Wednesday, July 29, 2009

R becoming a big sister (I hope soon!!)

R is watching Lady and the Tramp right now and just said “mommy look, puppies TIRED!!” and I said “oh yes it is” (the scene where Jim Dear and Darling are spending their first night with the puppy and Lady finally falls asleep in their bed with them instead of in the kitchen) Then Lady wakes up and R said “now STRETCH puppy, sweet dreams?” such a sweetie!

She and I have been talking about becoming a big sister a lot lately. A has been talking to her about how we still love her so much and just because the baby is going to need lots of attention doesn’t we care less about her. I decided to take the approach of being proud of her and telling her all the things she can do on her own that the baby won’t be able to and asking her what she thinks a big sister can do to help. Today’s conversation went like this:

L: What do you think the baby will do when it comes home?
R:: Crying
L: Yes, the baby will cry a lot! What can you do when the baby crys?
R: Rockabye!
L: That’s a good idea, what else can we do for the baby?
R: Babas (I am planning on nursing but A for effort here(
L: Yes, and what about pacifiers?
R: Yup, pa-fiers! and Di-Ti’s (diaper time) and wipes and toys
L: That’s a lot of good ideas! And Big Sisters can read stories and sing songs to the new baby too
R: No good, no stories for baby brothers
L: What if we have a baby sister
R: I tell princess?
L: I think the baby would LOVE to hear a princess story from you!
R: And toes!
L: You can play with baby’s toes
R: Piggy/Market?
L: YES! we can play piggy went to market with the new babies toes! Great idea!
R: Thanks!
L: Where is the baby going to sleep when it comes home?
R: Baby’s bed, daddy big/strong! (referring to when he carried it in from the garage)
L: Yes, the baby will sleep in the crib
R: Babies KiKis? (blankets)
L: We will wrap the baby up in it’s blankies, yes! and where do you sleep
R: Daddy’s bed!
L: NOOOO, We sleep in our Big Girl Bed don’t we?
R: Yeah, with mommy's special Fabric Kiki!
L: Yes with Mommy’s old quilt!

and then she went off to finish her breakfast!

so I am sure you gathered I am still cooking away here. Not happy about it to say the least. I had my membranes stripped on Monday and have been walking and imagining everything progressing but nothings really going on! I have been having irregular unpainful contractions ever since but they just won’t build up or anything. I am uncomfortable and irritable and just anxious to get this little one out and into our arms. I am trying to enjoy my last few nights of sleep, and special time with R, and get the house ready for company that’s coming on Monday assuming baby is here by then but I just want this little one OUT!!! I have one more Tum’s left and refuse to buy more….I was home with R by this point and my midwife is just as surprised that I am pregnant still as I am! I might call the office today and see if they have any ideas for me.

Other than that nothing really going on here. I wish I had more to report, projects going well, more fun R stories, more cleaning projects tackled (the house is clean but you can tell I don’t live with very tidy people!!) Really, I have nothing for you! Oh sorry the pictures are blurry, R was “rock a bye” ing her bear and giving it a bottle showing me how she can be a big helper and I couldn’t get her to hold still!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Best of luck! Can't wait to see if you'll be using the boy or girl coming home outfit! Hope you share pictures. Congrats to big sister R!! Jenn

Breezy Bree said...

pineapple, walking and some ;) with Dh

a good yarn said...

I'm sure it will be soon. R is such a darling! Take care. Ann :)