Thursday, July 22, 2010

addicted to...


Ok I am addicted to fabric and quilting too, but I can't find my machine under the sewing desk in my room that's been buried with "things to keep away from H". She puts EVERYTHING in her little mouth. R NEVER did that! Then again I worked less, worked better hours, and only had one munchkin to chase after back then so the house was usually a lot cleaner. Though if you had asked me back then I would have said it was a disaster and I was too embarrassed to have company over. Nahh, it was nothing next to this!

Anyhoo, so no sewing but I am seriously hooked on the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series. Like hard core hooked. I don't even care that my editors mad I missed my last deadline....ok actually I just lost the forms and pictures and everything to mail to her so no biggie, just have to clean. I don't care that the house is messy and I have a play date scheduled for next week. I don't care that we've been eating all the frozen dinners I made for "emergencies" (aka mom can't cook so dad's in charge and we have no money for fast food nights)

It's so bad that I left for work 15 minutes early yesterday (I normally leave at 4:45am and still have time to kill before work at 5 but hate the chance that I'll forget my keys or something and need time to come home and still make it on time) so I left at 4:30AM! and sat in my car and read! I stay up late and fall asleep with the book on my face.

Adam has been feeding the addiction too! He has gone to get the books from the library when they have them (I have to check online first because they only have like 8 of the 18 and he won't go if they are checked out) and he hasn't been in a library once since I've known him! He has me check and see if there are any in the mail from K yet, and he's gone and bought me two (which I will donate to the library). The man who never buys books!

R will hear me randomly laughing and look over "oh, your book. I wish I could read a funny book too." So I hurry up and read her a story then tell her to sit next to me and "read" to herself. Then I read some more.

Start with One For The Money and you'll see what I mean!


a good yarn said...

Reminds me of when my boy was a mite. *chuckle* It's amazing what they can get into. Ann :-)

seventhsister26 said...

Oh, the life of Mom;) The sacrifices we choose to make and the things that keep our sanity;) Don't worry about will have plenty of time when the girls are grown;)
Happy Everything!!

Katie said...

I've heard those books are good. My dad banned my mom from reading in bed thanks to that author! (I haven't read them yet.) Enjoy them...quilting and cleaning can wait.

sophie said...

I have read the books and I DO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ;-)

When you catch up with the Stephanie Plum series and are itching for something more to read, check out Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles mysteries. When I was looking for a series based in Texas, Gayle recommended them to me and I gobbled them up like candy ... and now that I've moved to Austin, I am living dangerously close to the fictional area China Bayles calls home.

canuckquilter said...

One of my kids always had everything in his mouth, including at one point the living room windowsill...the tooth marks are still there. The other didn't do the mouth thing, she was too engrossed scribbling on aything but paper. Kids sure will keep you on your toes!

It's great that your daughter sees you enjoy your books. I'm told it's the best way to raise a reader!


Marsha said...

Sounds like you have been busy juggling reading and those things that just can't wait. Enjoy your books and the cleaning will be there when you are ready to tackle it.

Kids will keep you on your toes. Sometimes they find things you didn't even know was there!

Beth said...

Oh I do that too, read til too late at night,fall asleep with the book on my lap, and ignore the "chores". I have one of those books, I will have to move i to the top of the pile and read it.

My girls were not too badabout things in the mouth, but I know tht I was. LOL.