Saturday, July 10, 2010

our "vacation"

so about the trip back home....

I left Tuesday afternoon, the girls were so good on the flight. I had bought R one of those little kid cross stitch things, knowing she's not quite old enough for it but she likes to "sew" and it was $5. Whatever. Unfortunately I didn't look at the kit before we left, the yarn was not cut to manageable lengths (it was all you needed and a little extra in one long strand) and the needle it was supposed to come with was missing. So thank goodness I had a plan B...JoAnn's had these wooden puppets with little markers and wooden masks for $1 each...I bought $5 worth and R colored the WHOLE time. We had Kaila shellac/mod podge them when we got to my folks house and into Grandma's garden they went!

So Tues was uneventful, play, color, grocery shop, and of course HELLO!!!

Weds we went to set up the track for the Pacific Northwest Historics Benefiting Seattle Childrens at Pacific Raceways. And yes, that rolls right off my tongue after YEARS! (except it used to be Seattle International Raceway). My parents were big organisers for an event called IROE, International Race Of Executives. People pay I think $10,000 to have professionals teach them how to race in brand spankin' new Mercedes Benz donated by Phil Smart* which he will later sell as used (and boy are they used on the track) and meals. Augie Pabst, and Dominic Dobsin were there, as well as many other people who's names are not as recognisable...anyhoo, Weds morning we set up, decorated and made a tent at the track look like home.

Thursday we were at the track for the actual IROE event. What fun. It was a little cold but otherwise alright. lots of girl talk while the people were actually out driving.

Friday was race day! We watched a few races, checked out the cars, oh R wants a Lamborghini. Boy do I wish you could hear how she pronounces it. just ask her what type of car she likes "ambogigni!" no hesitation!! We worked lunch for a family friend who puts on a rather impressive spread but is ageing and mom wanted to let her play hostessinstead of fretting. We also set up the HUGE tent for the Sat night dinner

Sat we were at the track again, a little later but still there. Mom was doing accounting things, we watched more races, more lunch work, more playing and looking at cars, more just goofing off. Thankfully we were able to go into the building for accounting set back from the track to have some quiet time, both girls took naps, and could play without people stepping over them or anything. It was good, since we were there all day. Oh and there way a playground on the track too, much improved since I was a child, but I am just so thankful they rebuilt instead of tore down the playground! We also had a silent auction/BBQ dinner at the track, I bid on one thing but was way outbid! Then the two baskets I donated (with my manager) went for over their value so YAY! they were hits. I will have to make something again!

Sunday we went to Kirkland with K and her family, R was in the parade with my brother in a hydroplane pulled by my dad, and I watched. the boat was only float #7, and there were way over 100 floats so she got to watch the parade too. Then we had lunch (hot dogs, with onions and CREAM CHEESE SO SO GOOD!! my new favorite combo!) and hung out talking and goofing off with K's family. We didn't expect my dad to come back, but he and B did and dad took R down to the water and she accidentally sat down, got wet, oh well. She even got to throw the rubber duckies in for the annual duck race for the Rotary International group. we didn't win....she should have thrown better =).

Monday my dads folks came out to see them and Connie (the Lincoln Continental that dad didn't want to name "Abe") and we were a surprise for them. Then K and I went to Eclipse, and B insisted on driving us...and liked the movie more than we did silly boy! Then home to pack and clean up after ourselves.

Tues we flew back...I was bummed I didn't get to do any shopping, I saved up some tip money to buy some new shoes for work and a new bra or two from nordys, and a few other things to add to my pathetic wardrobe but I just re stashed it for later. It'll be hard not to buy fabric with it but I really do need some clothes that are not worn out or the wrong size!

*Phil Smart has volunteerd at Seattle Childrens since he was in his 30'sI belive, the first male volunteer and plans his life around his commitment to the kids there, reading every wednesday and dressing up as Santa. His health is starting to reflect his age but he still goes. Please consider checkign out his book Angels Among Us...I know I can get the book somwehere but it might be at teh hospital


a good yarn said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful and busy time. Cheers, Ann :-)

---"Love" said...

Sounds like a fun time,but a very busy time! I'm glad you and your family had such a wonderful time, with a lot of really nice people, in a beautiful part of our land! ---"Love"

seventhsister26 said...

Sounds like you had a blast, even if you didn't get to hit the fabric shops;) I have vowed not to hit a fabric shop until we move to Oregon next year;)
Happy Quilting!!

Katie said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. From all you did, I don't think there was time for shopping!

Beth said...

Sounds like a fast paced action packed trip. Glad you had a good trip. Glad you are home safe.
(R has excellent taste in cars).