Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have started reading PamKittyMorning (I'd love to hear the story of that name!) during the cute little cross country blog hop (that I didn't win a prize for! OK other than the free patterns). She had a little photo meme thing, and since I read it I am passing it onto you! Evil aren't I?This is R getting her first hair cut by my mom's hair dresser, Z. We were visiting my parents for a week. I forget what day of the week this was, we got there on Tues or Weds night I think after driving all night (thinking she'd sleep!) On Friday we had my brother's HS graduation party, Regi loved the hydro planes (that's my brother behind her)

and ice cream

Saturday was her second birthday, she LOVED opening the presents.

If the other pictures weren't sideways or if I knew how to fix that I'd post one where my brother was using the Dora pillow my aunt gave her and the Dora blankie KK gave her and hiding/snoring. This is a jungle puzzle from my parents.

I don't have any other pics to share, but Sat night was my brothers HS graduation too and then Sunday was my Dad's parents 50th anniversary, their church did something special for them. That was a very good thing! They only had boys. And only my dad is married! Monday, the day everyone headed out was my Mom's parents 55th anniversary. We celebrated at dinner on Sunday night.

When I came home that week, I didn't want to LOOK at a cake for at least a month!

So for the rules here (fudge what you need to to make this work!)

*open your first photo folder

*scroll down to the 10th picture(if you don't have 10 in that one, then go to the next folder that does)

*post that photo and the story behind that photo on your blog

*tag 5 friends to do the same

That first picture is what my 10th picture!

Monday, November 16, 2009

(please note I started this a few days ago!)

it's just past 10:30pm. Both girls are down, and I am still up! R woke me up at 5am...5...on a morning I didn't have to open. Ughhh!!! She got one of the flu mist boosters and we have to go back in 30 days for the other one. H has an apointment in about a month, so I am going to call tomorrow or thurs (my two easy or off days from work) and see if I can squeese R in at the same time.

So as I was waiting to go to bed, making sure both girls were really down (yup, R came out for water but fell asleep before I delivered it moments after she asked for it. silly girl!) I was quilting the Gobble Gobble top. I didn't win. Bummer. All three winners had more pumpkin patch themed quilts, a lot more applique which I am not liking yet. This was my first attempt at it and I need some help, and they had a lot more detail. In fact all three looked mighty similar if you ask me, but I think I am just being a sore beginner loser. you can see every one's entry's here. I ran out of bobbin thread and only have the outside border to do, so decided to call it a night even though I really want to finish.

I was hopping around on both those blog hops and now have a new pattern I ordered from Crazy Old Ladies (who are neither crazy nor old) and a new Christmas gift that I am making....FOUR of! it's a little wall hanging. Out the window went my constitution for only making quilts I would USE and would warm'll insulate the house right? That's useful!

Quickly a Little give away here: Bummer, the picture was supposed to come too...I guess I need to work on my blog skills.

remind me sometime to tell you about my design ideas, but for the moment this has been sitting unposted for long enough! I will share more soon! =)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what I've been working on

Before I get to the heart of this post, fun little give away over at Green Fairy Quilts give her your three favorite patterns and you could win one with a kit (not of your choice, but pre-picked...still awesome!) My three favorites are: Paisley Park, Butterfly Fields, and All Boxed In.

This here is the backing fabric I bought to go with my Gobble Gobble top. The colors match, and the pumpkins on this are so cute. I didn't care if I used the Moda fabric for the back or not, and decided to save some money and use whatever JoAnn's had. Hope no one holds it against me. The challenge is over, but I don't know if I won or not yet. The waiting is KILLING me!

I haven't really done much since we last spoke about my WIP's but a little progress has been made. I finally had enough tip money set aside to go buy border and some backing fabrics for those Christmas quilts. I have finished the Frosty top, sorry the picture is not perfect, but it is so dark out and I do live in a basement with only two lamps to light the living room. I think I am going to get myself another cheep one from WalMart or Target for Christmas.
I also have a close up of the bottom left corner. The green doesn't tie it all together like I wanted to and yet I still like it. I can't be live I was able to find that minty-soft green without it being MINT GREEN!
Now check out the backing fabric I found!
I can't believe that I found stuff that matches so perfectly, Yes it's a little on the thin side which makes me nervous, but then again I sort of hope these quilts wear out after a few Christmases so I can make new ones without worrying about the house being too cluttered. I do only have SO much storage space in my little two bedroom one (if you can even call it that) bath basement. Remind me to show you all the Christmas stuff some other time!
Speaking of those Christmas quilts, here's the border I found for the "Child's Version of The 12 Days of Christmas." I wanted something like white with red and green, maybe Crayola blue and yellow too presents, but this works.
Lastly, I have The Night Before Christmas quilt number one's border, it's yellow, not worth a picture, I am already having a heck of a time navigating through all these, but you can imagine. I have a second one I am working on and so far here's what I have for the blocks, in no order, these are just four of my favorites. I am debating the connecting border. I am going to do white I think, or red, but my question is, should I do just sashing, or should I do cornerstones again for a wild and crazy look...OK not too wild because heck, this is me, but it would be a little out there.
Oh, I lied, NOW lastly I have an idea for these fabrics:

But my idea has more to do with designing a pattern, or making a product, or creating a kit with a pattern to make a product. I My little H were the inspiration for the idea . I might just have an idea or two for etsy....oh so here's a big question to you as a fabric/pattern/craft consumer. Should I design just the product, a pattern for the product, or try to sell both? Maybe a kit too if I can figure out all the fabric/copyright rules. I actually have two ideas at the moment, both could easily be made by me to sell or I could try to write them into a pattern, I would need an editor but we could work on that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

quilt blog hops!

There are some great things happening online right now!

To start with, there's the quilt shop hop that I have a button to on my side bar, That takes you to Pat Sloan (my new quilter crush if you will...she's awesome!)'s blog. She's one of the participants. There's lots of free patterns, giveaways, and fun to be had.

Secondly there's a blog hop celebrating a new book coming out, 100 quilt blocks. You can get all the info here Each of the designers is featured I think! and each has a book and some have extra's to give away. They are featuring 10/day! So fun!

Lastly, there's a new (old...redone?) online shop that's celebrating their (re)opening. head over here to enter!

I have to get back to cleaning, but I have a few post ideas for the next few days, about the girls, about some projects, about some hopes I have for the future. I might have one or two done tonight, but I HAVE to clean this house. I need to go to Target too, and JoAnn's is RIGHT there =)

Friday, November 06, 2009

sweet love

this morning R woke up early (thanks babe, it's my one day to sleep in and not be at work at 5am!) and she came to cuddle in bed with me. This is the conversation we had:

M: I love you R

R: I love you too, Mommy

M: I love H too

R: I love H too! I love Daddy.

M: I love Grandma

R: No you love Daddy too!

M: You're right, I love Daddy too, but I can also love other people like Grandma

R: Oh, I love Grandma

M: I love Grandpa

R: No! I mad at Grandpa!

M: Why are you mad at Grandpa?

R: He gone

M: Oh. Daddy's dad is gone, yes, but Mommy's dad is still here, he's your Grandpa

R: Mommy's Dad?

M: Yes, Mommy has a daddy, and he is Grandpa. When you grow up and have babies and become a mommy, your daddy will become grandpa

R: He will? (OK it comes out like "he wiw")

M: Yes

(about two minutes I thought we were settling down here, getting ready to go back to sleep, found my sweet spot)

R: I love Grandpa.

M: Oh good.

R: I love Grandma

M: I love you!

R: I love Bill. I love Kaila I love H lots, she the best friend! I give her kiss?

M: When the sun comes up and H is awake, she'd love to get a kiss from you, now, good night

R: Good night, and sweet dreams too!

Now mind you she never went back to sleep. We are awake now and not happy about that!

So to continue the month of ThanksGiving:
+ A proud loving big sister
+ all these people who love my girls, and who my R can honestly say she loves
+ That my children are happy, healthy, and able to communicate. Well H can't yet but she's not showing any developmental delays or autistic tendencies. Not that we are in the clear yet, but so far so good
+ cuddles!