Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simpsons Quilt

I was cutting out the fabric I had for A's Simpson's quilt and was trying to figure out how much of the rest of the fabrics I need to buy for it. I already had my orange, red, and green cut into 3"squares and a few of the 9" Simpson's material squares. My plan is to do a nine patch next to a big I guess kind of like an Irish chain or...I know there's a name for what I am doing but I did come up with the idea before I saw the patterns. I just was going off what on earth I could do with that crazy Simpson's fabric!

Here are a bunch of pictures of the materials I have cut out, mind you I still want to buy coordinating yellow, tan, lime green, (maybe will exchange for the current green) cobalt blue, and a sky blue. I want the quilt to be crazy, since the main fabric is. I just don't want it to be so crazy you get sick. Hence my questions here.
This first picture is one color, which is not what I am planning on doing at all, but for demo's sake....should I do the 9 patches alternating like these two or all the same?
So the next picture is the same as above with two different fabrics in the 9 patch...alternating....I forgot to tell you, pretend my brown desk is black squares. I think the black will tone it down a little bit but not take away from the chaos.
This next picture shows even more tamed down, using the same 9 patch in different colors. I think I would do more black than color, I forgot to take a picture the other way around but you can use your imaginations if you think that I should do more color less black...this is actually the one I am leaning towards but I am just worried it won't be wild enough!
Now this one has my original plan of mismatched 9 patches. Here (are cute fingers and ) the same block, again blacks are 5 of the 9's. yes, imagine more colors, more chaos. This is actually my second choice because it's wild but organised....this one would take a good amount of planning, but at the same time not much and so it would be fun.
Lastly, this is the craziest, the original plan but it scares me a little because I don't like messes. I think it would compliment the Simpson's fabric the best, busy and insane.

I cut the Simpson's fabric for borders too, 3 inches for that fabric, I was going to do a black border too, and who knows what else will happen....maybe one with left over squares, maybe a white one, maybe nothing else....we will cross that bridge when we get there!

Friday, May 29, 2009

"fabric blankies"

That is what R calls quilts, it actually sounds more like "babric kikis"

I have told you this all more than once, but I am going to reiterate here for us all. I promised myself I would never move onto the next project before the one I am working on is finished. Yeah, I broke that one! It all started when I gave up on my Christmas project last year (aprons, tree skirts, pillows, and a quilt with the left overs) because the Apron pattern was a little vague on how to do it and I couldn’t find some of the supplies I needed for it. Away into a tub everything went until I had some more patience and less pressure for Christmas things to be done by Christmas (and it is all sitting there waiting patiently for me to try again.)

Then, one day, A saw me bring home some new finds from JoAnn’s or Ben Franklin and told me “no more new fabric until you use up some of what you already have!” He obviously is not a quilter! (nor a fabric fanatic) I keep telling him it’s something my dad just rolls his eyes with when mom does and has learned to keep his mouth shut so A should too! With A not working though I decided I could follow that rule, mostly. Some projects I can’t finish until I get more (and we are just talking tops here!) The problem is I don’t have much in the way of backing fabric! I have two tops that need backing, three (including those two) that need batting,….oh I will just list them out for you:

Projects in the Works:
Lavender Mist BOTM -4 blocks done, missing two, need backing, batting, binding (and missing blocks)
Princess Blankie- I think I have batting that will work for this, so I just need to sandwich and quilt it
Jackies Quilt - need batting, have backing
Dora Quilt- need to find a border for it, backing, batting, binding etc.
Christmas Quilt- backing, batting, binding
Simpsons Quilt- for A- I need to find more flannel fabrics to go with it and then make it! but everything I have so far is cut and ready to go
Christmas Combo Pack- this is the thing I set aside, I think for now gathering the rest of the supplies will be on the agenda, then maybe the tree skirts would be the place to start, I know the pillow will be easy and the quilt will be with left overs so that’ll be last of the set

I have a whole slew of other projects I have mentioned before that I want to get cracking on but I am going to stop myself from starting anything new for the moment until those are DONE (well maybe not the last one). Well, with an exception:

I joined the Because I Matter Challenge! I am a late commer but Tracey was so kind to allow me to join. The rules are you have to make something(s) for YOU! all the things above are for other people, or in the case of the Lavender Mist BOTM, who knows who it’s for but it is not just for me! R and I sat on the washer and dryer today for about 20 minutes while I looked at all the stuff I have and tried to figure out what I wanted to make for ME. Here is what we came up with:
Because I Matter Challenge:
1) Families are like Quilts needlepoint -it’s been a while since I have done cross stitch, something to do in front of the TV
2) 2005 Western Washington Shop Hop- blocks and maybe turn it into a quilt…I am a little intimidated by this, hence it’s now 2009 but I WANT to do it so here is my inspiration (by the way, if you want to read my rant and rave about shop hops, pop on over to my blog at and if you haven’t done so already, skim through some of the other ladies blogs, many of them are truly AMAZING!!
3) Quilt Scrapbook- I need to update it since I now have a camera and a few projects that are close to being done, so before I forget the details
4) Dress- I bought a pattern and some fabric for a dress I loved on display at JoAnn’s last summer, I need to find some blue fabric to use under the dress or a pink ribbon…yes I want to make two, but we will start with one for now and see how it goes!
5) Garden Path- I found the magazine for it and A said I could make it in blue and green instead of pink and green….so by the time the challenge ends my goal is not to have the quilt done, or even started, but to have found the fabric for it! I really want to use big blue hydrangea flower fabric for it so I am keeping my eyes out!
6) Leaders and Enders/Scrap Quilts- true, they will be for my guests once I own a house with a guest room (probably my sewing room too…wait I told you all about this and showed you my doodles!) so the goal is to get this started even if that means I just buy the fabric and have a few leaders/enders going. We will see!
I will be posting my challenge progress both here and on the challenge page. I may also start another project or two for fun but I do have a baby coming in Aug….so this might be a nice list for now but one that takes more than a summer to tackle. That’s OK. Ambitious goals are fun and driving forces right? And as much as A complains about my sewing (mostly when hes watching a game or a movie) he admits I am more pleasant to be around when the machine is going. my game plan starting this weekend is to work on the unfinished projects whenever I can and work on the challenge stuff for at least 10 minutes a day every day. I will set a timer to make sure I am committed, and will probably have some times when I am on a roll and don’t want to stop but the family will have to leave me alone for those 10 minutes the timer is counting away.

OH OH!!!! I can’t believe I almost forgot! I got a package yesterday from one of my moms friends…she added me as a friend on Facebook and saw all my quilts. When she was cleaning out her own stash she set a bunch of fabric aside for me and TADA! a package! with 34 lbs of fabric in it!! I already sorted it all and added it to my stash, I think I now have more than double what I did have! There are a bunch of Christmas fabrics and even a project that was started using templates and what not. She sent me the templates, the magazine, the left over fabric and the blocks that have been done. I have never used templates before and might try one block (the Santa’s are what she gave up on, she got all the trees) but $5 says I give up too and then will just take the blocks she has done, turn the two Santa’s into something like a pillow or a dolly quilt and the tree blocks will become something more, add sashing, a little throw, a wall hanging….a tree skirt for all I can tell. Let the creative juices flow!

Monday, May 25, 2009

aunt J's quilt

I finished the top to my Aunt J's quilt. There are several mistakes. To start with I am in need of practice with half square triangles. I am a lot better with the other method where you do one square and sew on both sides of a line, but I am still not perfect either way. I also made two blocks later after not cutting enough triangles and was not as careful with them as I should have been and put some strips on backwards. I didn't realise it until I had put the blocks together. OOPS! Oh well! If I were more patient maybe I would have undone them and then tried again but by the time I got to those two blocks I was ready for something new! Has that happened to anyone else? While I love the fabric and the pattern I was ready to move on!

Just to help understand that green border here is the main fabric before I cut it! See the little green and gold in it? A was making fun of me when I put the little green border on, calling me a hippy wanna be and what not. Then when I put the second border on he said "oh, that actually looks really cool." Thanks honey, sometimes I am not as crazy as you think I am.

I loved this fabric and was really sad to see that I didn't get any extra. Then again Aunt J bought the fabric for me so I shouldn't complain at all. She bought two purples because she couldn't decide which one she liked more with the main fabric, the green, and the backing. She also bought this beautiful pink fabric for me to back the quilt I had made for one of my friends too. We got all this at QuiltWorks Northwest when R was only 2 months old! I kept putting this quilt off for no reason other than I was a little intimidated by it. I finally figured out how to use all the fabrics in it and LOVE IT!
Also today, I caught R playing with tools. OK, I actually gave her the tools in exchange for a hammer and a sharp little screwdriver. I'd much rather have her play with a wrench and a pair of thick pliers. She was working on her "car" that her uncle B and his girlfriend (I'll call her R's Aunt K because shes as close as we've got for now but B and K are only 19 so there's no rush!) for her last birthday. Whats so cool about her working on her car is that my brother and my dad are both race car drivers...for fun, not professionals. She's a car girl too! I didn't even have to teach that! And yes, you may note that most pictures of my lovely little girl are of her in just her pull up. She doesn't like being dressed! She doesn't strip down at least but she will put up quite the little fight to get dressed. The funny thing is she INSISTS on wearing "jimmy jam" bottoms to bed. She also will ask to put her socks and shoes on when one of us gets ready to go out but she'd be happy to go otherwise unclothed. Silly girl. Enjoy it while you can get away with it!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Here I am again with nothing really to say. Registering at Target was fun but I am having problems with the website, I used two differnet passwords, one for my own account I set up eons ago for online shopping and then the one for the registery that Adam can remember easily but I used my same e-mail address for both so, ooops! oh well!

I poped into my JoAnns again and didn’t buy anything. I just wanted to double check that they didn’t have the binding or the two blocks for Lavander Mist I am missing (7 and 10) then I was killing time to meet up with my friend so I wandered over to the calicos and was just looking, A has authotrized my next fabric purchase can be for a quilt for our bed and has even agreed on a pattern/color scheme. At first he balked because the mag had the quilt in pink and green (oh it’s Garden Path in McCall’s Quilting from 07 I think, I put it away just 10 minutes ago and don’t want to get it out. We will do it in blue and green, more soothing than perky. He said go for it when he has a job! HORRAY!!!

While I was there I saw bolts of white. I need white! I have a project in mind for those 2 ½ inch squares I was telling you about last time. I want to make a scrap quilt (ok two) for my sewing/guest room that I don’t have here but is something I am going to get when we buy a house. We HAVE to have a guest room and it might as well be my sewing space too as long as I keep it as organized as what I showed you last time! Anyways ramble aside, I saw a picture online for decorating with quilts and loved one of the quilts in it so much I sat down with graph paper and drew out what it would look like for a twin size (oh in this guest room I dream of we have a trundle/day bed with two twins so we can have one or two guests without takign up the whole room and if they are not comfortable sharing a bed at least no one is stuck on the couch).

I then figured out how much white or cream fabric I would need. I was lookign for somethign to do to kill time and decided to play around with the pattern and made something that looked similar but not a total match.
Again calculated out how much white/cream I would need and added it to the prior calculations, since these WERE coordinating scrap quilts they should have the same base color right? so 9 yards is what I came up with. Most bolts have 8 on them. Ok I say, if I order a bolt and get 8 yards and am careful I might just have enough, or I could buy 1 1/2-2 yards whiel I special order a bolt of the same stuff and can get started while waiting! I looked at the prices on three bolts of white that I liked and was surprised to see that they were $3.99. I don't know if JoAnns takes coupons for special orders, somethign inside me says no but already thats not bad! so a bolt of white is second on the list of things to get when I can spend again on fabric. My plan is to use these as a leader/ender project, so theres no real rush but I'd love to get leading and ending soon!
While I am showing you things out of my scratch book (doodle book?) I should show you the Hungry Caterpillar quilt I designed but have not made yet. (need to get on that fabric purchase soon too!) I never really liked the two patterns I saw for it out there but liked parts of them, so I took a little of each, spent some time scribbling away and came up with this: true it would look better if I used colored pencils but I think you are all creative enough to imagine it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

um....well I just wanted to share I guess

I told myself I wasn't going to post anything today, nothing worthwhile has really happened! but then A was wonderful. I took everything out of the bathroom and sorted through it while R was taking her rest this afternoon and A saw this and went in with chemicals up the wazoo and cleaned the bathroom. I could eat off the floor and drink out of the toilet it's that clean! I almost want to go soak in the tub but I only enjoy that when I have a good book to read and "Parents" magazine isn't quite what I have in mind (I like to read murder mysteries by candlelight in the bathtub...crazy isn't it?)This is a picture of what our bathroom looks like...well the part I organized. A did clean the shelves for me too! I was trying to take a pic of the whole bathroom but our door to it is about 2/3 the size of a normal door and the toilet is RIGHT next to the door....then the sink is RIGHT there and then the tub. It's one LITTLE bathroom!

I also got R's room cleaned up, when I have some spare cash I need to go to Target and get some more little canvas cube things to sort her toys out into, I have one in her room, one in the laundry room, and three in the hall closet. If they weren't all serving their purpose so well I'd move them all into her room! I have one for her dress up stuff and currently tea party stuff shares a space but I'd like for that to be its own too, and then coloring stuff, I want little drawers for puzzles (she gets so mad when she gets pieces that don't fit the puzzle so I want to organize them all) and then one for the new baby's toys. how many is that? I have space for four or five if I have diapers/wipes there too....since R is still in pull ups!
I also have the kitchen almost perfectly clean, just need to scrub the walls, clean the fridge out, and clean the floors. My laundry room is looking good but I need to clean the machines, I hate how sometimes the soap leaks onto the washer and then the dust/lint gets stuck on it! EWWWEEE but the room was dusted, swept and fabric stuff was straitened out. what, you want to see what my stash looks like now? Here are projects in que. On top are my four finished tops waiting for bottoms, my sewing basket, a box which usually holds my "stash cash" but currently holds yarn and thread with no cash coming anytime soon for it, and then my 2 1/2" squares made from left overs of projects I have finished....I have a plan for them just you wait and see! Next to that is my scrapbook of finished projects, threads under the pipe, a class I took two sessions of before A lost his job and I couldn't pay for any more. Top to bottom JoAnn's Lavender Mist BOTM (need blocks 7, 10, and binding if anyone is headed out there, mine is out here) JoAnn's Natures Bounty BOTM, Simpson's for A (need more flannels for it but its in line because I am actively looking for them) and jungle fabrics for a co-workers baby. Next to those are my books and mags, I am thinking of taking all my mags down to the local print shop and seeing if they will unbind them and put them all in one big binder or something for me since some of them are falling apart.
Here's the cool stuff: OK it's all cool really but this is the true stash! Top shelf first left to right: the things I gathered on the 2005 Western Washington Shop Hop, the first and only one I have gone on but I can't wait to go again! (was going to go this year but don't think it would be wise to go to Seattle that close to my due date) then batting I got on clearance. Next top is Christmas stuff I have cut for:5 adult aprons 3 children's aprons, 3 tree skirts, 2 couch pillows, and something else. Below that is random Christmas fabrics and left overs of the above mentioned so I can make a quilt to coordinate too, then I have my high school t-shirt stuff cut up ready to do SOMETHING with. Next over is Hungry Caterpillar fabric I am trying to collect more of before it's out of stock but have no money to do so...oh catch 22! Left over Dora that I need to do something with, and the fabric I bought to make Butterfly Beauty from Quilters World Feb 2004 and can't find the mag or the pattern!! Next to that all is assorted children's fabric, pink and green things to decorate R's room when we end up somewhere for more than a year or two (curtain fabric and the like) and then clothing projects that I am a little intimidated by.

Are you still with me? This next parts quick I promise! next to the tubs loose is "multi colored" fabrics, bottom shelf has reds, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples behind oranges, and whites behind blacks. See I told you it would be fast! oh and on the floor in a big storage tub are all my fleeces and flannels...I really would like to separate them but for now they can share a tub

Well, this has been another pointless but entertaining (I hope) post by yours truly....I am sure I will have something to say tomorrow about registering at Target for baby stuff with a girl friend, or more on cleaning so stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

birthday planning

R turns three in just under three weeks. I am trying to plan her birthday but on a limited budget I don't know what really to do. I want to have a nice back yard bash with a kiddie pool we have been eyeing and a BBQ or something but we don't have a BBQ either! I really wanted to buy A one for Fathers Day this year but it might have to wait another year or so. I do have a friend who is giving us her charcoal grill, but will we get it in time?

I bought invitations at Target today only to realise when I was at the grocery store that their's less sesame street stuff out there than Dora and I had seen some Dora stuff at another store yesterday. Back to Target I will go after work and return the invitations and get them from the party store in town. Then maybe I will to go to JoAnns and see if they have any cake decorating stuff, not to buy but just to scope out (and I need some thread) I think Dora will be fairly easy and I know R loves her so it works out well.

I don't know who all to invite but I want some good friends there. I also want it to be low key. I guess I have until the end of the week to do it without being too last minute. How on earth did her birthday sneak up on us? Last I looked it was MY birthday (April)

in other news, I won my first online give away! Thanks to Tracey I have won some fabric! I can't wait to see it! It couldn't have come at a better time to lift my spirits....A not working, me not sure of a project to work on next, anxious about baby B and everything, this was such a delight to see in my inbox! Maybe our luck is turning around!

I am just about done with Aunt J's quilt, just have the two borders to put on! (and of course the backing and what not but shhhh)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

almost out of projects!

I am almost down with two quilt tops that I was working on together….One is a really simple one that I was practicing my leaders and enders with while waiting to be able to buy fabric for my real leaders and enders plan and the other is for my aunt J. I made a lot of mistakes with it, the last being making my last two blocks one night when I was exhausted but waiting for R to cry herself to sleep and needed something to focus on other than her crying. I also need to work on my half square triangles. Oh well, all is part of learning the process right? and my aunt wouldn’t care if I sent her something that looked like garbage, she knows I am still newish to this and that I made it with love and the best of intentions.

The upside is more projects crossed off my list before I can go buy more fabric…the down side, I am almost to a point where I need to go buy more fabric to use the fabric I have. This makes no sense to A and I am not very good at explaining it in guy terms, I tried to relate it to how you need more fishing thingies (but I used to word “thingies“) in order to go fishing. Then I tried to relate it to video games, but he only plays two. Then…I gave up. A just doesn’t understand the “stash”vs “planed project” Its something I keep telling my dad had to get over too with my mom and her quilting and whenever the two of them are together they tease us but it’s nice to have something in common with my mom, and for him to have something to joke about with my dad.

So my main dilemma here is that I don’t know what my next project will be! I have a huge list of things that I want to work on but I need to get more fabric for them, and I have a few that I don’t feel ready for but I have everything ready to go. I guess I dig in right? Learn as I go, that’s what this whole thing is about! I have the first five or six blocks of JoAnn’s Lavender Mist BOTM here, I don’t know how to do applique yet but it looks like they have good instructions. I have the whole Natures Bounty kit from JoAnns. I also have everything from when my mom, her friends A and E and I went on the Western Washington Shop Hop (oh how I wanted to do that this summer too but not 9 months pregnant I can’t!) back in 2006. The summer before I had R. I have the kit to a little boy blanket too but don’t know who I would make that for so I don’t want to start it yet.

I do have all the fabric for a quilt I wanted to make a while ago, but have lost the pattern and can’t find a copy of the magazine it came from it’s so old! Butterfly Beauty…I will have to get the tub out to see what magazine it was in but it was either Quilters World or American Patchwork Quilts. My guess is it was the first of the two!

something I was working on gathering fabric for before A lost his job was a Hungry Caterpillar collection to make two quilts and a nursery set to try to donate or give to a friend or something (I don’t want it here because it doesn’t go with the themes but I do want to make it because I love the story and the fabrics). I have a few things for it but not much and am now getting nervous about not being able to get what I want/need for it! I am going to stash some tip money for the next few weeks and hit up the local Ben Franklin which I know had the material a while ago to see what I can get, and if need be start searching online again. I see they now have a Brown Bear Brown Bear collection out and I want to do something similar with that too! oh caching caching right? (think the $$ sound) A gathering I will go (in secret…I will have to smuggle this all in hehehe!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

quilt tops

here I am again....I actually posted a better blog about these quilts at but I can't make pictures work over there like I can here so I am posting these here with shorter stories!

this is the quilt I made with christmas fabric charm packs. I don't love the black and yellow in it, and the red is just off what I love but it was a fun project!

This is R's big girl bed quilt top. it is 66X90 right now and I can't figure out how I want to finish it...if I want borders or not, if so what it/they will look like etc. Any advice would be taken with joy!

my mothers day! 2009!!

I can't belive how much I have been posting here since there was such a long absence of posts for a while there! I have missed blogging and recording my thoughts. Since A isn't working and couldn't do up a mothers day for me like we all wanted this year we have decided that once he has a job we will look on the calander, pick a day and call that my special mothers day! Then we can go out to eat and I can get flowers and presents and whatever else he wants to do for me. I know for Fathers day this year (assuming he's working in the next few weeks) I am going to save up my tip money and get him a grill! It is mostly a present for him but I love BBQ's and theres so much good summer food you can only make on a real grill!

so for today, while it's nothign too special A and R tried to do some sweet things for me. R picked flowers (mostly dandylions but she did manage to find two tulups)
A cleaned the kitchen and I was able to bleach part of the sink. If we keep the kitchen clean all week then we will set up the espresso machine I gave myself for Christmas (it was on sale, PLUS partner shopping days were 40% off so I spent less than $150 on a machine that originally was $400!! and I get beans for it each week for free as a perk!)

While we were outside I managed to give R a little hair cut. It was just a trim up and it's not perfect but for a first try it looks good! She has not been a good photo subject lately so these are the best shots of the cut that I could get out of her before her "rest" and yes she loves to run around nakie but we make her have a diaper on (or big girl undies if she sits on the potty but shes just too busy to sit down for a few minutes!)
I promise I am going to get pictures of the quilt tops I have done but theres too much clutter in the house right now to try and get a picutre taken! I don't know why its so hard for me to clean and keep the place clean but it is! The kitchen and bedroom are what I worked on a week ago and are still in decent but not pristine condition. 20 minutes each and they'd be back to perfect but really? do I want to do that? especially when the rest of the house is a DISASTER? but I need to do it all sometime I know I know. Plus I know it will only get worse if I don't take care of it soon! oh housework!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

ABC of ME!

hehe, alright I got taged by this onFacebook and while I don't usually do any of the things I get taged in (I refuse to be the annoying person who tags everyone they know with these things!) I liked this one and decided to do it here!

A - Age: 25
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: folding laundry
D - Dog's name: dont have any!
E - Essential start your day item: "s'deams?" from R with a kiss (her asking if we had sweet dreams)
F - Favorite color: Pink with Green, Blue with Yellow
G - Gold or Silver: Silver
H - Height: 5' 7"
I - Instruments you play(ed): the recorder (who didn't?)
J - Job title: shift supervisor/basrista
K - Kid(s): R (6/7/06) and #2 due 8/1/09
L - Living arrangements: renting the basement of a house with the fam
M - Mom's name: B.
N - Nicknames: Lisapotpie
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: just the birth of R
P - Pet Peeve: um...well while I ampregnant what ISN"T a pet peeve, but usually peopel who dont say please or thank you or when you say "hi how are you?" "grande brew" (oir any other order without acknowledging my question or the fact that I care)
Q - Quote from a movie: "cinderella cinderella night and day it's cinderella, do the dishes, fold the laundry...." except I sing it "mommy lisa mommy lisa...."
R - Right or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: B 19
T - Time you wake up: um....whenever R does? or if I have to open at 5 I get up at 4:30
U- Underwear: love the lacey boy shorts but I also like soft cotton panties
V - Vegetable you dislike: I like them all!
W - Ways you run late: when R doenst want to let me go and when A is late home from work
X - X-rays you've had: wrist, ankle, and oodles of teeth =)
Y - Yummy food you make: anything when I actually make things
Z - Zoo favorite:just watching R get excited about the animals

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

one more week down, 12 left!

I wrote R’s birth story and was going to post it here for you all, but it needs some editing, it’s long (and while I don’t think any of you really need the details I thought I’d like them and maybe R would like it later in life) and since spell check is not working nor is gramar checker and I am not well versed in either of those I need someone to actually read and correct it before I post it. Things that are just off the top of my head I don’t mind less editing, and sometimes not even self editing, but things I want to keep and that have true meaning I do care about.

in other news, nothing going on. I am sore, irritable, you know all the normal pregnancy things. I can’t belive that it’s almost over! Three more months! I am going to go with some girlfriends to register for baby stuff sometime in the next week or two. I am going to do it at Target, I don’t know if anyone will get me anything, but somehow the list making, picking things out, what not will make me feel a little more control and prepared. I also want to get some maternity clothes, hence the wait this long.

I really want to get back to serwing but house work keeps calling my name, and while the housework is getting harder and harder to finish (after 8 hours on my feet serving people at work I don’t want to work too hard at home) I can’t justify sewing in a messy living roomwhen theres laundry to fold, or toys to pick up, or dishes to do….why is that? I really need a sewing room where I doin’t see the clutter. I also am to a point where I have to do a lot of ironing and don’t want to. I know I messed up a good chunk of my half square triangle squares (following me?) and they are now rectangles with four squares and will be a little catiewhompus but I don’t have enough material to start over nor do I have the skill to undo and redo everything so I am just going to have to call it “an imperfectly framed four patch” and move on.

I have a few quilt tops that I want to show you, one I am debating putting a border on or not. I am not allowed to buy any more fabric until (A gets a job and we get caught up on the bills) I use what I have, which means I have to make a bunch of tops without finishing them and I will have more that I will have to some how smuggle fabric in to finish! I will try to get some pics of the tops for you all tomorrow if it doesn’t rain or snow or in other ways get the ground wet outside. Tehre’s not enough room to take pics inside! (well, and my bedroom light is funky and ickie so it wouldn’t turn out well.)

I will ask my border question tomorrow!