Wednesday, July 01, 2009

bragging and boasting

Today was a mostly unproductive day. I again had the day off so I wanted to run some errands and let A rest a little bit, hes just switching to a new job (that’s right he finally has a job!) and is working 2:30am to whenever and so R and I left him alone. We went to the fabric store. I scored! Actually, my aunt sent me some money to buy batting, I got it on sale. I got some other goodies for myself too! I got 2 yards of lining for my dress, two yards of white tone on tone for my Leaders/Enders/Scrap quilt (I will order a bolt when I get my taxes back but shhh don’t tell A!) some thread for finishing a quilt top, two zippers and a set of hook and eyes, and some new black thread for the needlepoint since R got it all tangled.

After the fabric store we went to the park, had fun! We have a bunch of parks in town but only one is really one I like to take R to, it has shade, benches, is fenced in, and is age appropriate. It also happens to be behind the library so we played for about an hour and made it in time for Story Time! R picked out a book about tools (yes, my lovely daughter found a tool book!) and I got a Catherine Coulter book. I haven’t read one of her books in a while.

We came home, had lunch (“sauce” and PB&J cut to look like gingerbread men…the only way I can get her to eat a sandwich!) cleaned up the living room a little bit and shes taking her rest now, so I am going through my loot!

The dress pattern I got says it’s easy (I am making the one on the left that you can‘t see too well). I saw it on a mannequin at JoAnn's I want to say either last summer or the summer before…I have had problems finding what I want for it. The thing I am slightly concerned about for following this pattern other than I have never finished a clothing pattern, I am a quilter for Pete's sakes! (the aprons are my first attempt to follow a pattern and I had to set those aside I got so confused!) is that the material I chose is eyelet fabric (I think that’s what its called) so I need either a slip dress which would be a pain to find, or I need to make a lining for the dresses, which I decided to go for. The pattern doesn’t include lining for this dress but has something like it on one of the other two dresses so I was thinking I could cheat and read those instructions or I can try to wing it. I did have a slight fabric problem in that I can’t find lining for either the pink or the blue but decided it doesn’t have to be a perfect match so I have light pink and white. I also have only found the ribbon for the blue dress. the pink is a slightly off/dusty pink and I want pink and green for the ribbon, or pink and cream but have not found any here. I need to go to stores with bigger selection. I am going to work on these dresses as soon as my Shop Hop blocks are done. I still have no idea what to do with them.

The block lotto I want to join just posted the block for this month. It’s cute! I actually have pulled some fabrics and can’t wait to get started on these blocks. the only concern I have is I have never used a template before. I guess this is my summer of “I have never before…” but when else should I learn? You can do up to nine blocks for the lotto for nine chances to win, and I have seven fabrics I found from my stash that I want to use. I might try to find two more in there but these are all my darks in blue and red, the rest are fairly light and I don’t want them to get lost against the cream tone on tone.

You can stop reading now or continue on with random blabbing and bragging!

I thought it would be nice to share all the info about the goodies I got from C. I can give you little reviews as I use them. I know some of you will have the green eyed monster come out with all the treats I got, and yes I am bragging, but I feel such a generous gift needs true appreciation and, well we all know I am a little blog obsessed-I keep coming up with reasons to post things =)

Here is what I got in no order(stars denote usage so far):

America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Delicious Recipes From Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants
Belli Pregnancy Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen
Belli Pregnancy Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator
Bubbly: Shampoo, Shower Jell & Bubble Bath
China Glaze Rodeo Diva Live In Color nail polish 6 pack
Cover Girl True Blends Micro Mineral Bronzer
Cover Girl True Blends Micro Minerals Blush
Dashing Diva Petal Pushing Petunia Nail Polish
Dex New York Lip Gloss
Dex New York Luminescent Powder
EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Shave Cream
Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Daily Shower Care kit
Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Daily Bath Care kit
Noodle and Boo Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub*
Paul and Joe Nail Protectant Coat
Read My Lips the Balm
Sally Hershberger Conditioner*
Sally Hershberger Shampoo*
Schick Intuition Razor
Secret Fresh Effects Cucumber Aloe deodorant*

So far I have looked through the cookbook…some good stuff in there! I have not made anything yet but looking forward to some of them!

I used the shampoo and conditioner. I like the way my hair feels but I have such healthy happy hair to begin with it usually agrees with anything I use. The conditioner (not the shampoo for some reason) reminded me of my Nana, a nice comforting smell. I know you are thinking, “Your Nana? Old lady smell?” No, Nana to this day does not smell like “old lady” She and Pop-Pop and their house smell wonderful!

The sugar honey scrub felt so good. It didn’t smell like I thought it would but felt so so good both while I was rubbing it on and after it was rinsed off!! I will be sad when this runs out, hopefully I will be able to get more here! If not I will be calling C up with orders for it! I recommend this to anyone who wants soft skin and a little exfoliation without the harsh after effects I have had from some scrubs. No dry sore skin!

As for the deodorant, I have very sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate it but I only have one day of wear to judge by. The smell was more pleasant than others I have used before. What can you say about deodorant?

*UPDATE* I made seven sweet soldiers today. They actually were easier than I thought they'd be but I think if I were to make them for myself...I'd make them bigger! The smallest piece was 1" square...I am not a perfect patient person right now so it was a little extra challenging. I wish I had made their shoulders line up better,I might seam rip the bad bad ones but I am so not good at that and might make it worse in the end.

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a good yarn said...

Well, I'm a home dressmaker who makes quilts. Sewing really is sewing. Talk your time. Read all the instructions through at least twice. You can make your lining the same as the dress pattern. Usually I line the top first, then add the skirt bottom, then add the skirt lining. The web has a zillion pages of helpful advice.
Glad to read that you are enjoying your care package. Ann :)