Saturday, July 25, 2009

still here

I thought I posted something about this before, but here's a give away contest that's almost over but not quite.... I want to win! I LOVE those colors for Christmas stuff. And yes, A would be livid if I got more fabric in the mail but you know what, he's driving me up a wall so I will do something to annoy him too! =)

It is a little cooler today than it has been the past few days but the house's thermostat (which will only heat not cool so really is just a thermometer for the moment) says it's only 4 degrees cooler than when I went to bed last night but it feels better....can't explain it but I am in less of a bad mood because of it. Now that doesn't mean I am totally pleasant to be around, but I am less bad company than I was! Part of it may be that I slept in until 7:30 this morning...after three days of opening so being at work at 5am.

Yesterday we went to the park and had fun. I ran into an old classmate of mine who struggled through our Psychology program but was a delight to have in class. She had a 13 year old (she was in her mid 30's) and some interesting life experiences that she was able to bring to the table. R had some fun pushing A on the swing and climbing over everything. I really like this park because it has shade, benches, picnic tables, is set back from the street, is rarely crowded, and is fenced in! I know I have mentioned that before but still. It also happens to be a block or two away from the library. Great place for kids.

Today we went to the park again, but that was just to kill some time while we were downtown to see the parade. The Rodeo/Fair is in town this weekend and they had a big parade. A got upset about a little parking argument (he wasn't in a real spot but was in the shade, I wanted him to move the car, he got out I found a spot in the parking garage) so it was just R and I. It was a cute little 20-30 minute parade. R loved the horses (I wish I had a picture of them but she was too excited to let me grab my camera) She did love the funny cars by one of the local old men groups...I can't figure out who it was again but they always do funny cars and sometimes wear funny know the groups I am talking about. She did NOT like the fire trucks which surprised me. She loves to see them from the car and waves at them when walking by the fire house but I think the fact that they were a few feet away with sirens on was too much. She ended up burying her face in my chest for the end of the parade. The good thing for her was she got to get some candy that was thrown at the kids. Her first exposure to Tootsie Rolls!

Other than that just sitting here waiting for baby. I am actually really surprised and disappointed that I am not holding this little one yet, but at the same time I hope I have a few days to clean the house and rest before they decide to make their arrival. I don't know though. I was at a 2 at my last appointment and that was on the 14th. I have another one on the 27th which I both hope to and hope not to make it to. A and I are betting on 1) if I will make it (I say yes he says no) and 2) how far dilated I will be (I say a 4 or so and he says maybe a 5 or 6) We will just have to wait and see, which I am not very good at doing! I am such a planner!!!!

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a good yarn said...

I do hope you have some relief from the hot weather. Baby will be here soon and all this will be forgotten. Try and get as much rest/sleep as you can. Ann :)