Thursday, July 23, 2009

creepie guy!!

this might be a more appropriate post for my work blog, but since that's "private" and I really want to share this I am posting it here.

Sunday when I opened, Jimmy (I am not afraid to use his name, mostly because I know nothing else of him) was back in town. A little back story on Jimmy...he comes and goes with the wind. It has been several months since we have seen him and the place is so much nicer without him acting like he owns the place. He's harmless I am sure but has never rubbed me the right way and has bothered others before me. Anyways, so he's back in town. I was by myself on the floor while my co-worker was either getting something from the back or outside setting out the furniture. Jimmy comes up and asks for a glass of water but not in a plastic cup because he doesn't think its safe, but wants a plastic straw. Whatever.

"when is your baby due mommy?" he asks me
"about two weeks"
"you know I could deliver it for you"
"um, OK" I responded
"no really, I know how to do it."
"that's interesting, thanks for sharing"
"You'd let me wouldn't you?" by now I am uncomfortable but holding myself together.
"I don't know."
"if it was an emergency, You'd have me do it. I know you would."
"well, you know my husbands not too far from here, I think I'd call him if it was an emergency."
"but if it was you die or I deliver, what would you choose?"
"you know, That's a tough one, I just don't know" (the answer really is "get the h.e. double hockey sticks away from me you pervert" but I can't say that!) Thank goodness another customer came in and he went to sit down but still!!

This guy now calls me mommy, and will say mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy until I give him attention. Something not even R does. I am extraordinarily uncomfortable around him and dread when I am the one who has to deal with him, but at the same time my upbringing plus my professionalism keeps me there with a smile on my face serving him and praying he doesn't do something like this to any of our customers. I am SO glad tomorrow is my last day, but I don't know when he will blow out of town again and hope its soon and/or that I don't run into him when I go into the store on my maternity leave, especially not when I am there alone with the kids.

in other news, I was supposed to have a drs appointment today but I had to reschedule because I didn't get off work in time to go (I scheduled it before I knew my work schedule) and my midwife is double booked all week. Monday is when I go in if I am still pregnant then. I sort of hope I am not but at the same time I hope I am...but I just hate waiting for labor to start. I am not looking forward to it by any means but I am not enjoying the anxiety not knowing when or where I will go into labor. With R I thought I had weeks to go and boom there she was this time I am expecting it early, or at least prepared for that chance and feel like it's going to happen any moment so I am scared to let my guard down and relax. Not to mention I can't wait to hold this little one.


a good yarn said...

My word, that is a delicate situation indeed. Take care. Try and relax if you can. It will be better for you and baby. Ann :)

Breezy Bree said...

He does sound strange, you should be direct and tell him to stop calling you 'mommy' and to leave you alone. Or get your DH to, you shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable like that. As for impending labour...oooh exciting ( not the pain lol) you get to meet your mew baby so soon xxxx

Thearica said...

I dont mean to frighten you but please really be careful around this guy. This makes me shudder.