half again on the other diagonal to create quarter square triangles – you need 4 for each block (1 square)

Piece C – 1 strip that is 3”, cut into squares 3”, you will need 4 of these.

Piece D – 1 strip that is 3”, cut into squares 3”, you will need 1 of these (centre of the flower).

To make Unit 1:
Sew one Piece B to Piece C. Press to Piece C. Orient the next Piece B to be opposite side of C. One side will look like an “L”, the other side should be a backwards “L”, using the seam and bottom of the unit. Make two of Unit 1.

To make Unit 2:

Sew one Piece C to Piece D. Press to Piece C. Sew another Piece C to the opposite side on Piece D. Press to Piece C. Adding HSTs. Fold HSTs in half along the long edge, to find the centre of the piece. Find the center of the short edge of Unit 2. Matching centres, and stitch long side of one HST to either end of Unit 2. Add other HST in the same manner. Make one of Unit 2.

To finish block:

Sew long side of Unit 1 to Unit 2, matching seams. Press to Unit 2. Sew long side of second Unit 1 to the other side of Unit 2, matching seams, Press to Unit 2. Find centre of remaining 2 HSTs, and the centre of Unit 1. Match centres and stitch the long edge of the HST to Unit 1.

I hope this helps!