Monday, July 31, 2006


I have had several…less than pleasant comments that I have deleted. I know I can’t be choosy about what people say or think of me, but I do want to protect my daughter and myself from threatening comments. Not to mention the fact that if you don’t like the way I live my life…don’t read my blog…this is for me to remember, to share with family and friends, and to express how I feel. This is not for you to critique me or my life style.

Because of this I have changed the way I am accepting comments, I have changed my URL and have deleted my previous posts to protect names. I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this, but I want to keep blogging, I want to chronicle my life and receive feedback, but I don’t want to worry that someone is going to attack me for the way I am living my life. It is not that uncommon a lifestyle, I am happy (22 out of 24 hours a day) and this is what I choose!

If you want to contact me, leave a message. If you want to say nasty things, say them to yourself, say them to the computer, but please don’t post them…or I will delete them. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your mother, grandmother, daughter to hear from you, nor anything you would not want to said to them.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

summer activities

R and I went to story hour at the library today. We had a blast! We took my friend J and her daughter who is three. The theme for the day was leopards, so we read a book about a wild animals first trip to the carnival, a leopard going to bed, a non-fiction on leopards (one page about baby leopards) and a book about African nocturnals and a leopard trying to meet them all. The kids each got a leopard stamp, finger puppet and a free book of their choosing! They don’t do story hour in Aug or Dec, but we are all going back weekly in September again!

Yesterday we took her to the lake. It was a little too cold for her, A kept lowering her into the water and she kept lifting her legs higher and higher until he pulled her closer to him and they got wet together. She seemed to like that, though she loves any time she's snuggling with Daddy! It was 105 out that day, but much cooler at the lake. After playing in the water Rand I took a nap on the beach in the shade with a nice breeze off the lake and A swam around. I think we will go back again this summer and sit at a new place. The lake is lovely, it’s a large swimming hole and there were so many young families. A was afraid of water for the longest time, so he really wants to work on getting her exposed to the water and comfortable in it. (dont worry, this was the only time she was in teh sun, the rest of the time we blocked it....and she didnt burn or tan or anything!)

Work is awesome. I am better than I was when I left…or maybe I am as good and it just didn’t take me as long to transition back as I thought it would. I have my review (6 months I think!) coming up next week. I asked my store manager about a week ago if I could set up a meeting with her to talk about setting some goals for me, and she said we could cover that in my review…I had no idea I had been there that long! Time sure does fly. I am going to talk about becoming a Coffee Master and how to do that, and maybe see about doing another passport since I was pregnant during my first and that might have an impact on my tastes…but that’s not necessary, just something cool to look into. I’d also like to work on becoming a Learning Coach for new employees and possibly a Shift Supervisor. I love this company and want to grown and learn how it works. I am happy as a Barista for now, but I want to strive for more.

School is starting up soon, there are back to school specials, sales, supplies, oh how I miss it. I love school, I love papers and tests, and I love the stress and the frustration. I love to challenge myself and learn new things. I love working towards something, studying, discussing topics with my peers inside and out of class. I wish I could go back already. I am going to save up some money to take classes, either from my Alma Matter or from a local vo-tech school, just one or two a semester to challenge me, keep my mind in the game for when I really do go back to grad school. I should be looking for a job in my field, but with adjusting to motherhood and my one job for now that’s all I can handle, plus we are working hard at keeping R out of day care. Our schedules work out perfectly right now and I’d rather let that be for the time being. I wish I could go out and buy school supplies, new pens, highlighters, binders, notebooks, printer paper etc. I have to keep myself from wandering down the supply isles. Soon I will go back, soon I will take a class or two, and all too soon Regina will be in school!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


sorry about the blurryness, she moved, the lighting was not great, and basically I need a quicker/better camera, but oh they are cute!