Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what I've been working on

Before I get to the heart of this post, fun little give away over at Green Fairy Quilts give her your three favorite patterns and you could win one with a kit (not of your choice, but pre-picked...still awesome!) My three favorites are: Paisley Park, Butterfly Fields, and All Boxed In.

This here is the backing fabric I bought to go with my Gobble Gobble top. The colors match, and the pumpkins on this are so cute. I didn't care if I used the Moda fabric for the back or not, and decided to save some money and use whatever JoAnn's had. Hope no one holds it against me. The challenge is over, but I don't know if I won or not yet. The waiting is KILLING me!

I haven't really done much since we last spoke about my WIP's but a little progress has been made. I finally had enough tip money set aside to go buy border and some backing fabrics for those Christmas quilts. I have finished the Frosty top, sorry the picture is not perfect, but it is so dark out and I do live in a basement with only two lamps to light the living room. I think I am going to get myself another cheep one from WalMart or Target for Christmas.
I also have a close up of the bottom left corner. The green doesn't tie it all together like I wanted to and yet I still like it. I can't be live I was able to find that minty-soft green without it being MINT GREEN!
Now check out the backing fabric I found!
I can't believe that I found stuff that matches so perfectly, Yes it's a little on the thin side which makes me nervous, but then again I sort of hope these quilts wear out after a few Christmases so I can make new ones without worrying about the house being too cluttered. I do only have SO much storage space in my little two bedroom one (if you can even call it that) bath basement. Remind me to show you all the Christmas stuff some other time!
Speaking of those Christmas quilts, here's the border I found for the "Child's Version of The 12 Days of Christmas." I wanted something like white with red and green, maybe Crayola blue and yellow too presents, but this works.
Lastly, I have The Night Before Christmas quilt number one's border, it's yellow, not worth a picture, I am already having a heck of a time navigating through all these, but you can imagine. I have a second one I am working on and so far here's what I have for the blocks, in no order, these are just four of my favorites. I am debating the connecting border. I am going to do white I think, or red, but my question is, should I do just sashing, or should I do cornerstones again for a wild and crazy look...OK not too wild because heck, this is me, but it would be a little out there.
Oh, I lied, NOW lastly I have an idea for these fabrics:

But my idea has more to do with designing a pattern, or making a product, or creating a kit with a pattern to make a product. I My little H were the inspiration for the idea . I might just have an idea or two for etsy....oh so here's a big question to you as a fabric/pattern/craft consumer. Should I design just the product, a pattern for the product, or try to sell both? Maybe a kit too if I can figure out all the fabric/copyright rules. I actually have two ideas at the moment, both could easily be made by me to sell or I could try to write them into a pattern, I would need an editor but we could work on that.

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