Friday, November 06, 2009

sweet love

this morning R woke up early (thanks babe, it's my one day to sleep in and not be at work at 5am!) and she came to cuddle in bed with me. This is the conversation we had:

M: I love you R

R: I love you too, Mommy

M: I love H too

R: I love H too! I love Daddy.

M: I love Grandma

R: No you love Daddy too!

M: You're right, I love Daddy too, but I can also love other people like Grandma

R: Oh, I love Grandma

M: I love Grandpa

R: No! I mad at Grandpa!

M: Why are you mad at Grandpa?

R: He gone

M: Oh. Daddy's dad is gone, yes, but Mommy's dad is still here, he's your Grandpa

R: Mommy's Dad?

M: Yes, Mommy has a daddy, and he is Grandpa. When you grow up and have babies and become a mommy, your daddy will become grandpa

R: He will? (OK it comes out like "he wiw")

M: Yes

(about two minutes I thought we were settling down here, getting ready to go back to sleep, found my sweet spot)

R: I love Grandpa.

M: Oh good.

R: I love Grandma

M: I love you!

R: I love Bill. I love Kaila I love H lots, she the best friend! I give her kiss?

M: When the sun comes up and H is awake, she'd love to get a kiss from you, now, good night

R: Good night, and sweet dreams too!

Now mind you she never went back to sleep. We are awake now and not happy about that!

So to continue the month of ThanksGiving:
+ A proud loving big sister
+ all these people who love my girls, and who my R can honestly say she loves
+ That my children are happy, healthy, and able to communicate. Well H can't yet but she's not showing any developmental delays or autistic tendencies. Not that we are in the clear yet, but so far so good
+ cuddles!

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a good yarn said...

Savour these precious moments. They are all too fleeting. You have such a busy girl with all your sewing. You are making some really nice projects. Ann :)