Tuesday, June 09, 2009

conversations with R

R was playing with A's headphones and had one up to one ear and the other ear pod up to her mouth like a phone....and she was "talking" to my brother. Here is what she had to say:

"Oh Hi Dude!"
"yeah, I good!"
"No, I no talk to MeMa."
"what so phunny"
"No you so silly!"
"I yuve you too!"
"No,I go play with choo choo now! Bye!"

Also today She was asking about my mom:

"Where Mema?"
"In Paris! with PePa!"
"Send MeMa flowers?"
"you want to send her flowers?"
"Yeah!" *snif snif* "Smell good!"
"Yes, flowers do smell good don't they?"
"Send MeMa smell good flowers. No PePa!"
"PePa doenst get any flowers?"
"No. PePa smells yuckie"

Isn't it funny what they come up with?

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