Sunday, January 22, 2012

the winter storm

You all know I now live in the Seattle area right? And did you hear about our snow? If only the computer I use here worked like mine...or if I got mine out of it's moving box and had dad fix it. The girls spent a lot of time outside these past few days. In the snow. they got into and out of all their snow gear on their own. (big deal for H!) but we couldn't find their winter gloves, just their knit both got ziploc baggies taped over their gloves to keep their hands dry and them outside a little longer.

I still had to get to and from work, even though headquarters ("corporate") was closed, and our distribution center was shut down for three days because of no power. I had to open the store and be there by 4:45, so I left my house by 3:20 every morning. I couldn't make it up my hill, so I parked at the local 7-11 and dad got me in his truck. Mind you I drive a 2001 beetle, and it's AWESOME in the snow, but the grade on my hill, especially on the bottom was a little too steep. Especially without momentum. I tried three streets my first day, and one the second. Dad was nice enough to drive me down to my car in the morning, after remote starting his truck so it was warm, AND scraped my windows and let me stay in the truck. Nice dad! I worked my 8 hours, and then some off the clock to help out some, and was home by 3 most days the week but not until 6pm one of the days. I had to get gas for my car, and for the generator. We did lose power for about a day and a half (that's how I made it up my hill the third day. They had major league plowed and sanded one of the roads to help the PSE guys get up to restore power to the area.) now most the snow is melted, we have some major wind storms going through and temps rose quickly with lots of rain, so flooding is an issue in some areas. Mind you this whole time my manager was on vacation, and it was extended two days because our airport was cancelling flights.

What really tickles my funny bone about this storm we had is not that people don't know how to drive and almost everything shuts down. I'll admit it's a totally different thing trying to get around out here in the snow than in Montana, but it's that people FREAK OUT about it. They panic, they are dumb, there are so many accidents, one news station even reported that they stopped counting after the 6,500 point in one county. No one remembers a storm like this happens every year. At least once. Usually in late Jan, early Feb. Every year. Usually for one week or so. Why isn't anyone prepared? Why don't people remember last years? make plans in advance? So funny!!!


seventhsister26 said...

Glad you made it through it without any real events. They used to freak out so much in Albuquerque over a dusting that they would shut down the freeway. I'm sure your girls enjoyed the snow play;)
Happy Quilting!!
p.s. We are now living 220 down the 5 from you;)

a good yarn said...

Living in Sydney it's impossible to imagine this kind of weather and how it impacts on the daily routine. I marvel that life continues the way it does and how well most people seem to manage what are incredibly difficult conditions. ann :-)

Beth said...

It is the same here. People seem to forget how to manage in the snow. REally? This is the midwest, we always have snow. I just stay home if possible and sew. LOL
Glad the girls enjoyed the snow.