Tuesday, July 21, 2009

reconnected! HORRAY!!!

I am back and reconnected! We got our check for rent from the house A owns 1/3 of (his grandfathers, who passed away and we have been unable to sell it thus far). I didn't think we'd get it till mid to late next month so that was really nice!! I would have loved to spend that on something for the kids or ourselves but first things first. A's job is going well and he's looking for a second job but in the mean time I think we are out of the "danger" zone.

We got the crib together today. the paint job is less than perfect. Note to self, next time I want to do an artsy (painting a crib?) project....just do it myself! I love A to death but he's not patient and he rushes things. Not to mention all the nagging I had to do just to get it done. I hate nagging!!! I wanted the crib to be in the room at an angle, I am not a square person, but it just doesn't work well that way and I don't want to move the bookshelf and the toy chest again, nor do I want the crib up by the windows so oh well. A's happy about that. I still need to get some pink/green plush blankets like I have on the side for the boy, I am waiting though in case someone gets one or two off the registry (target...Lisa from Montana) or I'll get one from Walmart that's sweet too.

I have a picture of the kids room here too for you. I did not make the curtains, I want to but I don't want to stay here much longer and would rather make curtains for our new place. These arent bad for now though. In the picture you can see the crib in the bottom left corner, then R's Audi from Uncle B and Aunt K, her toy chest full of bears (I want to get one for this baby too and put either dress up in it or balls and trucks depending on the gender here....maybe for Christmas) R's bookshelf, her "baby" bed, then the Big Girl Bed!!! I wish you could see the wall too, above the pillow is her name, and on the side of her bed is a quilt and needlepoint. the needlepoint was made for me, and the quilt for her. Sometime I will have to get pictures of them for you all but I think this is already a picture happy post so I will let it go for now.

In project news, I started cutting out the fabric for one of my dresses, just the lining so far. Then I decided my belly was too big to be on my hands and knees trying to cut fabric out so I gave up temporarily. I was so excited to make it, but oh well. Belly won't be here forever and the fabrics not going anywhere =)

I finished the needlepoint finally. Actually I finished it the night the cable/phone/Internet went out but it's really done now!! I just need to frame it, which can wait a while. R did spill some Root Beer on it but instead of worrying about cleaning it I will remember how interested she was in what I was doing and couldn't keep her hands off of it. I enjoyed the project so much that I even snuck out of the house and bought a new kit to make one of those "memory/birth record" needle points. This one I am doing for R since I never did and I don't know what this baby will be or anything but I probably will make one for them next. When I was at the store, I went to Walmart and got the baby books...I like the girls one but the boys one...the only one I could find in town is cute, but not cars. We need cars!! I got it anyways because very baby should have a book and how else will I get those first feet prints, but I secretly am hoping I don't have to use it and can keep my eyes out for a "better" one.
While I was gone, A and R were sleeping....when I got home, guess who was in the yard talking to the neighbors dog? Not A, he was sound asleep. So I asked her how she got out of the house, and she showed me how she opened the side door from the kitchen even though it was chained shut, squeezed in head first, and pop, through she went. I woke A up to tell him and he said "what?" rolled over and went back to bed. Thank goodness the dog was there to distract her, and she doesn't know how to open gates. The garage was open and I found evidence of her trying to ride her bike by herself but she doesn't know how to peddle yet. This picture was taken the same day.....when I was in the shower, she got the red food dye out and decided it would make good lipstick. Goodness this girl is trouble now but so much fun too!!

I used a new thread to quilt the top of a baby blanket I made for a little girl. I have a few friends who just found out in the last month or so that they are pregnant and so I am sure one of them will have a girl. I like it for myself but it doesn't go with the colors in the kids room, plus I have plans for a girl and more plans for a boy already. The thread was Silky's Holoshimmer and it was a little challenging to work with. I later read they don't recommend it for bobbins but I did it...you just have to go slower and at a consistent pace. I really like it though. pink and sparklie!! (sorry about the blurry I was trying so hard to get the thread to show its shimmer....I'll give you a picture of the whole thing once I get it bound)

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a good yarn said...

Nice to have you back and learn that things are going well. Hope you are feeling well (probably tired?). You have certainly been busy and I do like your stitcheries. You must have been beside yourself when R *escaped*. She is just too clever by half. Ann :)