Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quilting news

I haven't done much lately. I have done a fair share of cleaning and what not but not sewing. The reason being not that I am nesting (I actually don't care if the house is clean for baby but I know my mom will be coming to help out and I don't want to feel like I have to do more than pick up for her) but rather I don't want to unplug the sewing machine to plug in the iron to undo it all again. BLAH!!! I COULD go get an extension cord, or more appropriately for the space, one of those things that turns one socket into three but...I don't know, I just don't know!!

Anyways, here is what I got from that wonderful give away by Itching2bStitching. A actually opened the package for me....he got the mail and opened it. I don't know why, it had my name on it. When he pulled the fabric out he said "WHAT!!! MORE FABRIC?" Yes honey, remember I told you I won some in a give away! this is it, and it's MINE so get your hands off. so he threw it down on my desk and walked outside to play with R. It is five fat quarters and two charm packs. I tried to fan out the charm packs so you can see what all is in it. Oh I loved touching it all and I have a few favorite pieces in both packs. I meant to take a picture of just the favorites but I already felt a little camera happy so decided against it.

I have probably mentioned before that I don't know how to applique. My mom always said she tried once and didn't like it, so she never did it again. I just assumed if my brilliant (she has TWO masters and was on the deans list the whole time for both while raising two children and teaching full time) mother can't do it, then I sure as heck can't either. I never look at patterns that have applique in them. I have found some good information on the web and it seems like I can do it but I am still quite intimidated. I wish I had someone who could come over and help me out for a few hours and teach me how to do it. As much as I am a self-taught quilter, I'd like a little demo or at least some guidance. I am a kinistetic learner!!

Here are the 8 blocks I do have done. They are not laid out in any order but they are here for you to enjoy. My favorite fabrics in this collection are the dark pink, the dark purple (I think I am drawn to the richer light colors if that makes sense) and the limey green. The others are nice but not what I would have grabbed off the shelf.

While we are here, let me give you a little tour of my home. Ahead of you (the door) is my hall closet. To the left of that around the corner is the linen closet on the way to my tiny tiny bathroom. Directly to the left of the two rows of three blocks is R's room which will become the kids room regardless of gender, and the wall you see is the wall between my bedroom and the living room. so come on over, now you know where everything important is. The fabric stash is in the laundry room through the kitchen but I will escort you there and drool along with you! It's a cute cozy little place.

My last plan of the evening is to make some bobbins for the Shop Hop blocks and maybe iron some of that fabric. My feet are a little swollen though so that might wait until tomorrow but bobbining (I need to get a sidewinder, let me add that to my Christmas list!) is totally do able!

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a good yarn said...

You lucky duck! What a fantastic giveaway - fabulous fabrics. Of course you can applique, don't be intimidated. APQ has plenty of instructions and videos. If I din't live on the other side of the planet I'd be more than happy to drop round and have a play date. *chuckle*

Your blocks look good. I think you are drawn to those with good colour value. Do you remember bcquilter's post about it?

I have a Sidewinder and it's a mad thing - quite useful. I found putting a drinking straw over the spindle that takes the thread spool makes the process easier. If that doesn't make sense I can email you a picture if you like.

Take care...Ann :)