Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday at work

OK, I wasn't going to post again for a little while, but DUDE! You HAVE to hear about my day yesterday!!

So la-te-da, off to work I go. I slept in an extra 10 minutes, but that's OK because I lay my stuff out for work the night before and I left my lunch there from the day before when one of our regulars brought in left overs from a huge party they had Friday night...(I LOVE my regulars!)

6:15 I leave the house 6:21 I am in the parking lot at work. Did you know I live a mile away from work? yeah, I do. I walk when I don't have to do the deposit, or when it's not below 20 outside. 6:22 I realise that's a LOT of newspaper on the ground....and they have color comics. 6:27 my co-worker pulls in. (did you also know I am insane about being late so I am always really early!) and I investigate. Two bundles of newspaper had been thrown/dropped from over the railing into our lower an almost two story drop. They were our Sunday papers. Lovely. We pick them up and put the ones we can back together. Seriously?

oh yeah, Sundays we open an hour and a half latter than the rest of the week. Thank goodness for small favors right?

6:49 I answer the phone.

"This is the H* Police Department, we received a distress signal from this location, is everything alright?" Um yeah! "We need you to exit the building and talk to the officer to the northern corner of your building. what are you wearing" slacks, and a grey jacket. I am walking to the front door right now, using my key, oh shoot! Dagnabit, my key is stuck! "When you are walking I need you to keep your hands where the officer can see them, both hands up and clear" OK I am out, I am walking....I am in front of him, may I please hang up now? to the officer, with his MAJOR gun.(he's a regular too)

Sad thing is this isn't the first time I've done this.

6:55 we are open for business.

7:05 someone walks in and says "we are here to pick up a donation for the spay and neuter clinic"

um...what? Call the other store to make sure they didn't have one ready. Nope. So either someone miss communicated on their side or we didn't approve it because nothings written down, I don't tell them that. I just say :give me 30 minutes I'll have 5 gallons of coffee ready for you and everything to go with it"

7:30, my one working bar is acting funny. Dripping water all over the counter. I take the machine apart and back together (well "apart" not much I can do but check that everything locked in tight) and nope. I try forcing a clog out of the drain. nope. Oh, by the way when you steam milk, steam comes out where the shots should be coming out of. Interesting. 7:40 machine reads "Please Insert Card" and will not work. At all. Nothing. Shut off, restart, try again after 10 minutes rest for the machine plus the whole reboot process.

7:55, nothing. Turn machine off for day, make note to call it in.

My other machine was supposed to be serviced on Friday, the steam wand's broken. It won't steam on "auto": (where it shuts off when it hits the right temp) So I am working on a broken machine. Dumb tech! (we have big problems with him but corporate is working on it)

12:10 doing the deposit, do NOT set off alarm.

12:20 done with deposit, but have a counterfeit $1 bill. Lovely

12:35 call the HPD non-emergency number, for a $1 bill I know but we have had a lot of fake $20'sand such around the state so I call it in anyways.

12:55 officer shows up. another regular I actually went to college with. He laughs, I ask him if he was part of the action this morning. No he was at an accident, but he heard the call come in and went over the radio "oh, Lisa's working." (TOLD you I'd done it before!) Yeah yeah yeah. He couldn't believe we had a fake $1, seriously! Who'd make a $1? Anyhoo, he fills out his stuff, I fill out my stuff, and away we go. He does say "You made my day with this!" lovely!

3:00 I clock off and go home.

p.s. I was laughing about it the whole day!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last night was Friday Night Sew In night and seeing as my sewing desk is buried and won't be unburied until at least tomorrow I didn't "Sew" but I DID get some applique pieces fused and picked out thread for them. I will be taking them to work and sewing on my lunch breaks as soon as my book is done. (yeah yeah I won't start the next one quite yet the library doesn't have it and K promised she's mailing them soon)

Last night was also one of my co-workers last nights in town. She's transferring three hours away and it was her last shift at our store so we had a little farewell bash for her. Pizza, Salad, Cupcakes, you know, the good stuff! That was from 6:30-8:30 so the girls and I walked down (we live about a mile away from my work, which is two doors down from A's work) around 5:30, placed the pizza order, waited, got the pizza, walked to my work, set up, partied, walked home, and the girls crashed! I was actually surprised H didn't fall asleep in the stroller. She had her baba and wasn't talking, just sitting quietly. tired baby!

Well, just wanted to post about FNSI so I could be eligible for their give away, still bummed I don't have a working digital camera. *note to self, mail to dad*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

addicted to...


Ok I am addicted to fabric and quilting too, but I can't find my machine under the sewing desk in my room that's been buried with "things to keep away from H". She puts EVERYTHING in her little mouth. R NEVER did that! Then again I worked less, worked better hours, and only had one munchkin to chase after back then so the house was usually a lot cleaner. Though if you had asked me back then I would have said it was a disaster and I was too embarrassed to have company over. Nahh, it was nothing next to this!

Anyhoo, so no sewing but I am seriously hooked on the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series. Like hard core hooked. I don't even care that my editors mad I missed my last deadline....ok actually I just lost the forms and pictures and everything to mail to her so no biggie, just have to clean. I don't care that the house is messy and I have a play date scheduled for next week. I don't care that we've been eating all the frozen dinners I made for "emergencies" (aka mom can't cook so dad's in charge and we have no money for fast food nights)

It's so bad that I left for work 15 minutes early yesterday (I normally leave at 4:45am and still have time to kill before work at 5 but hate the chance that I'll forget my keys or something and need time to come home and still make it on time) so I left at 4:30AM! and sat in my car and read! I stay up late and fall asleep with the book on my face.

Adam has been feeding the addiction too! He has gone to get the books from the library when they have them (I have to check online first because they only have like 8 of the 18 and he won't go if they are checked out) and he hasn't been in a library once since I've known him! He has me check and see if there are any in the mail from K yet, and he's gone and bought me two (which I will donate to the library). The man who never buys books!

R will hear me randomly laughing and look over "oh, your book. I wish I could read a funny book too." So I hurry up and read her a story then tell her to sit next to me and "read" to herself. Then I read some more.

Start with One For The Money and you'll see what I mean!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

laundry, chair, and pool?

Laundry is my downfall. If I had someone to come and fold my laundry I could keep up on everything else in the house I swear. I spent all day yesterday folding loads of laundry and my kitchen table is now buried under nice folded piles and the chairs have hangers all over them. Ughh..

Since the table is here (I promise picture sometime) I had to move my sewing stuff into my bedroom. My computer chair doesn't fit. I've been moving the table to the side of my bed and sitting on my bed and sewing but I don't think that's the best position for me. A good friend of mine found me a $10 chair at a garage sale like I wanted and is painting it for me. Now I need to get some selvages for the cushion like the link I sent you to a while back. I only have about 10 myself. If anyone is working on a project or stumbles upon some selvages lying around, let me know.

I have not done any sewing since being back. I am WAY WAY behind on things now.The house was a DUMP when I got back from vacation and I've been working 8 hour shifts at work (5-1:30, 7-3:30, 5-1:30. 6:30-3, 7-3:30, get the idea, killing me here!) and trying to clean. I think my room will be the last room clean since all I do in there is sew and sleep, and well sewing has to wait until I can have a clean house. I think I will make it a point to do some sewing on my next full day off, I miss it so much!

Well, H just woke up from her nap, off to play in the splash pool in the backyard and maybe a trip to the library. What do you do with your day off?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

our "vacation"

so about the trip back home....

I left Tuesday afternoon, the girls were so good on the flight. I had bought R one of those little kid cross stitch things, knowing she's not quite old enough for it but she likes to "sew" and it was $5. Whatever. Unfortunately I didn't look at the kit before we left, the yarn was not cut to manageable lengths (it was all you needed and a little extra in one long strand) and the needle it was supposed to come with was missing. So thank goodness I had a plan B...JoAnn's had these wooden puppets with little markers and wooden masks for $1 each...I bought $5 worth and R colored the WHOLE time. We had Kaila shellac/mod podge them when we got to my folks house and into Grandma's garden they went!

So Tues was uneventful, play, color, grocery shop, and of course HELLO!!!

Weds we went to set up the track for the Pacific Northwest Historics Benefiting Seattle Childrens at Pacific Raceways. And yes, that rolls right off my tongue after YEARS! (except it used to be Seattle International Raceway). My parents were big organisers for an event called IROE, International Race Of Executives. People pay I think $10,000 to have professionals teach them how to race in brand spankin' new Mercedes Benz donated by Phil Smart* which he will later sell as used (and boy are they used on the track) and meals. Augie Pabst, and Dominic Dobsin were there, as well as many other people who's names are not as recognisable...anyhoo, Weds morning we set up, decorated and made a tent at the track look like home.

Thursday we were at the track for the actual IROE event. What fun. It was a little cold but otherwise alright. lots of girl talk while the people were actually out driving.

Friday was race day! We watched a few races, checked out the cars, oh R wants a Lamborghini. Boy do I wish you could hear how she pronounces it. just ask her what type of car she likes "ambogigni!" no hesitation!! We worked lunch for a family friend who puts on a rather impressive spread but is ageing and mom wanted to let her play hostessinstead of fretting. We also set up the HUGE tent for the Sat night dinner

Sat we were at the track again, a little later but still there. Mom was doing accounting things, we watched more races, more lunch work, more playing and looking at cars, more just goofing off. Thankfully we were able to go into the building for accounting set back from the track to have some quiet time, both girls took naps, and could play without people stepping over them or anything. It was good, since we were there all day. Oh and there way a playground on the track too, much improved since I was a child, but I am just so thankful they rebuilt instead of tore down the playground! We also had a silent auction/BBQ dinner at the track, I bid on one thing but was way outbid! Then the two baskets I donated (with my manager) went for over their value so YAY! they were hits. I will have to make something again!

Sunday we went to Kirkland with K and her family, R was in the parade with my brother in a hydroplane pulled by my dad, and I watched. the boat was only float #7, and there were way over 100 floats so she got to watch the parade too. Then we had lunch (hot dogs, with onions and CREAM CHEESE SO SO GOOD!! my new favorite combo!) and hung out talking and goofing off with K's family. We didn't expect my dad to come back, but he and B did and dad took R down to the water and she accidentally sat down, got wet, oh well. She even got to throw the rubber duckies in for the annual duck race for the Rotary International group. we didn't win....she should have thrown better =).

Monday my dads folks came out to see them and Connie (the Lincoln Continental that dad didn't want to name "Abe") and we were a surprise for them. Then K and I went to Eclipse, and B insisted on driving us...and liked the movie more than we did silly boy! Then home to pack and clean up after ourselves.

Tues we flew back...I was bummed I didn't get to do any shopping, I saved up some tip money to buy some new shoes for work and a new bra or two from nordys, and a few other things to add to my pathetic wardrobe but I just re stashed it for later. It'll be hard not to buy fabric with it but I really do need some clothes that are not worn out or the wrong size!

*Phil Smart has volunteerd at Seattle Childrens since he was in his 30'sI belive, the first male volunteer and plans his life around his commitment to the kids there, reading every wednesday and dressing up as Santa. His health is starting to reflect his age but he still goes. Please consider checkign out his book Angels Among Us...I know I can get the book somwehere but it might be at teh hospital

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

sleeping sweeties

The girls and I had a good trip home. I only have a few pics so far, I am waiting for either e-mails or hard copies from the rest of the trip, but I have a few to share.
H tuckered out after a hard day at the tracks. Ok so this was after our 1/2 day and she slept in the car but still, she's on my brothers girlfriend K's lap. We all want her if they break up. (H's shirt says "PARTY! my crib 3AM) Here's R asleep IN the car. How she sleeps with her neck like that I will never know. This was actually the same day as the previous one. Too funny! Those kids were worn out! Mind, you we wore them out all visit, so we saw these faces a lot! This is H asleep (please see previous pic of her as proof that that's her sleeping position, her heads identical in both I think!) at the track. This was during the big boar race too! We had to put the ear muffs on first, then after 10 minutes, the sunnies went on and instantly boom out! K was holding her again and was shocked when she realised H was sleeping and not just content. Please note the sock on the hand too...her hands were so cold from her eating and slobbering I threw her spare socks on.