Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my weekend

thank goodness for PlayDoh! Who'd have thought that the girls would play so well for long periods of time together with it. I am now trying to save it for weekends/days off because....

mama got to sew!

This last weekend I had a 1/2 day Friday (4.75 hours) and sat and sun off, and closed on Monday (so I left the house at 11:30am) My mom hightailed it up to visit a friend in Canada, and have lunch with my brother and his girlfriend. My brother came home for Sat to watch the 24 Hours of Daytona with my dad and weld something, and help dad with something in the master suite. Dad was watching the race and working on the remodel...the girls PLAYED PLAYDOH and I took over moms sewing space with my projects and machine.

I got the piecing of the Spooktacular Chains quilt finished, just have to draw out and do the applique. Just as I wanted it's an over sized queen, most likely pushing king coverlet. That ones for ME!

There were 4 left over 6" blocks (finished size) plus a 13"X15" strip from the middle thingies on the quilt (when I get pics for you you will understand) that I put together and will add onto with other left overs. It will be a little wild for me, and a lot of fun to see what it ends up looking like. I think that will go to Seattle Children's' Hospital.

I made a top with a Kona Cottons Solids Charm Pack I won ages ago. I just took the squares and added white sashing. It needs a border but I don't know what to use yet for that. Mom and I will go together sometime and pick something out. That's for SCH!

I found some orphan blocks from a valentines quilt I made for the Hospital along with some 2" left over strips. I had one more block's worth of pieces cut out, I don't know why I didn't make that block at the same time, and enough scraps to make another block with a little improv. I then had 12 blocks, used the 2" strips to frame those blocks, and stitched them together, 3X4 I think the blocks finished at 8" or so, so a small quilt but perfect. Headed to SCH too. It also needs a border, no idea what to use for that either!

Lastly I am two hexagons away from finishing my first flower. They are basted, and I have a ton more hexies basted too, but those are flower centers and I have most the rest of the pieces in storage still. I am doing prints in the middle with just one ring of petals in solids. Since most the fabric is not with me, I don't know what solids I need to get to go with most the centers, and I can't remember what the line of fabric is called....oops. at least I am not in a hurry to cross that one off my list!

pictures will come soon....I hope!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

pick one!

sorry for the second post!

one of my co-workers is going to have a baby in Aug. It's too early to tell boy or girl, but I do want to make her a baby quilt. I like the new quilt on the moda bakeshop, so it's a possibility, but aside from the pattern should I make something with:

The Bernstein Bears




Just go with the original inspiration and stick with the pez?
which I'd just go with that pattern instead of trying to come up with my own.

there's so much more I want to share with you, but I dont want THREE posts in one day! hehe!

the winter storm

You all know I now live in the Seattle area right? And did you hear about our snow? If only the computer I use here worked like mine...or if I got mine out of it's moving box and had dad fix it. The girls spent a lot of time outside these past few days. In the snow. they got into and out of all their snow gear on their own. (big deal for H!) but we couldn't find their winter gloves, just their knit ones...so both got ziploc baggies taped over their gloves to keep their hands dry and them outside a little longer.

I still had to get to and from work, even though headquarters ("corporate") was closed, and our distribution center was shut down for three days because of no power. I had to open the store and be there by 4:45, so I left my house by 3:20 every morning. I couldn't make it up my hill, so I parked at the local 7-11 and dad got me in his truck. Mind you I drive a 2001 beetle, and it's AWESOME in the snow, but the grade on my hill, especially on the bottom was a little too steep. Especially without momentum. I tried three streets my first day, and one the second. Dad was nice enough to drive me down to my car in the morning, after remote starting his truck so it was warm, AND scraped my windows and let me stay in the truck. Nice dad! I worked my 8 hours, and then some off the clock to help out some, and was home by 3 most days the week but not until 6pm one of the days. I had to get gas for my car, and for the generator. We did lose power for about a day and a half (that's how I made it up my hill the third day. They had major league plowed and sanded one of the roads to help the PSE guys get up to restore power to the area.) now most the snow is melted, we have some major wind storms going through and temps rose quickly with lots of rain, so flooding is an issue in some areas. Mind you this whole time my manager was on vacation, and it was extended two days because our airport was cancelling flights.

What really tickles my funny bone about this storm we had is not that people don't know how to drive and almost everything shuts down. I'll admit it's a totally different thing trying to get around out here in the snow than in Montana, but it's that people FREAK OUT about it. They panic, they are dumb, there are so many accidents, one news station even reported that they stopped counting after the 6,500 point in one county. No one remembers a storm like this before....it happens every year. At least once. Usually in late Jan, early Feb. Every year. Usually for one week or so. Why isn't anyone prepared? Why don't people remember last years? make plans in advance? So funny!!!

Monday, January 09, 2012

little facts

merry late Christmas, happy new year, and um...anything else I missed!

Not much to report around here. I am almost done with my Halloween quilt, and I found some of the fabric I want. Just not the green, but I think I can live without it if I have to. I will keep looking until the last possible moment, but I can be happy with what I have.

I am working on editing the patterns I want to make the girls quilts with. I "need" some of Moda's Porcelain Bella Solids, but don't want to buy anything else. I will keep that on the back burner until some of my other projects are finished to see if I have enough tip money saved up, and can sneak it into the house. =) I could use white, I have a bolt of Moda Bella White, but it's just off enough it would bother me. Most likely no one else, but me.

Next week we will be applying for Kindergarten for R and Preschool 1 for H! WAHOO!!!

I don't know if I shared the whole fiasco with my Child Care Assistance, but basically I was kicked out of the program because I didn't have an active child support case against A going (or receiving support) and I passed my 30 day period. The next week (so like 36 days) I got my letter saying my case is now "active" and I filled out a TON of paperwork, so I have been calling all morning to get back on the wait list for Support, but keep getting "all circuits are busy now, please call again later, good bye." and the one time I got through I was disconnected. How frustrating. But it'll work out in the end!

I joined the quilters group at my church. I am 30-35 years younger than the youngest member of the group. I was expecting that. They were not expecting me. But I think it will be good. I will learn some things, I will share youth and energy and interest. They will know the art is not dying out with their fellow quilters....I am excited about it!

I also joined the churches prayer line and am trying to make it to a pray and play group with H. Darn work keeps getting in the way.

R is in swim lessons. She loves it. It's about time she joined too! 5 1/2 and never before been in swim lessons! SHESH!

H has so many words, loves puzzles, is so stinkin' smart it kills me sometimes. She looks so sweet and Innocent and little, then you turn your back and she's gotten into something she couldn't possibly been able to get into and you can't help but laugh!

AS for PHD/WIP's for me....I just want to work on the list I started last year and never got to finishing since the move and I am still not in my "own" space. It's hard to haul everything to my friends house, set up, sew, make sure the kids are playing nicely, eat, stop fights, pack everything up and then go home. But you do what you've got to do!