Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last night was Friday Night Sew In night and seeing as my sewing desk is buried and won't be unburied until at least tomorrow I didn't "Sew" but I DID get some applique pieces fused and picked out thread for them. I will be taking them to work and sewing on my lunch breaks as soon as my book is done. (yeah yeah I won't start the next one quite yet the library doesn't have it and K promised she's mailing them soon)

Last night was also one of my co-workers last nights in town. She's transferring three hours away and it was her last shift at our store so we had a little farewell bash for her. Pizza, Salad, Cupcakes, you know, the good stuff! That was from 6:30-8:30 so the girls and I walked down (we live about a mile away from my work, which is two doors down from A's work) around 5:30, placed the pizza order, waited, got the pizza, walked to my work, set up, partied, walked home, and the girls crashed! I was actually surprised H didn't fall asleep in the stroller. She had her baba and wasn't talking, just sitting quietly. tired baby!

Well, just wanted to post about FNSI so I could be eligible for their give away, still bummed I don't have a working digital camera. *note to self, mail to dad*


Beth said...

Sounds like and the girls had fun.
A party ls so tiring. LOL
Getting applique pieces fused and thread ready counts as sewing in my book.

seventhsister26 said...

Some progress is good progress;) Sound like your social life is keeping you happy and occupied;) Hopefully you will get a camera soon....being without one with little ones is something that needs to be remedied;)
Happy Quilting!!

Marsha said...

Even if you didn't "sew" sounds like you accomplished a lot. The pizza party sounds like a fun send off and the exercise was great your you and the girls.

a good yarn said...

Your FNSI was not wasted. Prepping for a project is the most time consuming element. Soudns like you girls had a fun night! Ann :-)

Jandi said...

Progress is progress. My good camera broke a few months ago (husband dropped it) and I've been making do with a cheapy until I can afford to actually replace it. I hope you get yours going soon.

Christine said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! Good luck with the camera- at least you got things prepped at your FNSI! :)