Saturday, June 27, 2009

A and R's Special Day

This is sort of a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure story here....A and R had a wonderful day together, and I have peace and quiet! What a treat. I kept debating taking a nap or just enjoying the stillness of the house. I sat down to watch some TV while the dryer finished and fell asleep. And proceeded to sleep from 3-8:30 pm! believe it or not, at 11:14 I went back to bed!

so what did A and R do?

They woke up in bed together (A went to bed when I went to work at 5am...he had been sleeping on the couch because she was in bed with me but traded me spots) at 9:30! Then they had breakfast and played together. They did some dishes. They watched Sponge Bob, which I don't allow so it's a special daddy treat.

The highlight though was going to the Air Show! They watched the Thunderbirds do their show! R said when she got home "mommy! I see airplane! Up in the sky! I scared! Too loud!" so sweet how excited she was about it all. She told me all about it at least four or five times.

When they came home, they saw that I was sleeping on the couch and went and played in R's play house. I will have to post some pictures of her in it sometime but for now know there's a story coming your way!
Another cute R story is that on Friday we went for a walk downtown. As we were walking by some stairs, a gentleman was walking down with his bike on his shoulder. R said "Oh! I like your bike!" and he chuckled a bit and said "Thank you" R walked on a bit, stopped, turned around and said "Welcome!!" Such a sweet silly girl! (These pictures were taken the same day after our walk at a local park.)

I know I have more to share, this post has taken me three tries to get though! I have the next two days off together, thank goodness I have worked the past 4 or 5 which is usually no biggie but 8 months pregnant and with 3 of those shifts being 8 hours on my feet during a rather busy weekend I just don't have the oomph to do anything! Tomorrow is R's first dentist appointment! I was supposed to have one on Friday but Thursday night I overdid it and had BH contractions all night every 5-10 minutes, barely slept (just couldn't get comfy) and had a few REAL contractions...nothing to call the doc about but the stress and position in the dental chair, I just couldn't do it!

Alright, I will have more to share tomorrow or Weds! More baby/quilting/fun stuff for you!

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a good yarn said...

How delightful for A and R to have such time together. She's a sweet little button your R. You need to make sure that you get the rest you need too. Ann :)