Monday, June 29, 2009

treats and projects

I received a special care package in the mail yesterday! It is from my high school friend C. She and I mostly lost touch but were able to see updates on Facebook (have I ever mentioned how addicted to facebook I am?) but other than that, not too much communication, like most of my HS friends. She saw my blog and that I am expecting and sent me a yummy yummy goodie box! All for ME! R thinks the flower pen is hers but nope! Now C has her own blog too, but its a REAL blog not a little dinky go check it out. When A got the mail and saw the package and felt how heavy it was he called me at work. I had to reassure him there was no fabric in it! He just doesn't get the need for a stash or that you can't just use what you have up, some things are too special, some things don't go together. Oh men!

June is up I guess, I worked hard last night to finish my needlepoint, I fell a little short thanks to some pregnancy related discomfort...the only position I was able to relax at all in had my right arm way over my head...not conductive to doing needlepoint. I have the rest of the white to do and then some outlining. Maybe today I can get to it in time to submit it really finished to the Challenge photo album. Other than that I have not finished anything really. Hopefully next month I can make some more progress. I think my goal for next month is to finish the Shop Hop blocks and start on a dress. I just need to figure out if I am going to be a 6 or an 8 after baby is born...With R I was a 4 but really a 6 (thanks to my chest and legs) before I got pregnant and was a solid 6 with an 8 bust after nursing. A wants to get into shape which neither of us was inclined to do after R so maybe I will try a 6 and adjust the bust =) oh the things we put our bodies through to have children. (I know you have seen the blocks already but I took a picture of them all for the Challenge so I wanted to share that one here too!)

I stumbled upon a block lotto that I just wanted to share with you all! I really wanted to do it this month but the theme was 1930's repro (don't own ANY! and wasn't willing to go hunt some down since I don't love it right now) and you choose your own pattern...many of the other months are patterns that you follow and good for beginners to learn how to make some popular blocks. I am looking forward to what the new block for next month is so I can hopefully join in. Maybe even win! I actually found this lotto when I was looking for the Poesy block that I got information about but haven't even tried to tackle yet. I need to get EQ! So on my Christmas List! Anyways, I found a block I am also really excited about! It's a double four patch. I am planning on using it along with a Montana Quilt Shop Owner's set of instructions for beginners this summer. I am a little behind, she's done cutting and has done sew one and I have not even bought my fabric yet but hopefully soon I can!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is a fabric give away! that's right folks...I stumbled upon another one! I want to keep this one to myself but because the rules make me share information about it I am sharing it! You can catch it over at I so want it! I will admit if I get any more fabric in the mail A's head might explode =)

Tomorrow: painting the crib progress, buying baby stuff, and maybe some sewing, definitely cleaning is on the agenda...maybe will share a post, might have to wait one more day.

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a good yarn said...

What a lovely parcel of goodies. I think you have well and truly earned them. Ann :)