Monday, May 25, 2009

aunt J's quilt

I finished the top to my Aunt J's quilt. There are several mistakes. To start with I am in need of practice with half square triangles. I am a lot better with the other method where you do one square and sew on both sides of a line, but I am still not perfect either way. I also made two blocks later after not cutting enough triangles and was not as careful with them as I should have been and put some strips on backwards. I didn't realise it until I had put the blocks together. OOPS! Oh well! If I were more patient maybe I would have undone them and then tried again but by the time I got to those two blocks I was ready for something new! Has that happened to anyone else? While I love the fabric and the pattern I was ready to move on!

Just to help understand that green border here is the main fabric before I cut it! See the little green and gold in it? A was making fun of me when I put the little green border on, calling me a hippy wanna be and what not. Then when I put the second border on he said "oh, that actually looks really cool." Thanks honey, sometimes I am not as crazy as you think I am.

I loved this fabric and was really sad to see that I didn't get any extra. Then again Aunt J bought the fabric for me so I shouldn't complain at all. She bought two purples because she couldn't decide which one she liked more with the main fabric, the green, and the backing. She also bought this beautiful pink fabric for me to back the quilt I had made for one of my friends too. We got all this at QuiltWorks Northwest when R was only 2 months old! I kept putting this quilt off for no reason other than I was a little intimidated by it. I finally figured out how to use all the fabrics in it and LOVE IT!
Also today, I caught R playing with tools. OK, I actually gave her the tools in exchange for a hammer and a sharp little screwdriver. I'd much rather have her play with a wrench and a pair of thick pliers. She was working on her "car" that her uncle B and his girlfriend (I'll call her R's Aunt K because shes as close as we've got for now but B and K are only 19 so there's no rush!) for her last birthday. Whats so cool about her working on her car is that my brother and my dad are both race car drivers...for fun, not professionals. She's a car girl too! I didn't even have to teach that! And yes, you may note that most pictures of my lovely little girl are of her in just her pull up. She doesn't like being dressed! She doesn't strip down at least but she will put up quite the little fight to get dressed. The funny thing is she INSISTS on wearing "jimmy jam" bottoms to bed. She also will ask to put her socks and shoes on when one of us gets ready to go out but she'd be happy to go otherwise unclothed. Silly girl. Enjoy it while you can get away with it!

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