Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday at work

OK, I wasn't going to post again for a little while, but DUDE! You HAVE to hear about my day yesterday!!

So la-te-da, off to work I go. I slept in an extra 10 minutes, but that's OK because I lay my stuff out for work the night before and I left my lunch there from the day before when one of our regulars brought in left overs from a huge party they had Friday night...(I LOVE my regulars!)

6:15 I leave the house 6:21 I am in the parking lot at work. Did you know I live a mile away from work? yeah, I do. I walk when I don't have to do the deposit, or when it's not below 20 outside. 6:22 I realise that's a LOT of newspaper on the ground....and they have color comics. 6:27 my co-worker pulls in. (did you also know I am insane about being late so I am always really early!) and I investigate. Two bundles of newspaper had been thrown/dropped from over the railing into our lower an almost two story drop. They were our Sunday papers. Lovely. We pick them up and put the ones we can back together. Seriously?

oh yeah, Sundays we open an hour and a half latter than the rest of the week. Thank goodness for small favors right?

6:49 I answer the phone.

"This is the H* Police Department, we received a distress signal from this location, is everything alright?" Um yeah! "We need you to exit the building and talk to the officer to the northern corner of your building. what are you wearing" slacks, and a grey jacket. I am walking to the front door right now, using my key, oh shoot! Dagnabit, my key is stuck! "When you are walking I need you to keep your hands where the officer can see them, both hands up and clear" OK I am out, I am walking....I am in front of him, may I please hang up now? to the officer, with his MAJOR gun.(he's a regular too)

Sad thing is this isn't the first time I've done this.

6:55 we are open for business.

7:05 someone walks in and says "we are here to pick up a donation for the spay and neuter clinic"

um...what? Call the other store to make sure they didn't have one ready. Nope. So either someone miss communicated on their side or we didn't approve it because nothings written down, I don't tell them that. I just say :give me 30 minutes I'll have 5 gallons of coffee ready for you and everything to go with it"

7:30, my one working bar is acting funny. Dripping water all over the counter. I take the machine apart and back together (well "apart" not much I can do but check that everything locked in tight) and nope. I try forcing a clog out of the drain. nope. Oh, by the way when you steam milk, steam comes out where the shots should be coming out of. Interesting. 7:40 machine reads "Please Insert Card" and will not work. At all. Nothing. Shut off, restart, try again after 10 minutes rest for the machine plus the whole reboot process.

7:55, nothing. Turn machine off for day, make note to call it in.

My other machine was supposed to be serviced on Friday, the steam wand's broken. It won't steam on "auto": (where it shuts off when it hits the right temp) So I am working on a broken machine. Dumb tech! (we have big problems with him but corporate is working on it)

12:10 doing the deposit, do NOT set off alarm.

12:20 done with deposit, but have a counterfeit $1 bill. Lovely

12:35 call the HPD non-emergency number, for a $1 bill I know but we have had a lot of fake $20'sand such around the state so I call it in anyways.

12:55 officer shows up. another regular I actually went to college with. He laughs, I ask him if he was part of the action this morning. No he was at an accident, but he heard the call come in and went over the radio "oh, Lisa's working." (TOLD you I'd done it before!) Yeah yeah yeah. He couldn't believe we had a fake $1, seriously! Who'd make a $1? Anyhoo, he fills out his stuff, I fill out my stuff, and away we go. He does say "You made my day with this!" lovely!

3:00 I clock off and go home.

p.s. I was laughing about it the whole day!!


Christine said...

What a day!! Put your feet up and have a great night! :)

Marsha said...

Sounds like you had a REALLY interesting day! ! !

Katie said...

Yikes! But when one thing goes, they all go, right? I hope today goes better!

---"Love" said...

Some days are just too weird! ---"Love"

seventhsister26 said...

One of those days where you earn every penny they pay;) You just have to shake your head and smile;)
Happy Quilting!!

joanne lendaro said...

Just you get the "stuff" (coffee) for free?? I think I would have needed 5 gallons to get through that day!! Geez!! Eventful day to say the least!!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

That is funny! Some criminals are really dumb...but, hey, works for me!

Sandy said...

Probably the only good thing about 'Sunday at work' is that it is over, and you survived!


Beth said...

What a day! Sounds like you tok it all in stride. Hopefully you don't have to walk out to the police with your hands up too often. Gald you made it thru the day.

a good yarn said...

Unbelievable! Next time I order a coffee at my regular place I'll be thinking of your day. Try and take things easy. Ann :-)