Thursday, July 30, 2009

new contest

I entered another online give's drawing is on my due date so good luck to me there!! you have to talk about your favorite

I really hope this kiddo gets here soon. I am going to go get some Chinese food from Safeway, even though I don't feel like leaving the house. I want to sit here and sulk. I don't know why but for the past 24 hours or so I have just had a bad case of the blues! I cleaned up the house yesterday while I was having some decent contractions hoping to encourage them and the up/down motion would stimulate something but nothing! My midwife is out of town this weekend. Knowing my luck I'll have it tonight when there's a guy doc on call for her. Tomorrow is a lady doc and then this weekend the midwife who I saw with R from another office is on call. I really wanted to see her for this pregnancy but insurance wouldn't cover her so I am a little curious how this would work out but it would be neat for her to deliver this one and is who I am pulling for if I go soon....although I have decided I will be taking this kid to college in my uterus!

Thanks to a lack of funds we let our Costco membership lapse for a little bit....still waiting to get it going again but we went there anyways to walk around (and get labor moving along to no avail) and I saw that to develop the pics I have on a little disposable camera I had been using until my parents got me a digital for my birthday would be about $3 while walmart was about $10! Man I wish I had my membership! I really want to get those pics developed as well as everything (all 210!) on my digital camera so I can work on the photo album. That sounds like such a nice project for when the kids are playing quietly or resting. I use the photo albums that have two pics per side of the page and have space for little stories or blurps. I am not a scrapbooker, I am not very good about keeping up with R's baby book try as I might (I have an envelope of pics I need to get copies of to put in the baby book because I already put the originals and stories in the album) I really really want to go develop pics!! It's taking everything I have not to sneak out and do it...maybe when mom gets here we can use her membership and do it =)

Well, the point of this post was to tell you about the give away (so I could enter it that way) and there's not much time so go run over there...I will probably still be pregnant and here when you get back. If I had that gift certificate....I think there's a kit or two I'd have to decide which I'd buy, or at least make a partial payment on. Or I'd see if they had some fabric for a quilt for my bed that I want to do but have to find the perfect main fabric first!

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Purple Quilter Queen said...

Wow! It's getting close! I hope something happens this weekend for you. I entered Rachel's giveaway too. Man $50 bucks! I could do some damage with that little baby! Best of luck over the weekend. I'll pray for labor for you and that you get the "right" doc on call. Jenn